Why Should Your Tiger Cubs Read Tiger and Tim Books

Tiger and Tim adventures

Tiger and Tim adventures are now available in books! Here’s why you should bring home a copy (or copies) of the Tiger and Tim children’s books.

You all know that I love books and reading is one of my favourite hobbies (along with eating, playing, and napping!). So Tim and I have a special treat for all the Tiger Cubs out there – Tiger and Tim children’s books!

Yup, you’ve read it right! Tiger and Tim is not only found on YouTube, now kids can read our adventures in books over and over again! Our books are the same original and funny stories in our videos for kids but made even better because Tiger Cubs can either read the stories on their own or with the grown-ups – a great off-screen activity at any given time!

Tiger and Tim with Octopos

But just in case you’re not yet convinced, I’ve listed down a few reasons why your Tiger Cubs should read the Tiger and Tim children’s books, and hopefully, you’d give one (or all three) a try!


  1. Engaging story

Engaging story | Tiger and Tim

Just like our show’s episodes, kids will find the Tiger and Tim children’s books engaging! Aside from Tim and I, our stories feature my many animal and human friends from all over the globe (yes, including Her Majesty, the Queen herself!). We’ve written these stories with your Tiger Cubs in mind, so they will have just as much fun reading them as they did watching them on the screen.


  1. Appropriate for Kids

Just like our videos for kids, the Tiger and Tim children’s books are age-appropriate for young Tiger Cubs. I had loads of fun writing these stories (with a little bit of help from Tim, of course), and I know that Tiger Cubs and even grown-ups will undoubtedly love reading them over and over again! Just like the videos that your Tiger Cubs watch on YouTube Kids, you can be sure that the Tiger and Tim children’s books are appropriate for young kids and even the ‘young once’!


  1. There’s a moral lesson in every story

Moral lesson in every story | Tiger and Tim To be confident | Tiger Tim


What’s a good children’s book without a moral lesson at the end? And, of course, our books always include a moral lesson in every story. Moral lessons teach children (and tigers!) how to behave in the world. Young Tiger Cubs are very impressionable, and they love to learn about the world around them, including how to become a good person – and that is something they can learn when they read Tiger and Tim children’s books!


  1. Good for literacy and language development

Reading books will always be great for the literacy and language development of Tiger Cubs, so why not make reading fun and more exciting with Tiger and Tim children’s books? Our stories are funny (like our videos for kids) and full of varied words that will help with your Tiger Cubs’ vocabulary. Reading with your Tiger Cubs will also develop their language skills, while older Tiger Cubs can practice reading our books on their own, too!


  1. Vibrant and fun illustrations

The Tiger and Tim children’s books quickly come to life, thanks to the fun and vibrant illustrations! We know that kids love colours, so we made sure that our books are eye-catching and exciting, making the plot, characters, and setting even more interesting, especially for very young readers. Kids love our videos, and now they can peruse (a new fancy word I learnt from Tim) the illustrations up close with the Tiger and Tim books!


  1. The star of the books is ME!

Do you know what the best part of the Tiger and Tim children’s books is? It stars ME! Who else would it be about? Not Tim (but he plays essential roles in the stories) and definitely not The Art Critique but TIGER – and that’s me, the TIGER PRINCE!

Want to check out our books? I know you do! Tiger and Tim children’s books are available in e-book and paperback versions at affordable price ranges. Check out Tiger and Tim’s African Adventure (where we met fun jungle animals!), Tiger and Tim Become Masterchefs (where I learnt to cook breakfast for the first time!), and Tiger and Tim A Royal Tiger Tale (featuring a MAJESTIC figure) on Amazon. Be on the lookout for more upcoming Tiger and Tim books that will be released soon!


Tiger xoxoxo


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