Summer 2021: Road Trip Essentials for the Family

family road trip | Tiger and Tim

Warm days are meant for spending time with the family outdoors! So here are your must-haves for the next great family road trip.

tourism and travelling picking up once again | Tiger and Tim

Ahh… summer! What better way to spend these warm days ahead than exploring and going on a family adventure? With tourism and travelling picking up once again, we all want to take a break and have fun under the sun!

Watching funny videos for kids or any kids shows playing on the telly all day can get a little boring, especially for young children. However, a road trip can be a great learning opportunity for kids that can be just as fun and entertaining as watching videos on YouTube!

However, some parents and grown-ups are still a little bit wary of going out with their Tiger Cubs. So here are road trip essentials that you must have to ensure everyone’s safety and keep the fun coming!


  1. Safety Kit

Safety Kit | Tiger and Tim

With the virus still a threat, it is vital to keep you and your family safe during your road trip. Pack along with you some COVID safety essentials such as face masks, hand sanitisers, tissue paper or wet wipes, and disposable gloves. Don’t forget to pack trash bags, as well, to keep things neat during your trip.

Some parents suggest bringing other cleaning items such as disinfectant spray, laundry detergent, or bleach when staying in hotels or vacation home rentals just to be on the safe side.

  1. Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks | Tiger and Tim

While several adults have been vaccinated, most young kids are not, making kids more at risk of getting sick. This is why eating healthy snacks to boost their immune systems is a must! Bring plenty of fruit snacks that are loaded with vitamins and minerals that keep kids strong and healthy. I love me some healthy snacks!

(Watch how I cooked a healthy omelette ala-Tiger in this funny video for kids!)

Having enough supplies of food and drinks will also save you trips to the supermarket or convenience stores along the way.

  1. Emergency medicine kit

Emergency medicine kit | Tiger and Tim

Just as with any road trip, bringing an emergency medical kit is also a must. You’ll never know when Tiger Cubs get into minor accidents. Don’t let minor cuts or scratches ruin the trip! Bring along with your medicines and first aid relief items to ensure that everyone is a-okay and fit for the great outdoors!

  1. Road trip plan

Road trip plan | Tiger and Tim

A wise tiger once said… All great road trips start with a great plan! (That wise tiger is me, hehe)

Given that our world is a little different nowadays, a little more planning is necessary to help make your family adventures more epic! Some of the things you would need to consider are places where you would sleep (hotels, rentals, or campsites?). You would also need to consider the crowd – too many people would make it more challenging to practice social distancing. Lastly, what types of activities everyone would enjoy in a particular place.

To make the trip extra special for them, you may have your kids plan with you – watch YouTube videos of travel vlogs to get a good idea about your itinerary.

  1. Toys, books, and other entertainment

 Toys, books, and other entertainment | Tiger and Tim

Looking at the scenery can get a little boring after a few hours! So keep the Tiger Cubs busy by bringing along small toys, art materials, books, and even board games. You can also let them pass the time by making them watch Tiger and Tim videos on YouTube Kids! Now that’s a great idea, don’t you think?

Road trips will always be an enjoyable and memorable way for families to spend during the summer months. Not only is it a fantastic way for children to learn new things, but it is also a unique way for everyone in the family to bond. Don’t forget to make fun videos and photos for kids to look back to for the years to come!

Stay safe, cool cats!

Tiger xoxoxo

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