How to Choose the Right Book for Kids (and for Tigers, Too!)

March 7 is a special day for book-lovers like me. Do you know why? It’s because it’s World Book Day!

Reading books | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Reading books is one of my favourite things to do in the world! Whenever we’re not busy making our learning videos for kids, me and my buddy Tim Hague often read books together and write our own stories! I get excited when Tim asks me to choose a new book to read, because there are so many to choose from! So many, that my tiger brain often struggles to select the right one. For kids, the process of selecting a book can be exciting and overwhelming. However, there are many ways that grown-ups can help their Tiger Cubs pick the right book, and we’ve listed down a few ideas to help you out.

Before your next visit the library or bookstore, check out these essential guidelines to help you choose the right books for your child:

Infants and Toddlers

Infants and Toddlers | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Tim introduced me to books when I was a wee little cub, and for babies and toddlers, early exposure to books is essential to their brain development. The little ones are usually attracted to books with brightly coloured pictures, while books that sound good to read, this means books with rhyming word patterns, are also another popular choice. Since infants and toddlers are still developing their motor skills, and are very curious about the world around them, sturdy board books and cloth books work best for this age group.


Preschoolers | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Besides our learning videos for preschool-aged kids, reading books that show objects and experiences familiar to them is always a hit. A fair amount of repetition of words in books can help them understand new words better. Like me, they also love toy-like books that have pop-ups or are made with different materials. These type of books makes reading more enjoyable for tigers and kids!

Early School Years (5 to 8 years old)

Early School Years | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Around this age, children start to learn how to string sounds together and read words more efficiently. For kids this age, books and learning videos with beautiful illustrations that are attractive work best. Kids aged 5 to 8 years old also love picture books that have a strong plot and character development – like Tiger and Tim storybooks!

Upper Elementary Levels (9 years old and above)

Upper Elementary Levels | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Tiger Cubs already have specific interests at this age, and they like reading books that are about their hobbies and things they find fascinating. I love reading cookbooks because I’m passionate about EATING! I even became a MASTERCHEF!

Choosing books from the library | Book for kids

Choosing books from the library or at the bookstore can be a little intimidating for kids and sometimes tigers, too! Here’s a handy trick my smart human BFF Tim Hague taught me to help me pick which book to bring home.

Just remember – P. I. C. K.!

P – Purpose

P - Purpose | Book for kids

The purpose is the reason why your child wants or needs to read. Is it for pleasure, or is it because they need to learn something? Will they be reading the book aloud? If so, who will be their audience?

These questions can help your child narrow down their choices.

I – Interest

I - Interest | Book for kids

What your child is interested in can also help them determine which book to read. Do they like to read books and watch learning videos about animals, trucks, or adventures? For kids, the choices are endless! Consider having them pick both fiction and non-fiction books to get them more interested in the things they like.

C – Comprehend

C - Comprehend | Book for kids

For kids (and tigers) to enjoy reading, they need to comprehend or understand the book. A book too easy or too tricky might make your child lose interest in reading it.

Some children’s books are labelled with the appropriate age or reading level, which can also help when choosing which book to read. You can help your Tiger Cub determine if they were able to comprehend the book that they just read by asking them:

  • Did you understand what you read?
  • Do you remember what you read?
  • Did you know most of the words?

K – Know the words

Children need to be able to decode the words from what they are reading. Knowing the meaning of the words makes reading more manageable and fun for tigers, kids, and even adults!

To get a good idea if the book is too easy or too difficult for your child, you can help your child gauge it by looking at the number of unfamiliar words:

If the book has 0 to 1 unfamiliar word, then it is too easy.

If the book has 2 to 3 unfamiliar words, then it is just right.

If the book has 4 to 5 unfamiliar words, then it is too difficult.

It’s always good to keep in mind that by having unfamiliar words in the book your child is reading, it will help him or her practice their contextual clues skills.

There you have it, cool cats! Reading can be even more exciting for kids and cute tigers like me when considering these tips! Learning through books and videos for kids is a great way to have fun while discovering the world, so I hope you continue to read more!

Celebrate World Book Day on March 7 with Tiger and Tim storybooks out now!

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