Popular Chocolate Bars That You Can’t Buy Anymore

sweet spot for chocolates | Tiger and Tim

We all have a sweet spot for chocolates. So here’s our tribute to all the chocolate bars that everyone sorely misses.

What do you call a tiger who loves chocolates? 

A Big Cat-bury’s!

Okay, okay… Not the best joke I’ve got. But we’ve got plenty more good ones from our other videos for kids and grown-ups!

Enchanted Chocolate Forest | learning videos for kids

Enough joking around for now because I’m here to tell everyone about our newest Tiger and Tim episode.  And it’s all about chocolates! Yummy! Just like our other learning videos for kids, our latest episode is full of fun trivia, riddles, and of course, a new story for Storytime – set in an Enchanted Chocolate Forest that is full of treats and surprises! 

But before you let your kids watch our new episode (and our other videos), let’s take a trip down memory lane first for some major throwback feels. So hop on our time machine and go back to a time where these delectable treats are still within our midst. 

  1. Cadbury Aztec

Cadbury Aztec | Tiger and Tim

For years, Cadbury’s Aztec fulfilled people’s cravings for the perfect mix of chocolate, caramel, and nougat. Sadly, kids will never taste this treat. But there are videos of old Aztec advertisements that you can watch (and drool over)!

  1. Mars Delight

Mars Delight | Tiger and Tim

What happens when you combine chocolate with caramel and a wafer in the middle? You get Mars Delight! People are still not over Mars Delight being discontinued in the market that there’s a petition for Mars to bring it back. This just shows that a good chocolate bar will never be forgotten. Kids, maybe we can try this one in the future? *paws crossed*

  1. Cadbury Fuse

Cadbury Fuse | Tiger and Tim

Eating chocolates while watching Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids is a great after-school treat. Sadly, Tiger Cubs won’t be getting Cadbury’s Fuse after it was discontinued in 2006.

  1. Cadbury Marble

Cadbury Marble | Tiger and Tim

Another beloved Cadbury’s bar is Marble. People of all ages can’t get enough of Marble’s delicious mix of white and milk chocolate and a hazelnut centre. Now that’s a heavenly delight, kids! I guess videos and photos of this beloved treat are all we are left with now.

  1. Mars White Maltesers

Mars White Maltesers | Tiger and Tim

In our newest Tiger and Tim learning video for kids, Tim said that white chocolate is not made of cocoa but cocoa butter. So here’s a white chocolate brand that is well-loved and missed by everyone!

Maltesers fans still have not forgotten about this milky white version of the beloved chocolate and honeycomb balls. 

  1. Mars Planets

Mars Planets | Tiger and Tim

Mars Planets and its variety of chocolate balls is another treat that has been sorely missed by many. Hopefully, Mars will revive this beloved chocolate treat soon!

  1. Cadbury Dream

Cadbury Dream | Tiger and Tim

There’s something about the simplicity of white chocolate that still makes everybody’s mouth water, and Cadbury’s Dream is no exception! Even if Cadbury’s already released newer versions of white chocolate bars, people still miss getting a bite of Dream.

  1. Cadbury Snowflake

Cadbury Snowflake | Tiger and Tim

One of our learning videos for kids was all about snow, so it’s just but fitting to have Cadbury Snowflake in this list. For years now, people have wanted to get their hands on the chocolate bar’s crumbly flaked white chocolate covered in smooth milky chocolate goodness. Yummy!

  1. Wispa Mint

Wispa Mint | Tiger and Tim

Everyone’s beloved mint chocolate is none other than Wispa Mint. Too bad kids today won’t be able to taste this mint chocolate goodness. Can you guys at least show us videos about this legendary chocolate bar for old time’s sake?

  1. Nestle Vice Versas

Nestle Vice Versas | Tiger and Tim

Vice Versas an iconic cinema snack that everyone just loved. The delicious milk or white chocolate filling and its crispy shell are still craved for today. 

That’s it! I hope I didn’t make you miss these chocolate bars too much! So give in to your sweet choco cravings with your Tiger Cubs by watching our latest chocolate episode and all our other learning videos for kids.

Talk to you again soon!

Tiger xoxoxo

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