Using Educational Videos for Children in the New Normal: How Parents Can Help with Distance Learning at Home

Nowadays, going to school means going online. Here’s how parents  can help their kids to navigate distance learning through educational videos and other tips!

Children love educational learning videos, and they also love going back to school! But school is looking a little bit different this year…


This school year brings in something new to most of us. It is not what many Tiger Cubs are used to. It also comes with its own set of challenges. But distance learning has its TIGER-RIFFIC perks, too! You may not realise it now, but with your little ones home most of the time this year so far (and for many, in the months ahead too), this is the PURR-FECT opportunity for them to build on their family life with you and their siblings (and their own tigers/pets, too!). 

The new normal can be tough, but there are several ways parents can help their learners at home adjust to distance learning and make the road smoother and more fun! 

From watching educational videos for children to breaking out into an impromptu concert performance (my favourite thing to do in the shower!), parents can make the experience more memorable for their kids. 


Here are some of the ROAR-SOME ways to help your preschoolers (and older kids) with distance learning:


  1. Create a routine

Your Cubs’ day in school is highly-structured, and you can do the same thing at home. A routine can significantly help young learners feel less anxious about the entire situation. In comparison, older kids can work to a more relaxed schedule. 

For your preschoolers, you can create a timetable showing the specific activities that need to be done throughout the day. Go ahead and use colourful pictures, crayons, stickers, and stamps to mark which activities are finished. By keeping track of their schedule, they also feel accomplished! 

  1. Start the day with F-U-N!

Speaking of activities, teachers recommend that young Tiger Cubs start an e-class with something fun to perk up their energy and keep them motivated. You can do some light stretching and exercise. There are a lot of fun videos for children online used for physical activities, that you can choose from. If exercising is not your thing, you can try singing and dancing to your favourite tunes to get those positive vibes coming! Not only will a fun start to the day help your Cubs be ready for the day, but it can also do wonders for your mood and disposition.


  1. Set up a study space

The environment that you create for your Tiger Cubs makes a big difference, so setting up their workstation in a conducive area is very important.


The dedicated workspace doesn’t have to be grand (no matter what Pinterest tells you). As long as the space is clean, comfortable, and well-lit and ventilated properly, then it’s the right work area for your little one. Make sure that all toys are kept so that the kids will not be tempted to play. Noise level at home needs to be as minimal as possible, too, since the children may be watching educational learning videos, and the noise can be distracting.


  1. Keep in touch with the teachers

First of, TEACHERS ARE PAW-SOME for everything that they do for their students.


Teachers have always been parents’ partners when it comes to their children’s education. But distance learning made this partnership much more significant. Frequent communication is essential to let teachers know how your Cubs are faring at home. You can also ask for help with things that may be unclear, or how to manage activities. Most teachers are more than happy to extend their helping paws to parents!

  1. Let go of perfect expectations

Parents have expectations for their kids, and sometimes, Mums and Dads forget that their Tiger Cubs are still learning new things. Therefore, not everything will be done correctly at the first try – and that’s okay!

Letting go of the idea of perfection allows Tiger Cubs to fully experience learning – from committing mistakes to learning from them. But it doesn’t mean that parents should not follow the expectations or standards set by the school. Mums and Dads can help their young kids achieve their learning goals through scaffolding, or taking one little step at a time.


Make Learning Exciting with Tiger and Tim’s Fun Educational Videos!

Whether today’s lesson is about the planets or jungle animals, education can be supplemented through fun and interactive learning videos for kids – like Tiger and Tim!

Tiger and Tim episodes are great resources to complement the lessons from school. We have Story time, arts and crafts, exciting facts, and fun tongue twisters! Children are acquiring skills and gaining new knowledge without them realizing it. Making learning fun – that is what Tiger and Tim is all about.


Distance learning during the new normal may not be the ideal way to learn. However, learning can take place anywhere – may it be in school or at home! After all, parents will always be Tiger Cubs’ first teachers.


Lots of Love, as always, Tiger xoxoxoxoxo 


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