10 Fun Facts About Ancient Greece for Kids

Is it all Greek to you? Well then, learn many fascinating facts about Ancient Greece in our latest video in collaboration with Twinkl!

fascinating facts about Ancient Greece | Tiger and Tim

Hi there, cool cats! Have you seen our latest video that Tim and I made with Twinkl? (Watch it with the kids on Twinkl’s YouTube channel now!). It’s a super cool music video about Ancient Greece and what makes it sooo fascinating!

Twink | Tiger and Tim

The video is part of our ongoing collaboration with Twinkl, a leading educational resource website. Look out for more Tiger and Tim funny and educational videos for kids on Twinkl TV coming out soon!

I had a lot of fun learning about this great ancient civilisation in this video, and I am sure many kids out there would find them interesting, too! So here are some fun facts about Ancient Greece to help children learn more about it.

  1. Strange Food

Strange Food | Tiger and Tim

Ancient Greeks are a superstitious bunch. Because of their beliefs, they wouldn’t even eat some types of food, thinking it might bring them bad luck. One example is beans, because they believe that these legumes contain the souls of the dead! Yikes!

  1. Ancient Olympics

Ancient Olympus | Tiger and Tim

In our fun educational music video for kids, we mentioned that the Olympics originated in Greece, so here are some more fascinating facts about the ancient Olympics (right on time for this year’s 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, too!)

The first Olympic Games were held in the city of Olympia in 776 BC (hence, the name). Among all the sporting events held in the ancient Olympics, the toughest one has to be wrestling, as there are no rules in the game and athletes had to compete in the buff! Oh no!

Olympic Games | Tiger and Tim

Also, much like our modern Olympics, winners in the Olympic Games are celebrated when they go back home. Hooray!

  1. Ruled by Gods

Ruled by Gods | Tiger and Tim

Since the ancient Greeks have no way to explain natural phenomena around them (like the rain, sunrise, and sunset!), they look up to their gods and goddesses to understand why these things take place. Thus, the ancient Greeks worship many gods and goddesses and believe that all the good and bad things happen to them because of these gods and goddesses. 

I find Greek mythology very interesting (there is a god for almost everything!), and I’m sure your kids will enjoy learning about it, too. There are several educational videos for kids online about Greek gods and goddesses that they can dive into!

  1. Greek Inventions

Greek Inventions | Tiger and Tim

Ancient Greece is one of the most advanced civilizations in history, partly because of the several modern inventions that had their origins in Ancient Greece millions of years ago, such as the yoyo and even the alarm clock! So thank you, ancient Greeks; because of your invention, Tim can wake up early to prepare our breakfast!

  1. Majority Wins

Majority Wins | Tiger and Tim

One way Tim and I decide on things around the house is through majority wins – too bad for Tim he only has two hands while I have four paws!

But did you know that the concept of majority wins, or as grown-ups call it, democracy, was first born in Ancient Greece? And this has been the blueprint for several justice systems and laws worldwide up until today. Amazing, right?!

  1. Origins of Marathon

Majority Wins | Tiger and Tim

Are you fond of going on a funny video marathon with your kids? Well, you have the ancient Greeks to thank for that.

No, they did not invent the television, silly billy! But it was in Ancient Greece that the idea of a marathon began (the actual marathon!). It all started with a messenger who ran from Marathon to Athens to tell the high officials about a significant war victory. The messenger ran a total of nearly 40 kilometers!

  1. Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre | Tiger and Tim

Aside from the Olympic Games and marathon races, the theatre also originated in Ancient Greece! The Greeks back then genuinely loved watching the theatre that they built theatres that can hold 15,000 people! This number may not be as massive in terms of YouTube views, but believe me, kids, that’s a lot of people in ancient times!

    8. Chronic Nappers Chronic Nappers | Tiger and Tim

If there’s one thing that I share with the ancient Greeks, it has to be our love for naps! 

Taking mid-day naps is considered a tradition in Greece that began centuries ago. They believe that a bit of shut-eye in the middle of the day is healthy. I have to agree!

9. Shake it Off

Shake it Off | Tiger and Tim

To add to the long list of things that originated in Ancient Greece, let’s add the handshake to it, too!

Yup, the custom of greeting someone with a handshake is believed to be part of Greek mythology when Hera (goddess of marriage) shook hands with Athena (goddess of intelligence).

Ancient Greece is indeed a fascinating place and time in history! If you need more Ancient Greece facts, watch our Twinkl video on YouTube with your kids and just about everyone who wants to know more about this trailblazing ancient civilisation!

Talk to you again soon!

Tiger xoxoxo