Fabulous Animals We’ve Met in Tiger and Tim

From canines, felines, birds, to animals from the jungle – Tiger and Tim, with Zack, featured some adorable pets from all over the globe!Fabulous Animals We've Met in Tiger and Tim

Howdy, boys and girls! It’s me, Zack the Zookeeper from ‘Your Tigers!’.It’s been a while since you’ve last seen me in our videos, kids. But worry no more, for I am here to show you all the fabulous animals we have featured in our learning videos for kids and the kids at heart.  

From lovely house pets to beautiful exotic animals – we’ve got them for y’all!


We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s no wonder we’ve got a lot of dog submissions on the show. Kids from all over the world sent in photos of their beloved pooches in all shapes, colours, and sizes, and we love seeing all of their canine glory on Tiger and Tim!

Dogs | Tiger and Tim AnimalsCats 

Tiger isn’t the only fantastic feline on our learning videos for kids, as we have also received quite a number of cat photo submissions. Cato, Mallows, and Dottie are just some of the fantastic furry friends we’ve met. We even got to meet Tiger’s cat friend all the way from Norway – Snowrose!

Lion Cub

Speaking of fabulous felines, we also got to meet a lion cub in one of our early videos (also known as The Time Before Zack)! Do you remember that, kids? The lion cub, named Brooklyn, is from the beautiful country of South Africa and is as pretty as a peach – no doubt about that!

African Jungle video. KidsCrab

Whoever said that crabs couldn’t be pets has obviously not met Hagrid, whom we’ve featured on our African Jungle video. Kids, this adorable crustacean belongs to Fallon, a sweet little lady from Canada. I wonder how Hagrid deals with the cold up there? Maybe I could ask my grandma to make Hagrid a lovely winter sweater to keep him warm?


If there’s one animal who can show us how to have a hootin’ good time, they have got to be owls! And we’ve been lucky enough to meet a very special owl from Ireland – Oscar the Owl, whom we also featured in our African Jungle show. Do you think Oscar can also deliver letters to kids? It will save Brandon, his human, the trouble of going to the post office, that’s for sure!


Tiger is not the only animal from the jungle in our show. Kids got to meet a lovely elephant in our Time Travelling episode courtesy of a photo that Josuha sent us! Joshua, from London, got to meet some elephants on his holiday trip to Zimbabwe with his family. That trip is definitely one for the books, Joshua! Thank you for sharing with us your lovely vacation photo.

Donkey | Tiger and Tim Animals


I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to have a donkey as a pet. So it’s a good thing we got to meet Chloe from the United Kingdom because this sweet peach has a donkey for a pet! That’s right – Piper, a sweet-faced donkey, graced ‘Your Tigers’ in one of our learning videos for kids, and I couldn’t be more excited! And they both look pretty in pink, don’t they?


Just when I thought we’d featured a lot of pets in ‘Your Tigers,’ Peter the Peacock surprised us all! We had the lovely opportunity to meet Ashvin’s fabulous pet, Peter, in our All About Britain video. But, do you know what’s the best part, kids? Ashvin and Peter live on the small and beautiful island called Mauritius! Who knew that this humble lad from Texas had made it to Mauritius? Heavens to Betsy!

There you have it, kids! We look forward to featuring more of your very own pets in our future shows! So please keep sending us your photos so that you and your beloved furry (or feathery) friends can be featured in our learning videos for kids.

Well, it’s time to heat up the bricks and put the chairs in the wagon, boys, and girls! ‘Till we meet again!

Zack the Zookeeper


Lessons from Storytime with Tiger and Tim

Storytime with Tiger and Tim is everyone’s favourite segment! Here are some memorable life lessons from our special stories for kids and grown-ups.

Lessons from Storytime with Tiger and Tim

Hey, cool cats! It’s me again, your favourite friendly feline, Tiger!

You all know how we love telling stories in our Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids. It’s already a staple in our shows! I love how kids and grown-ups alike can enjoy a new Tiger and Tim adventure in every episode. Not only are our stories fun and exciting, but they are also great resources of valuable life lessons for everyone. 

Here are some memorable learning moments from Storytime with Tiger and Tim.

  1. Sportsmanship

Kids loved our Storytime video entitled ‘The Cub Cup Final’ in our sports-themed episode. In this story, we learnt all about sportsmanship and what it means to be a good sport. 

Sportsmanship | Tiger and Tim

  1. Appreciating one’s self

Our adventure in the jungles of Africa was indeed a memorable one! However, it was in our Storytime learning video for kids entitled ‘The African Jungle with Tiger and Tim,’ I realised just how unique I am, and I learnt to appreciate the things that make me different.

P.S. Did you know that you can download your very own copy of this story on Amazon? *wink, wink*

  1. Kindness

The best reward for being kind is a fun trip to Enchanted Chocolate Forest! In our delectable chocolate-themed show, kids watched as we took part in cheery chocolate challenges and rewarded our kindness and care for others. So don’t forget to be kind, folks! You’ll never know when you’ll be invited to the Enchanted Chocolate Forest and meet the lovely friends that live there.

  1. Independence

Eating is one of my many hobbies, and I even got to be a Masterchef in our Food Glorious Food episode! In one of our yummiest videos to date, kids learnt what it takes to become independent as I showed them how I cooked my favourite omelette breakfast. Now I’m hungry just thinking about that delicious story!

Friendship | Tiger and Tim

  1. Friendship

Marvin the Mouse wants to get the biggest cheese ever! But how will he do it? In our Space Travel learning video for kids, our Storytime was about how Marvin and his friend Dolly the Deer made it all the way to the moon through their resourcefulness, teamwork, and their beautiful friendship.

  1. Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work! That’s what kids learnt in our Storytime video entitled ‘The Search for the Disappearing Dino Eggs.’ Watch our daring adventure as Sammy, Toby, and I worked together to rescue the dino eggs from the mean Danny the Dinosaur.

TeamWork | Tiger and Tim

  1. Responsibility

The Amazon rainforest needs our help, and in our Rainforest Rangers episode, we learnt how we could be responsible for taking care of Mother Earth. Videos such as this teach kids (and tigers, too!) are great resources for teaching stewardship and responsibility.

  1. Bravery 

A wise man once said, ‘Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. And that is what I hope kids realised from our Circus show, as I conquered my fear and learnt how to fly!

Bravery was also the lesson that kids can get from one of our well-loved shows, the Antarctica Explorers episode. My friends and I conquered our fears as we rescued a baby polar bear in our Storytime entitled ‘The Lost Polar Bears’.

  1. Generosity

Christmas is all about giving, and in our special holiday learning video Storytime, kids learnt that being generous is not just about giving gifts and material things. It is also about being generous with our time and talents and helping out those in need.

  1. Perseverance

Who could forget the memorable race Tim ran in our Ancient Greece episode? For me, it was indeed a special Storytime video for kids where they can learn from Tim’s perseverance when training for the race. Our Storytime video also taught kids that hard work pays off in the end.

There you have it, cool cats! We hope you enjoyed watching and learning from all our Storytime videos for kids. Stay tuned for more adventures, lessons, and exciting times ahead with Tiger and Tim!

Tiger xoxoxo


All the Wonderful Places We’ve Explored with Tiger and Tim

We’ve explored so many different places with Tiger and Tim. Let’s look back at the different trips the duo has taken so far.

Wonderful Places - Tiger and Tim

Hey, cool cats! How have you all been? Are you still washing your hands? PURR-FECT!

We all know that my adventures with my human best friend, Tim, began during the lockdown. But that did not stop us from exploring so many wonderful places! Kids and adults watched our videos as we explored these fantastic (and often magical) places. Our learning videos for kids gave everyone a chance to visit those places, too.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane and see all the places we’ve all been to with me, Tiger, Tim, and all our friends!

  1. Outerspace

Tim and I donned our space suits in one of our early shows and went to outer space. Remember that, kids? We even read about Marvin, the mouse, who built a rocketship with his friend Dolly the Deer. Together they went to the biggest cheese ever – the moon!

african jungle tiger - Tiger and Tim

  1. African Jungle

Another exciting place that we visited in our learning videos for kids was the vast African Jungle. I was so happy to meet the different animals living there, but sadly, none were tigers like me. Now I learned that my fellow cool cats do not live in jungles, but rather, most of us live in rainforests, grasslands, and savannas.

  1. Ancient Egypt

Who could forget our trip to Ancient Egypt? We travelled back in time to learn all about Ancient Egypt. We saw giant pyramids and even met mummies – but they were not like Mummy Susy at all! Also, in that video, kids read about Sneezer McGeezer and his hair-raising adventure inside a pyramid. Yikes!

Cool Cats - Tiger and Tim

  1. Great Britain

There’s no place like home. That’s why in our seventh episode, we explored Great Britain! Our Great British learning video for kids helped many of us know the Union Jack better. We even met her majesty, The Queen, herself. Now that’s better than a plate of piping hot fish and chips!

  1. The North Pole

Who could forget our memorable trip to the North Pole for our Christmas show? I know kids (and kids-at-heart!) loved that episode. And why wouldn’t you, when Santa himself was there, too! I could still remember the cold wind blowing when I pulled Santa’s magical sleigh to deliver presents. Don’t forget the yummy Christmas cookies that Tim ate!

Amazon Rainforest - Tiger and Tim

  1. Amazon Rainforest

When Sammy the Scientist told us about how the Amazon Rainforest needed some help, Tim and I immediately packed our bags, and off we went! In that video, kids learned all about the problems facing the Amazon rainforest and how everyone can help save it – including my animal friends, Oscar the Orangutan, Samanth the Sloth, and Tommy the Toucan.

  1. Ancient Greece

In our latest video for kids, we once again travelled back in time to glorious Ancient Greece. Tim even participated in his very first Olympic race, BAREFOOT! Tim may not have won the medal, but he will always be a winner to me.

  1. Treasure Island

I never thought I would travel all the way to Treasure Island, let alone meet a ghost pirate! But if we remember one thing from Pirate Pete, it would be to treasure the true ‘treasures’ in our lives – our family and friends. Always show your appreciation for the people (and animals!) that you love. Don’t forget that, kids

Antartica - Tiger and Tim

  1. Antarctica

Summer was getting a little bit too warm, so Tim and I decided to go on a very COOL trip to Antarctica! There we met Paula the Polar Bear, and her baby, Peter. Don’t forget about Sophie the Seal and her super seal friends! Did you enjoy that video, kids? You know I did!

  1. Enchanted Chocolate Forest

Chocoholics, unite! Our learning video for kids set in the Enchanted Chocolate Forest is for you. Now I’m craving for some delightful treats, like marshmallows, lollipops, and of course, chocolates! I wonder if Tim is up for another return trip to the Chocolate Forest just in time for tea…

That’s it, folks! We’ve been to so many different places, and I am still very much eager to explore and learn new things with everyone. So why don’t you go on a Tiger and Tim marathon and watch all our videos with the kids and grown-ups at home? That sounds like a good idea to me!

‘Til the next blog! Bye!


Teaching Kids on Smart and Safe Social Media Use

Younger kids also get on social media nowadays. Here’s how parents can teach their Tiger Cubs on safe and smart social media use.

learning videos for kids

There is no escaping social media nowadays. Everybody is on apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok – even me! According to experts, more and more younger kids also use these social media apps to watch videos, talk to their classmates, and share their lives. Studies show that kids aged 7 to 9 years old already use at least one social media app, and some mums and dads are worried about it.

Tim told me that social media is either good or bad. We use our Tiger and Tim accounts to reach out to all the cool cats out there! Through our social media, we update everyone about Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids. But it could also cause scary things to happen if it is not monitored closely by a grown-up. 

However, too much hovering and snooping can do more harm than good as it can damage the trust children have in their parents.

So what can parents and other adults at home do to make sure that kids are safe online? Here are some Tiger-approved tips:

wash hands

  1. Use kid-safe apps or parental controls

Kids love watching videos on social media apps. However, not all content online is good for them. One way to keep your Tiger Cubs safe is to make sure that they use apps that are proven kid-friendly. Common Sense Media is a good resource for parents who want to verify apps and websites before letting their kids use them. There are also ways to set up parental controls on various social media apps, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. (Check out our kid-safe and parent-approved streaming apps here!)

  1. Teach kids about privacy

Privacy is an important matter for children, especially whenever they go online. Social media-savvy Tiger Cubs should know that personal details such as their address, contact number, and other sensitive information should not be posted and shared online. Teaching them about handling private info and content such as photos and videos is a great learning opportunity for kids to understand how strangers online can take advantage of them.

educational videos for children

  1. Chatting with strangers is a no-no

Social media apps are a nice way for children to connect with their friends. Kids love to talk about their favourite shows, artists, or movies with other kids. However, it should be clear to them that they are not allowed to talk to people online whom they do not know in real life. Stranger danger is not just applicable offline but also online. ‘If you don’t know them, don’t friend them’ is a simple and safe rule for young ones to follow when interacting online.

  1. Remind kids to think before they click

Children need to understand that whatever they post online may stay and circulate online for a very long time. Therefore, it should be clear to kids that they are comfortable with sharing their videos, photos, or blogs on different social media platforms. 

They should also be taught to be mindful of the comments they leave online. Teach children the ‘What Would Grandma Say’ rule – they wouldn’t want to post anything online that grandma would be upset about, right? Just like me, I think about what Mummy Susie will say on my posts all time, and so far, so good for me! (And Tim, too!)

  1. Go through rules and guidelines before use

Since social media is such a massive space for children to explore, the rules on using these apps should be clear before they even begin using them. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a straightforward discussion with kids about what they should do and how to behave when using social media. It is also reasonable to show kids how to use these online platforms responsibly. 

kids learning literacy reading

The Internet is a powerful tool. How else could you guys watch Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids without it? But, as my friend Spider-Man knows, with every power comes great responsibility. Kids should know how to responsibly and safely use social media so that they can make the most out of its wonderful benefits.