Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids and the Whole Family (Including Tigers)

Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Make Valentine’s Day 2021 extra memorable for you and your Tiger Cubs with these fun activities!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, cool cats! V-Day is not just for the grown-ups, though. Kids can also get in on the fun of celebrating the Day of Hearts! Having something special to do on Valentine’s Day is a nice little break from remote learning and watching educational videos for kids, too.

So gather up your “special Valentines” (mine is my best friend, Tim Hague, of course!) and make this year’s Valentine’s Day a memorable one!

  1. Special breakfast

Special breakfast | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Most Mums and Dads prefer to go on a lovely dinner date, so why not make breakfast (or brunch) a special one for the kids on Valentine’s Day? 

The breakfast meal itself doesn’t have to be fancy to make it memorable. You can make some heart-shaped pancakes and pair them with delicious pink strawberry milk or a cup of hot cocoa to warm both the belly and heart! Don’t forget to top it off with some heart marshmallows, and you and your Tiger Cubs have yourselves a fun and unique Valentine’s Day breakfast!

  1. Love Letter

Love Letter | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

What’s Valentine’s Day without writing and receiving sweet love letters? Write your Tiger Cubs a friendly little Valentine love letter, and you can read it together. For older kids, you can also have them write their love letters to other members of the family. Writing a love letter on Valentine’s Day is a lovely gesture that can also be a great learning opportunity for your kids

  1. V-Day Bake Session

V-Day Bake Session | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Valentine’s Day is a day when sweets and treats reign supreme, and staging a fun-filled baking session is an excellent idea to spend the day! Heart-shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and red-and-pink doughnuts are just some of our favourite desserts for Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, there are plenty of recipes on Pinterest that you can do with your Tiger Cubs. 

If working the oven is not your forte (like my buddy Tim Hague!), there are several ready-to-eat options from your local bakeries / supermarkets / cafes that you can still enjoy. If it’s safe in your area, you and your little ones can take a short trip to choose some Valentine’s Day desserts.

  1. Hearts and Crafts

Hearts and Crafts | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

There’s nothing like doing some fun crafts with your Tiger Cubs – something The Art Critique would undoubtedly agree with!

There are many Valentine’s Day crafts available online to choose from. You can make some cute heart-shaped cards or some paper flowers. Younger kids can practice their fine motor skills with this heart stamp craft using empty tissue rolls. 

Snap some photos of your V-Day artworks and send them to us for a chance to be featured on our future episodes (with The Art Critique)! Another fun way to enjoy Valentine’s Day and Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids🙂

  1. Valentine Movie Marathon

Valentine Movie Marathon | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Who doesn’t love watching a good movie on Valentine’s Day? Stream some great family-friendly Valentine-themed films that the whole family can enjoy (take a look at our picks of streaming apps here). Classic favourites like the “Lady and the Tramp” and “A Charlie Brown Valentine” are brilliant picks for the young ones and the young-at-heart. Watching movies and videos is also an entertaining way to gain new insights and learnings for kids

  1. Decorate the house

Decorate the house | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Another fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Tiger Cubs is to decorate the house with everything hearts, reds, and pinks! Make some heart garlands and hang them in the living room. You can also get some cheap heart-shaped balloons and have your older kids help you inflate them. Use pink and red napkins and other Valentine’s Day-themed plates and cups. If your area permits it, you can have your kids tag along to the nearby flower shop to pick some lovely flowers for the home, too. 

  1. Read Valentine-themed Books

Read Valentine-themed Books | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

There are plenty of V-Day-themed books that are excellent for kids (and tigers, too!) of all ages, and you can take advantage of them for some fun Valentine’s Day readathon at the comforts of your own home. Books like “Llama Llama I Love You” and “The Day It Rained Hearts” are popular choices for this special occasion. After reading some Valentine-themed books, check out our Tiger and Tim books, as well!

Besides spending some quality time with your little ones, they are also developing their reading and literacy skills simultaneously, something Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids also do!

  1. Do a Drive-By

The lockdown restrictions may have made it difficult for your kids to see other people outside your bubble, but there is still a safe way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends.

You and your Tiger Cubs can do a drive-by to their friends’ house. The kids can bring a small gift or a lovely little Valentine’s Day card to give to their friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles who are within your vicinity. I’m sure that seeing their friends and loved ones at this time is something your kids won’t forget. Just make sure that everyone is practicing safety health protocols at all times.

Whatever you decide to do with your Tiger Cubs on Valentine’s Day, the vital thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, not only on this day but on different days, too!

Have a sweet little Valentine’s Day, cool cats! I love you all.

Love and hugs from Tiger xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tiger Cubs on Valentine's Day | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

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