Foster a Love For Reading at Home: Tips on Raising a Reader from Tiger and Tim Educational Videos!


Fostering a love for reading is easy. Here are some easy tips to help raise readers with Tiger and Tim educational videos.

Books are my best friend, aside from Tim, of course! Reading stories is one of Tim and I’s favourite things to do together, along with watching Tiger and Tim educational videos and playing outdoors! Actually, getting lost in a good book can make me feel like I am exploring the great outdoors.


Reading is an essential skill to develop not only for school but for many other reasons. Not only does it help with vocabulary, comprehension and imagination, among others, but it can also make Tiger Cubs more empathetic, socially aware, and just a good little Tiger!

Parents and other grown-ups at home play a significant role in fostering a love for reading amongst their kids. With youngsters needing to spend more time at home nowadays, reading books is a great way to bond as a family. Exposing the little ones to age-appropriate books is an excellent start to encourage reading. There are soooo many ways that Mums and Dads (and the rest of the family) can engage kids with books. Here are some tips to help develop your child’s affinity for books.


  1. Model the behaviour

Tiger Cubs are very impressionable, and they look up to the cool grown-up cats at home – to know which behaviours are acceptable and which are not. If you want your kids to love reading, then one way to encourage them is for them to see you reading! Reading books to them does not count; it has to be your own choice of text or any reading material that they see you thoroughly enjoy. This way, your kids associate books and reading, in general, as something enjoyable.

Like watching fun videos for kids, reading can also be a positive experience for the family. You can assign a specific reading time at home wherein every member of the family reads together. Parents are also encouraged to talk about the books they are reading (or have read) to their kids. Doing so can cultivate curiosity and open communication between you and your Tiger Cubs.

  1. Make books accessible

Having books at home is essential, but making them accessible for the Tiger Cubs will further develop their love for reading. 


One way to make books more available for the tots is by using a front-facing bookshelf. Since young ones don’t know how to read yet, they rely on the books’ cover when choosing a book; thus, front-facing bookshelves are PURR-FECT for little ones. Furthermore, independent Tiger Cubs can easily reach for a book without having to ask for your help. This simple act of getting a book themselves can make it easier for them to read on their own!

  1. Repetition is okay

Some kids tend to like the same book for a loooong time. I ask Tim to read my current top choice at least twice a day! Sorry, Tim!

You might feel tired reading the same book to your Tiger Cub for over ten times in a day but, keep in mind that repetition can actually be beneficial! Repeating the books can help with their speech development and in building their vocabulary. And if your Tiger Cub is like me, we just looooove knowing what will happen next! So say, for example, your kids love animals, then learning about animals through books is a TIGER-RIFFIC way for them to explore, even if that means reading the same book over and over again.

  1. Take trips to the library or bookstore

Another way to make reading and books fun is through taking trips to the library or a bookstore. Going to the bookstore or library and letting the Cubs explore can make them excited about books! While going out may not be an option nowadays (gotta stay safe, cool cats!), you may try to give them the same experience through organising a small book-exchange group with other families in the area or with your Tiger Cub’s classmates. 

You may also take advantage of e-books that can be downloaded online. Some libraries even have programs for borrowing e-books! Which is so ROAR-SOME, right? Just don’t forget to let your Tiger Cubs choose the books that they like to make them feel involved in the process.

  1. Embrace technology

Many parents believe that technology and reading books don’t sit well together. With young kids’ (and Tigers hehe) having short attention spans, using technology can make reading more interactive and exciting!

The Storytime segment in Tiger and Tim (the best part!) is excellent for making stories come alive! The vivid animations in Tiger and Tim educational videos make the stories more exciting and fun for your Tiger Cubs, and do you know what happens when learning becomes fun? It becomes more effective, especially for young Tiger Cubs!


Foster Literacy with Fun Videos for Kids from Tiger and Tim!

Tiger and Tim educational videos are PURR-FECT in making the most out of screen time. Reading and learning become more effective when kids are engaged and enjoying every second of it.

For more parenting tips for all the cool Mums, Dads and grown-ups out there, or for other little tricks and tactics, check out our other posts here. Happy reading!

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