A Healthy Packed Lunch for Kids with Chef Tiger

A Healthy Packed Lunch for Kids with Chef Tiger

Making healthy lunches that your kids will enjoy can be challenging. Don’t fret – Master Chef Tiger is here to help make lunch yummier!

A Healthy Packed Lunch for Kids | Tiger and TimNow that your Tiger Cubs are back to school, what better way to make their school days more exciting than some yummy lunch! But packing school lunches is not an easy feat. It takes time to plan and prepare ahead of time. Some kids can be a bit picky with their food, too – just like with their favourite educational videos and shows!

Make healthy lunches fun for kids (just like our videos!) with these helpful tips from none other than the Master Chef himself – ME! (Watch our delicious Food episode on YouTube Kids).

Make healthy lunches fun for kids | Tiger and Tim

What Makes a Healthy Lunch?

A healthy lunch for growing kids is made up of the majority of the food groups – protein (to make kids strong), carbohydrates (to give them energy throughout the day), and fruits and vegetables.

For carbohydrates, bread, bagels, wraps, or pitta bread are just some great options. Meanwhile, cheese, chicken, and fish are some healthy choices for protein. In addition, there are several recipes available on YouTube that your kids will definitely find something that will suit their taste.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, children should have at least one serving per day. These delicious produce are also helpful in making their lunches more colourful and fun for kids to eat. Watch videos online to teach you how to make fruits and vegetables more delicious, even for the pickiest eaters!

Avoid giving kids sodas and artificially-flavoured drinks every day, as these are full of sugar that can be harmful to their teeth and their diet in general. Crisps are great for watching movies and videos with kids but keep them to a minimum when packing lunch, as these have very little nutritional value that would not be beneficial for your young learners. If you plan on giving some, put them in a small container rather than packing the entire bag.

Keep lunch fun with these tips | Tiger and TimKeep lunch fun with these tips!

School lunches don’t have to be boring! Like our funny videos for kids, their packed lunch can be something they can always look forward to.

  1. Involve your kids when making their lunch by letting them help you out when preparing them. You can also bring them with you when you shop for groceries so they can be more hands-on with what they eat in school. Make sure to give them healthy options and a little bit of treats every once in a while to keep them motivated.

Preparing food for kids | Tiger and Tim

  1. You can make their school lunches creative and more colourful by using different shapes and colours. If you’re up for it, you can even make them bento boxes. There are several videos and tutorials for kids and adults on creating fun and exciting school lunches.
  2. Encourage drinking more water by turning it into a game or challenge. You can also let your kids pick out a water bottle in their favourite colour or character. If your kids feel that the flavour of water is too plain or dull, you can sweeten it up by adding some frozen fruit slices.
  3. Just like me, kids looooove snacks! They keep our energy up throughout the day. However, readily available snacks are often unhealthy for kids (and tigers!). So instead, you can make healthy versions of your kids’ favourite snacks, such as cookies, fries, or chips. Look up recipes (like this one!) online or watch videos on making healthy versions of your kids‘ faves. 

That’s it, cool cats! Enjoy making healthy school lunches that your kids will love. 

Hungry for more Tiger and Tim? Catch our latest episode up on our YouTube channel with your kids and the whole family, and I’ll see you all again soon!

Tiger xoxoxo

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