Best Streaming Apps for Kids (And Tigers, too!)

Best Streaming Apps for Kids | Tiger and Tim

Getting bored at home? So watch some good learning videos that are safe for kids from the following child-friendly streaming apps then! Let’s beat those lockdown blues!

Hey, cool cats! We are now in the middle of Lockdown Version 3.0 in the UK, and I hope everyone is holding up ok! At this point, I have searched almost every nook and cranny of my best buddy Tim Hague’s house (sorry Timbo!) in search of my next adventure just to fight off the humdrum of daily life. 

learning videos for babies

A lot of grown-ups are also working from home whilst the Tiger Cubs are in the thick of remote learning, making things a little too close for comfort on the homefront. Luckily, technology has proven to be very useful during these times! Tiger Cubs can watch learning videos for kids in different family-friendly streaming apps that are not only safe but also have many educational videos to choose from – a huge help for Mums and Dads! I like to plop on the couch myself and enjoy some of my favourite shows on these streaming apps, suitable for tigers and for kids!

Here are some of the best streaming apps that are kid-safe and parent-approved (and where you’ll also find Tiger and Tim episodes!)

YouTube Kids

Youtube | Tiger and Tim

YouTube Kids is perhaps one of the most accessible streaming apps for kids. There’s a whole lot of learning videos and cartoons for young to older kids. Suggested videos are also age-appropriate, and each child would have their own profile. 

Grown-ups also get control of many of the app’s features, such as pre-approved videos and a timer.


Happy Kids TV | Tiger and Tim

HappyKids.TV is another excellent kid-friendly streaming app that grown-ups can trust. Tiger Cubs can choose from a wide variety of learning videos, shows, and nursery rhymes for toddlers and kids – including Tiger and Tim! HappyKids also carry all-time favourite shows such as Teletubbies and Care Bears, as well as new shows aimed at older children, such as anime and game-based titles. The videos are also grouped according to age, so the grown-ups can be sure that what their Tiger Cubs are watching is age-appropriate. 

Tiger and Tim episodes

But what’s the best part of HappyKids? That your Tiger Cubs can watch Tiger and Tim episodes on the app for free of course!!


Kidoodle | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Looking for more kid-safe options? There are more learning videos and fun shows for kids on Kidoodle TV! Aside from over 40 Tiger and Tim episodes, there are lots of fun and educational videos for tigers and for kids to watch. Kidoodle also has a free app which does not contain explicit and annoying ads. Every piece of content is reviewed by a human to make sure that it’s parent-approved!

Toon Goggles

Toon Goggles | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Toon Goggles offer free learning videos and shows for kids – from preschoolers to pre-teens. There are hundreds of titles to choose from, and the app recommends shows based on age and interests. Upgrading to a premium account also allows unlimited, ad-free streaming. Toon Goggles features fun filters so that Tiger Cubs (with the permission of grown-ups) can share their photos and videos on the app! Another cool feature of Toon Goggles is that Tiger and Tim episodes are also available here to be enjoyed by tigers and for kids alike!


KidsBeeTV | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Looking for something more than just watching videos? Then KidsBeeTV is the answer! Boasting more than 1,500 learning videos (including Tiger and Tim, of course!) for kids aged four and above, KidsBeeTV features fun interactive quizzes that children can answer after watching videos too. The app also offers educational games for tigers like me and for kids to enjoy while learning!

Channel-based Apps

Channel-based Apps | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Popular kids channels, such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and PBS, have their respective apps that feature shows that are also found on their corresponding TV channels.  Aside from learning videos and shows for kids, these apps also include songs, educational games, and other cool features.

For the Whole Family

For the Whole Family | Tiger and Tim

My buddy Tim Hague loves to relax with a good movie once in a while. Good thing there’s Netflix and Amazon Prime for family-friendly movies we both can enjoy!

If you are looking for streaming apps for the whole family, then Netflix and Amazon Prime are obviously great (and well-established) options. Both apps carry a vast selection of family-friendly content, both TV shows and movies. Not only do Netflix and Amazon Prime have popular titles, but they also produce their own content that are often strong contenders for family movie nights!

Space travel with tiger and tim

With these streaming apps that are kid-safe and family-friendly, being stuck at home is not that bad, after all! Tiger and Tim and the other learning videos for kids featured in these apps are opportunities for your Tiger Cubs to learn and discover more about the world around them. Watching family movies is also a great way to bond and spend some quality time in each other’s company – don’t forget to grab the popcorn!

‘Til my next blog post, cool cats! See you later!

Love from Tiger xoxoxo

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