How Storytelling In Learning Videos for Kids Can Build Vocabulary

Storytelling In Learning Videos for Kids | Tiger and Tim

Building your children’s vocabulary is important in developing their language skills. Here’s how storytelling through learning videos for kids can help.

We all love a good story – yes, even tigers for kids like me!

Tim Hague | Tiger Tim

Thanks to my best buddy, Tim Hague, I’ve grown to love reading and telling stories. It’s one of my favourite activities (well, aside from eating, of course!). I have even learnt different words because of the many stories we read and share with each other all the time, some of which have made their way onto our Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids!

Your Tiger Cubs can also build their vocabulary through stories. Whether it’s reading from a book, listening to a tale told by a grown-up, or watching through learning videos for kids, storytelling plays an essential role in developing language skills.

build their vocabulary | Tiger Tim

Here are the different ways storytelling can help build your Tiger Cub’s word bank and improve their literacy level:

  1. Words Are Used In Action

Words Are Used In Action | Tiger Tim

Stories make words come alive! When used in storytelling, children can make sense of the terms even more. They learn about how the word is pronounced AND spelt. Children can also learn about grammar and syntax rules by looking at how words are used in a sentence, all without any explicit instruction. Young learners (and tigers, too!) can make sense of words because they can see them being actually used, making learning more meaningful.

  1. Words Are Used In Context

Words Are Used In Context | Tiger Tim

My human BFF, Tim Hague, knows a lot of words. But it’s impossible to know the meaning of EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. I tried – but the dictionary was just too heavy!

So how can Tiger Cubs learn the definition of words that they encounter? Two words: CONTEXT CLUES.

The words or phrases (or even pictures!) in which an unfamiliar word is found form part of the word’s context. Using the word’s context to unlock its meaning will not only sharpen children’s critical thinking skills, but doing so can also build their vocabulary! Smart hey? I know!!

  1. New Words Can Spark Curiosity

New Words Can Spark Curiosity | Tiger Tim

A single spark can start something HUGE. Similarly, a single word can spark your Tiger Cub’s curiosity. Exposing them to different words through storytelling can make children (and tigers for kids!) more interested and curious about the world around them. Is your Tiger Cub interested in sports? Share stories about different athletes and sporting moments (like this one!). Or if they love the arts like “The Art Critique” (who I still think is Tim dressed up), then stories about famous artists could help them become more interested and passionate whilst building their word “repertoire” (a fancy word I learnt from The Art Critique!). All it takes is a fascinating story with a rich vocabulary to get them hooked! 

How Grown-ups Can Help

How Grown-ups Can Help | Tiger Tim

Grown-ups can make storytelling more fun and interesting for Tiger Cubs! Keep in mind that storytelling doesn’t always have to come from books (although that’s a great resource, too). Simply talking about how your day went, or a funny story from your childhood days (I love it when Tim tells me about his days as a Tiger Cub!) can expose children to different words that enrich their vocabulary. Asking them about their day also encourages your Tiger Cubs to use the words they know to tell their own stories. I LOVE doing that.

Exchanging stories during meal times and before bed also serve as a great bonding opportunity with your little ones. Not sure what to talk about? Try reading a book or watching some short storytelling learning videos for kids to get the conversation rolling. Avoid asking questions with definite answers, but instead, use questions that allow your kids to express their creative thoughts and ideas!

Learning Videos For Kids Can Help Build Vocabulary

Learning Videos For Kids Can Help Build Vocabulary | Tiger Tim

Stories are everywhere! From books to learning videos for kids, like Tiger and Tim!

Tiger and Tim episodes | Tiger Tim

Watching Tiger and Tim episodes can help children build their vocabulary, too. “Storytime with Tiger and Tim”, through our creative and well-written stories written by Tiger for kids (and grown-ups, too!), is one of the best ways to learn new words. If you don’t believe me, check out our videos on the website!

I may be too shy to speak in front of the camera, but my human bestie Tim Hague, talks a lot! Tiger Cubs could learn more new words from him! Now that’s ANOTHER good reason to watch Tiger and Tim, I think. Don’t you agree?

Well, that’s it for now! Talk to you again soon, cool cats!

Lots of love and hugs,

Tiger xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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