How Tiger and Tim Educational Videos for Kids Can Get Children Talking

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language is one of the essential skills Tiger Cubs should start developing from a young age. Here’s how TigerandTim can help with that!

If there’s one thing Tim loves to do (a lot), it’s TALKING! It’s a good thing he’s not bad at it, otherwise, we couldn’t make Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids! I am a little too shy to talk on the show yet…

Skills Tiger Cubs | Tiger and Tim

Whilst I never learned to roar like most tigers in the wild (sadly), Tiger Cubs learn to communicate with grown-ups pretty easily. Mums, Dads, and other adults at home can take advantage of their Tiger Cubs’ natural tendency to pick up a language in different ways. Playing and reading together, watching free educational videos for kids online, or merely allotting time for conversation can help with a child’s language development and communication skills.

How Parents Can Help with Developing Communication Skills

Parents Can Help with Developing Communication Skills | Tiger and Tim

A Tiger Cub’s brain is like a sponge – they can absorb information quickly from the moment they are born until they are in their adolescent years. They need to be exposed to any language at an early age, as this serves as a good start in developing their language skills. 

Tiger Cub's brain is like a sponge | Tiger and Tim

From the moment they are born, babies communicate with their parents and other grown-ups – from crying, giggles, gurgles, and other gestures. By the time they turn about a year old, babies also learn how to use their bodies to communicate. Pointing using their finger is considered a communication milestone because it’s an opportunity for Cubs to get people to notice something that he or she saw. Just like how I communicate with Tim when I’m hungry!

As Tiger Cubs grow older, of course, they also build their vocabulary and learn how to use words in a conversation. The more they talk and communicate with others, the better their language development becomes. Watching adults or older siblings at home talking to one other, AND being exposed to online learning videos for kids, can serve as a learning guide for children to be more effective communicators.

There are many other different ways grown-ups can foster young Cubs’ natural tendency to communicate. Here are some of our ROAR-SOME suggestions:

Talk Time

Having interactive conversations is PURR-FECT in developing communication and language skills. In a conversation, grown-ups can model grammar and syntax rules, as well as turn-taking. You can also serve as a guide on how to pronounce unfamiliar words.

Talk Time | Tiger and Tim

Communicating with your Tiger Cubs is simple! You can start by talking about the books you read together or the online educational videos for kids they love to watch. You can also talk about the day’s activities or things that you enjoy doing together. They don’t have to respond to you all the time. Sometimes, their responses may not even be related to the topic of the conversation. That’s okay! You can feed off of their answers to keep the conversation going.

Three Strikes

Toddlers need to be exposed to a particular word several times before they can effectively include it in their vocabulary. One way grown-ups can help is through repetition. You can repeat a word three times in succession in different sentences and contexts.

“Look at that red car!”

“That is Daddy’s car.”

“Do you want to ride in the car with me to the park?”

This way, kids can notice and retain the new word more effectively.

Develop Language and Communication Skills with Tiger and Tim Learning Videos!

Watching learning videos is a TIGER-RIFFIC way to develop communication skills!

Our show is an excellent resource for fostering a Tiger Cubs’ acquisition of language! Tiger and Tim learning videos are highly interactive, stimulating a child’s language and communication development. 

Tiger and Tim episode segments, like Storytime with Tiger and Tim, Quiz Corner, Picture This, and Your Tigers are great conversation springboards for grown-ups and kids. Our Joke Shop can also help Tiger Cubs get creative with their words and teach them all about the English language’s different nuances. Meanwhile, Tiger’s Tongue Twisters develop their pronunciation and enunciation of English words. The best part of this is that children learn ALL of these things without them even realizing it! Clever, isn’t it?

Furthermore, other online videos for toddlers, such as action songs, like ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’, can help Tiger Cubs associate the word with a particular noun and action. Gestures are considered communication, too! And who can say no to some singing and dancing? You know I can’t!

Space Travel with Tiger and Tim

Every one of us has an innate need to communicate with others (even Tigers!). Being effective communicators in the future will not only be useful for Tiger Cubs in school, but it can also help develop their character and be a good little Tiger, like me!

Read more about how Tiger and Tim can help with your childrens development here.

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