10 Zoos that Stream Live Animal Webcams (Written by Zookeeper Zack)

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Stuck at home? Let the tigers and other animals for kids come alive with these online zoos!

Howdy, y’all! It’s me, Zack the Zookeeper, your favourite wildlife buddy from the Lone Star State – Texas in old US of A! I’ll take over this week’s blog (with permission from Tim Hague, and Tiger of course!) to share something really fun with you!

Zack the Zookeeper | Tiger and Tim Animals

Now I know that a lot of you boys and girls are sad that most of the zoos all over the world are still closed due to the pandemic. But don’t you be lonesome for long, guys and gals! Luckily, plenty of zoos and animal sanctuaries live stream their animals online, making them accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Take a break from watching our learning videos for kids and let’s get our zoo game face on to see some animals live online!

  1. Smithsonian National Zoo

Smithsonian National Zoo | Tiger and Tim Animals

Our first stop is in the capital of the U.S of A, Washington, D.C., where the Smithsonian National Zoo is located – one of the oldest zoos in the country!

Home to hundreds of animals of different kinds, the Smithsonian National Zoo also live streams their animal cam to let patrons catch a glimpse of the variety of species living under their roof. The zoo boasts of webcams for their cheetah cubs, the naked mole-rats, lions, elephants, and perhaps the most famous one among the bunch: the Giant Panda Cam. A few months ago, one of their giant pandas gave birth to a cute little panda cub named Xiao Qi Ji, and everyone has been hooked ever since!

Animal Webcam Educational activities are also available on their website which can help make watching these beautiful animals more meaningful for children.

  1. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo | Tiger and Tim Animals

Let’s travel to the other side of the fence this time and check out the San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California.

The zoo has a wide selection of live animal cams to choose from – from aquatic animals like penguins and polar bears to creatures from the wild such as elephants, giraffes, apes, baboons, and tigers. For kids, these cams are an excellent way to learn more about the jungle and its inhabitants! Feast your eyes on the zoo’s new hippo cam and platypus cam, as well!

  1. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo | Tiger and Tim Animals

Yeehaw! There’s no place like home! Houston Zoo is one of the most popular destinations in my home state and I am mighty proud of the different animal species that call the zoo their home!

Flamingoes | Tiger and Tim Animals

Although Houston Zoo has reopened its doors to visitors, their yard and habitat cams are still a hit online. Watch gorillas, chimps, rhinos and elephants as they lounge about in their respective habitats. There’s also a live cam for the bright and delightful flamingoes. And perhaps the most interesting one of all is the leafcutter ant cam! No need to squint to see these hardworking ants in action.

  1. Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park | Tiger and Tim Animals

It’s time to travel across the pond and check out Cotswold Wildlife Park, located in Oxfordshire, England. But there’s no need to book a Trans-Atlantic flight all the way to the Cotswolds to see the different wild animals in the park; all you have to do is to visit their website and watch penguins and meerkats do their thing in their respective habitats! That’s a lot of exciting new learning and discovery for kids and adults alike in this virtual zoo.

  1. Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo | Tiger and Tim Animals

Another favourite of the Brits is Edinburgh Zoo. Lounge around your living room whilst watching the pandas via the zoo’s panda cam! I do love me a panda! Or perhaps you’d like to spend some quality time socialising with the penguins online? Koalas are famous among online visitors, too. And don’t forget to check out the tigers in their tiger cam for kids! Wooh! Tigers!

I wonder if Mr. Tim Hague went to the Edinburgh Zoo when he was a wee little boy?!

  1. Folly Farm

Folly Farm | Tiger and Tim Animals

If you’d like something different from the usual animals, then head on over to Folly Farm’s website and check out the barn animals in their care! The live webcam allows viewers to watch different varieties of donkeys, sheep and goats going about their hay… I mean, day!

Zoo animals | Tiger and Tim

If you have become a fan of these friendly farm fixtures, why don’t you and your Tiger Cubs adopt one? You can adopt a donkey from Folly Farms for £30! Sloths, red pandas and adorable little piggies are also up for adoption. You don’t get to bring these animals home, but you get to help feed and care for them through your donation. AWESOME! 

  1. Melbourne Zoo

It’s time to go all the way Down Under and check out the animals at Melbourne Zoo!

tiger and tim jungle animals

Besides live cams of otters, lions, penguins, giraffes and the elusive snow leopards, kids can also watch virtual tours of the different habitats and sanctuaries within the zoo. I better ask my buddy Tim Hague if he wants to join me on an Aussie trip! He sure loves to travel!

  1. Tembe Elephant Park

Tembe Elephant Park | Tiger and Tim Animals

Take a trip on the wild side with the gentle giants of the jungle – elephants!

Watch the elephants in the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa as they frolic in their natural habitat via the park’s live webcam. Did you know that some of the biggest elephants in the world live here? You might not find some tigers here but for kids, watching these amazing creatures drink, bathe and interact with each other is truly a treat! I once wrestled an elephant, fun times I can tell you!

  1. Georgia Aquarium

We’ve seen jungle animals and farm buddies and now it’s time to get some underwater action!

Georgia Aquarium | Tiger and Tim Animals

Georgia Aquarium offers a great selection of live webcam streams featuring different majestic sea animals. Relax after a long day with a beluga whale or watch an exciting piranha feeding session. You can even stream the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef right in the comfort of your living room!

  1. International Wolf Center

International Wolf Center | Tiger and Tim Animals

Last but not least, do you wanna watch something fascinating? Then the live wolf cams in the International Wolf Centre is definitely something you and your Tiger Cubs should check out!

Wolves are known for being mysterious creatures and now we can finally shed light on what makes them so amazing via these 24/7 streams of the different wolf packs in their care. I love it!

Are the “Wolfpack Wanderers” (from our “The Wonderful World Of Sport” episode) living here? I better ask Tiger, after all, he did beat them in the final of The Cub Cup Championship with his winning penalty kick!

The Wonderful World Of Sport | Tiger and Tim Animals

There you have it, folks! After watching Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids, give these live zoo webcams a shot for some fun learning and discovery. 

Talk to you again soon, I’m off to swing from the trees like Tarzan! Love from Zack The Zookeeper xoxoxo

Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids

P.S. Be good y’all and read the other Tiger and Tim blogs here.

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