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Bringing joy and education to kids around the world!

Tiger and Tim

The purpose of Tiger and Tim is to bring joy and education to kids everywhere, as well as laughter to parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, or anyone with a sense of humour!

Through our YouTube videos and our social media presence, we aim to improve: literacy, reading, and comprehension ability; wider knowledge; emotional intelligence and the bond between children and their families. We also hope to instil good morals and good values among kids of 4 years old and above.

A key motivation for both Tiger and Tim is that education is best, when it doesn’t really feel like education. That is our goal, and everything that we do is designed to develop, nurture and help our community of Tiger Cubs.


Hello World! It’s Tiger here! What do you think of our new show?

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All of our YouTube shows are feature length – I look handsome in them – but when we are not making you happy and smile on YouTube, you can stay in-touch with us and our cheeky behaviour on social media; the links are just below. We are EVERYWHERE!

We will soon be releasing my weekly blogs too, and MAYBE, some fun exercises to do.. Make sure your Mums and Dads sign up to my newsletter! Thanks Tiger Cubs.

Lots of Love, Tiger xoxoxoxo


Most frequentLY ASKED questions
They absolutely can. We want as many Tiger Cubs as possible to become superstars!
Just upload a photo of “Your Tigers” (pets) or a picture for “Picture This” (your child’s art, painting, drawing, craft work) using the “Appear On The Show” tab at the top of the site or this link also takes you there.
Please remember to fill out all sections of the upload form including: 

1) Your Tiger Cubs’ first name and age (for “Your Tigers”, include the pet’s name too please); 
2) Photos/pictures in a LANDSCAPE format.
Lots of Love, Tiger xoxoxoxoxo
That’s an easy one! You must try harder! 
I am a wild animal who made friends with Tim in the jungle. Tim was visiting the jungle because his Dad had always said that the jungle is where Tim’s Mum and he met (she was tied to a tree apparently). Of course, Tim wanted to see where they first fell in love!
But whilst he was there, Tim enjoyed swinging from the trees with me! Tim is quite fun (for a human), and I didn’t want him to leave,  so I came with him to the UK. 
Ever since we met back then, Tim and I have been the best of friends. It’s simple really: man meets Tiger, Tiger and man love each other, and the rest is history. Now we share that love with the rest of the world!
Lots of Love, Tiger xoxoxoxoxo
Well that’s charming! Don’t worry, I think most people say that / fall in love with The Tiger Prince. I’m just his wingman (and I know it).
However, before my life-changing jaunt in the jungle, I was a Presenter and Reporter at the BBC for many years. You can see me looking silly in some videos on my website and you can follow me on Instagram too if you’re really desperate: @timhaguetv
I am very passionate about helping kids and adults around the world develop themselves and I have an English language learning business to support that. I also like to fight and help people who sometimes can’t, or perhaps don’t know how to, help themselves
Thanks for the support world. 
Love Tim x
Tiger cannot be bought!
Well actually, that’s a lie, one t-bone steak normally does the trick. However, yes, we are producing some custom-made soft toy “Tigers” for your little Tiger Cubs. You will be able to purchase them from this site and those who subscribe to our newsletter will receive the first updates!
We will also be releasing lots of cool clothing and other fun stuff (like books) in future, so watch this space!
Love you,
Tiger and Tim xoxoxoxoxoxo
Soon! Tim will be visiting lots of children around the world and Tiger will come with him – although he does sleep during the day so you may have to watch him over live video link whilst he snores!
If you want to know our latest movements and keep track of where we’re visiting, we highly recommend following all of our social media accounts (YouTube is very important please!): https://linktr.ee/TigerandTim
Keep watching kids! We love you.
Tiger and Tim xoxoxoxoxoxo
It depends if they have been behaving… 
Not really! We plan to do regular live “Storytime” streams for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We also plan to produce bespoke videos for schools across the world. Maybe some reading challenges too…
The kids need to keep reading, keep learning and improving their literacy levels in an informal setting. If the Tiger Cubs don’t even realise that they are learning, we find that they learn more! How else do you think Tiger learnt to type?
Tiger and Tim xoxoxoxo

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