Fabulous Animals We’ve Met in Tiger and Tim

From canines, felines, birds, to animals from the jungle – Tiger and Tim, with Zack, featured some adorable pets from all over the globe!Fabulous Animals We've Met in Tiger and Tim

Howdy, boys and girls! It’s me, Zack the Zookeeper from ‘Your Tigers!’.It’s been a while since you’ve last seen me in our videos, kids. But worry no more, for I am here to show you all the fabulous animals we have featured in our learning videos for kids and the kids at heart.  

From lovely house pets to beautiful exotic animals – we’ve got them for y’all!


We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s no wonder we’ve got a lot of dog submissions on the show. Kids from all over the world sent in photos of their beloved pooches in all shapes, colours, and sizes, and we love seeing all of their canine glory on Tiger and Tim!

Dogs | Tiger and Tim AnimalsCats 

Tiger isn’t the only fantastic feline on our learning videos for kids, as we have also received quite a number of cat photo submissions. Cato, Mallows, and Dottie are just some of the fantastic furry friends we’ve met. We even got to meet Tiger’s cat friend all the way from Norway – Snowrose!

Lion Cub

Speaking of fabulous felines, we also got to meet a lion cub in one of our early videos (also known as The Time Before Zack)! Do you remember that, kids? The lion cub, named Brooklyn, is from the beautiful country of South Africa and is as pretty as a peach – no doubt about that!

African Jungle video. KidsCrab

Whoever said that crabs couldn’t be pets has obviously not met Hagrid, whom we’ve featured on our African Jungle video. Kids, this adorable crustacean belongs to Fallon, a sweet little lady from Canada. I wonder how Hagrid deals with the cold up there? Maybe I could ask my grandma to make Hagrid a lovely winter sweater to keep him warm?


If there’s one animal who can show us how to have a hootin’ good time, they have got to be owls! And we’ve been lucky enough to meet a very special owl from Ireland – Oscar the Owl, whom we also featured in our African Jungle show. Do you think Oscar can also deliver letters to kids? It will save Brandon, his human, the trouble of going to the post office, that’s for sure!


Tiger is not the only animal from the jungle in our show. Kids got to meet a lovely elephant in our Time Travelling episode courtesy of a photo that Josuha sent us! Joshua, from London, got to meet some elephants on his holiday trip to Zimbabwe with his family. That trip is definitely one for the books, Joshua! Thank you for sharing with us your lovely vacation photo.

Donkey | Tiger and Tim Animals


I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to have a donkey as a pet. So it’s a good thing we got to meet Chloe from the United Kingdom because this sweet peach has a donkey for a pet! That’s right – Piper, a sweet-faced donkey, graced ‘Your Tigers’ in one of our learning videos for kids, and I couldn’t be more excited! And they both look pretty in pink, don’t they?


Just when I thought we’d featured a lot of pets in ‘Your Tigers,’ Peter the Peacock surprised us all! We had the lovely opportunity to meet Ashvin’s fabulous pet, Peter, in our All About Britain video. But, do you know what’s the best part, kids? Ashvin and Peter live on the small and beautiful island called Mauritius! Who knew that this humble lad from Texas had made it to Mauritius? Heavens to Betsy!

There you have it, kids! We look forward to featuring more of your very own pets in our future shows! So please keep sending us your photos so that you and your beloved furry (or feathery) friends can be featured in our learning videos for kids.

Well, it’s time to heat up the bricks and put the chairs in the wagon, boys, and girls! ‘Till we meet again!

Zack the Zookeeper

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