Tigers for Kids: Life Lessons Kids Can Learn from Tigers

For centuries, tigers have wowed us with their great characteristics. Now it’s time we learn essential lessons from these great and wonderful felines.

To accept one’s own ‘stripes’ | Tiger Tim

Tigers are majestic – that’s a fact! But beneath our imposing stance and regal stare, we are among the most fascinating creatures of the animal kingdom. With our extraordinary abilities and cool demeanor, humans (like my best friend, Tim Hague) can pick up a thing or two from our kind. Tigers, for kids and adults, can offer valuable insights that no animal can offer.

Here are life lessons tigers can teach you humans, from the littlest child to the biggest grown-up.

  1. We look after the weak

We look after the weak | Tiger Tim

Tigers are one of the jungle’s heavyweights – we are the largest kind of wild cats and can weigh as much as 48 stone! However, while we are strong, tigers also know how to take care of the weaker ones in their group. Male adult tigers often let their female partner and his cubs eat first before he does, making sure that the weaker ones get the nourishment that they need to survive the harsh savannah. The male tigers also make sure that the more vulnerable group members are safe from other predators that can attack at any time.

This unique tiger behavior simply shows that one’s power does not lie in strength alone but also in how we use our strength to help those in need.

  1. To accept one’s own ‘stripes’

To accept one’s own ‘stripes’ | Tiger Tim

A tiger’s stripes are unique, they are like human fingerprints, Tim told me. No tiger has the same pattern, which makes our marks part of our identity.

Learning to embrace one’s differences is another lesson tigers can teach for children. To accept (and celebrate) one’s uniqueness is something many people struggle with. Children may find it difficult to appreciate what makes them different, but they can learn that what makes them unlike others also makes them special. Like me, I am the only tiger in the world that can’t roar – that makes me uniquely ME!

  1. To be patient

To be patient | Tiger Tim

Tigers are patient creatures – we know how to wait for the opportune time before we act. For kids, tigers can show that patience is indeed a virtue. In most cases, children do not learn the value of working patiently and consistently to achieve a goal. But tigers are masters at being remarkably forbearing, and this is something kids can learn from us.

Being patient has a lot of perks, one of which is regularly beating my buddy Tim Hague at a staring match!

  1. To be confident

To be confident | Tiger Tim

One thing that makes tigers soooo effortlessly cool is that we move with confidence. We are confident in our abilities, and we know our strengths.

For children, a tigers‘ confidence is something that they can emulate. Not all Tiger Cubs are born confident, and grown-ups can significantly help develop the little one’s self-mastery and awareness. 

I exhibit my feline confidence in different ways, but mostly whenever I strut down the street with my human BFF Tim Hague!

  1. To be adaptable

To be adaptable | Tiger Tim

We may not look like it, but tigers are excellent swimmers and can run quite fast, too. We are able to change and adapt our hunting techniques on both land and in water – just like how I change up my tactics whenever Tim doesn’t give me the last piece of the doughnut!

Being adaptable to one’s environment is considered a valuable trait. Acquiring different sets of skills and knowing when and where to use them is something kids (and adults) can learn from tigers. 

Tiger and Tim episodes | Tiger Tim

As I said at the start, Tigers are truly majestic creatures – we are smart, strong, caring, and confident, just like your Tiger Cubs! Watching Tiger and Tim episodes can foster their innate gifts and talents, such as their language skills, creativity, and curiosity! Grown-ups, too, can learn a lot from Tiger and Tim, just as Tim Hague is learning a lot from me, as well!

For children and adults alike, tigers can be sources of essential life lessons that they can carry with them for the rest of their days.

Lots of love, from Tiger xoxoxoxoxo 🐯 

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