Getting A Family Pet: To Adopt or to Buy?

When it comes to getting a pet, would you rather adopt or shop? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Getting A Family Pet | Tiger and Tim

Now you’ve finally decided to get a pet for your kids and the whole family to love and cherish (and watch Tiger and Tim kids videos with!). That’s great! So the next question is – should you adopt or buy?

Long before Tim and I started making learning videos for kids, Tim adopted a tiny Tiger cub in the wild! But you don’t have to trek the mountains and journey to the jungle for your own pet. Instead, you can either go to your local shelter or pet store to get your kids their fur-ever buddy. 

So here are some pros and cons of adopting and buying for your family pet.

Adopting Pro: Cheaper Cost | Tiger and Tim

Adopting Pro: Cheaper Cost

Adopting pets is typically a cheaper and more affordable option for families who may not have the budget for pets from expensive breeders. Some shelters can even waive adoption fees depending on the season. In addition, when adopting an older pet, you can expect to skip some of the more expensive vaccinations that younger animals require. 

But more than the cost, adopting can also be a good way to learn about empathy, especially for kids. It shows them that we are all capable of loving and being loved!

Adopting Con: Unexpected Behavior

On the downside, adopting an animal from the shelter can also mean that some of the behavior that they acquired from their previous family could be a problem. 

The staff from the shelter would usually disclose any information regarding the background of the pet. Training a pet could be a good learning experience for kids, too. There are videos and other resources that you can check regarding dog behaviors before making a decision.

In some shelters, they also allow fostering an animal first before you can commit to adopting them. Being a foster fur parent would be an excellent way to see if any potential issues could arise in the future. 

Buying Pro: Meeting the Parents

Buying a pet from a breeder could give you the chance to meet the parents of the puppy or kitten you are eyeing to adopt. Getting to know the history of parents of your potential pet could give you insights into their history of health issues and some behavioral traits.

Reputable breeders would also be able to show your kids and everyone else in the family how to get over any potential challenges you might have with your future animal buddy.

Buying Pro: Meeting the Parents | Tiger and Tim

Buying Con: Expensive

It is no secret that getting a pet from the pet store or breeders would be more expensive. Depending on the location of the breeder, travel and transport costs could eventually add up. In addition, the cost of shots and spaying should also be added to the expenses, as these typically occur early in the pet’s life.

You can let the kids watch videos of different animal breeds to have a good idea of what pet they would like to get. Researching the type and breed would also allow you to narrow your search for a reputable breeder that fits your budget.

Choosing to buy or adopt would ultimately depend on your and your family’s values. Getting your children involved in the decision-making and letting them help you arrive at the final choice is a good learning opportunity for kids. Videos, photos, and other resource materials would also help you with your decision. Whether you adopt or shop for a pet, I am sure it will be an adorable furry friend like me!

Buying Con: Expensive | Tiger and Tim

There you have it, cool cats! I hope you enjoyed this little pet series here on our blog, and we wish you all the best in your new life as pet owners! Don’t forget to send us pictures of your kids and pets for our show’s segment – ‘Your Tigers’!

Catch all Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids (with or without a cuddly pet by your side) on our YouTube channel. And I will see you again really soon!

Tiger xoxoxo

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