Easter Sunday 2021: Fun Easter Activities for Kids

cool cats | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Spring is upon us once again, cool cats! And you know what that means – it’s EASTER!

But sadly, Easter this year may be a bit different because of the safety protocols we have to follow. But that doesn’t mean Easter has to be cancelled, especially for kids. While watching learning videos (like Tiger and Tim!) is excellent on any day, there are other ways we can celebrate Easter. With a little bit of creativity and a dash of fun, this year’s Easter will be a memorable one!

Here are some ways we can celebrate Easter even at home:

  1. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Who says you can’t have your yearly Easter egg hunt indoors? Well, I say you can! Mums, dads, and other grown-ups at home will have to get a little creative in hiding the eggs in various nooks and crannies of the house. Whip out your camera and record the kids‘ reactions when they present their baskets – watching the funny videos for everyone at the end of the hunt is a great way to end the day.

  1. Plant flowers

Plant flowers | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Spring is the time of bloom, and Easter symbolises rebirth. What better way to put both ideas together than planting flowers? Typically, flowers are planted during the autumn season so that they’ll bloom right in time for spring. But you and your Tiger Cubs can grow them any time of the year! You can buy flowers that are already in bloom and transplant them into your backyard. If you already have flowers in your garden, spend the afternoon watering them with your kids.

Gardening is a great learning opportunity for kids, too. Before gardening, watch some videos about the life cycle of plants so that they be able to appreciate gardening even more.

  1. Do some Easter arts and crafts

Do some Easter arts and crafts | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

The Art Critique is busy filming his Picture This segment in Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids, but he made sure to suggest!

Spend the day creating some fun Easter arts and crafts like bunny ears and Easter bonnets. There are tons of great ideas to choose from online, so there’s one for every kid out there. Don’t forget to take a photo of the artwork (LANDSCAPE, PLEASE!) and send it over to us to get a chance to be featured by The Art Critique himself!

For other days of the year, check out The Art Critique’s art activities inspired by famous artists here!

  1. Read Easter and Spring books

Read Easter and Spring books | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

While we are excited for the arrival of spring, sometimes, Easter Sunday happens to be a rainy day. But do not fret! Books are here to save Easter! Read spring and Easter-related books to keep the day going. Check out this Book Finder tool for titles to stock up on before Easter comes.

You know that I love reading books. But do you what I also love to do? Writing stories! The stories we’ve been sharing with you on our learning videos on our channel are also books for kids! Click here, here, and here! Choose which Tiger and Tim children’s book you’ll get for your Tiger Cubs as their Easter present. The best part is that our storybooks are suitable for all seasons and holidays of the year!

  1. Cook Easter brunch

Cook Easter brunch | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Food makes any celebration even more fun, and Easter is no exception! Prepare a lovely Easter brunch just in your backyard. Keep the meals simple so that your Tiger Cubs can help out in the kitchen. Browse recipes on YouTube that are easy enough for kids. Yum yum!

  1. Play Easter games 

Play Easter games  | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Take a break from watching videos on the screen and spend some time playing funny Easter games for kids and grown-ups!

Care for a round of Easter Bingo? Perhaps some Easter Egg Toss would be your family’s new Easter tradition? There are also Easter-related board games available that will make the celebration even more joyous. Check out other gadget-free Easter games right here.

Our Easter celebration may be different this year but as long as we are with our families and loved ones, Easter, even done indoors, can still be fun and exciting.

Happy Easter, cool cats!

Happy Easter, cool cats! | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Tiger xoxoxo


Art Activities Inspired by Famous Artists (by The Art Critique)

Art Activities Inspired by Famous Artists | Tiger and Tim

Well, hello there, boys and girls! It is me once again, the one and only Art Critique here to inspire you about the beauty of art!

filming Picture | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Let me take a break from filming Picture This (check it out on YouTube, kids!), and share with you once again my expertise and knowledge in the sophisticated world of arts.

Last time, I discussed with you how young Tiger Cubs could benefit from doing arts and crafts. And because I love arts so much, I would like to share some activities inspired by famous artists worldwide (also known as my friends). Doing these activities could serve as a nice break from remote learning and watching educational videos for your kids!

So gather the art materials, and let’s get creating!

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Without a doubt, Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists in the world (ahem, aside from me, of course!). Picasso is known for his Cubist-style of painting – where artworks are created with stark geometric shapes. That’s fancy talk for squares and rectangles!

Take a look at the following art activities inspired by the legendary Pablo Picasso:

Picasso-Inspired Cubism for Kids

Black Glue and Watercolor Picasso Portraits

Picasso-Inspired Cubism for Kids | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Picasso Faces – Easy Art for Kids

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Starry, starry night, paint your palette blue and gray…

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just singing away my love for the works of Vincent Van Gogh. The Dutch Impressionist painter is known for his dreamy paintings, Starry Night and Sunflower, to name a few.

Van Gogh lived an extraordinary life. Before trying out these activities, you might want to show a short documentary on YouTube to your kids about the artist’s sad but incredible biography (I tear up just by thinking about it).

Here are some fun art activities for kids inspired by the master, Vincent Van Gogh.

Starry Night Fork-Scraped Painting

Starry Night Fork-Scraped Painting | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Recreating Sunflowers

Van Gogh Art Project

Claude Monet

Claude Monet | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Claude Monet is another master in painting dreamy landscapes. The French artist is also known for his impressionist-style artworks, including the world-renowned series called Water Lilies, featuring what else but water lilies!

Get the kids to learn more about the Impressionist movement by watching some videos online before making the artworks here:

Water Lillies Paper Craft

Water Lillies Paper Craft | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Kids Impressionist Art Activity: Painting Without a Brush

Tissue Paper Monet Art Projects

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Kids love to play around with colour (and so do I!). So without a doubt, they will love doing some Matisse-inspired artworks!

Henri Matisse is a French painter known for his expressive use of hues and shadows. There are several videos online that kids can watch to learn more about this influential artist.

Here are some art activities inspired by Henri Matisse:

Paper Cut-Out Project

Paper Cut-Out Project | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Snail Cut-Out Art

Fun with Matisse

Paul Klee

Paul Klee | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Abstract art is one of my favourite art movements, and I have painter Paul Klee to thank for pioneering this famous art style. Klee is known as the Father of Abstract Art and has wowed (and puzzled) people with his works.

Making abstract art is a fun way for kids to express their creativity. Watch some videos about Abstract Art and Paul Klee to further appreciate this style of painting.

Here are some art activities inspired by Paul Klee:

Paul Klee Block Painting

Paul Klee Block Painting | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

Paul Klee-Style Collage

Colourful City Collage

Colourful City Collage | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

More art activities are inspired by famous artists out there waiting for you and your Tiger Cubs to discover! Don’t forget to share your children’s masterpiece with us, and I might just feature it on Picture This! Very exciting! 

LANDSCAPE Art | Tiger and Tim activities for kids

To get a chance to be featured, simply take a LANDSCAPE photo (yes, it has to be said in all-caps for emphasis, mums and dads!) of your child’s work of art and send it through this link. Who knows, your future Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, or Klee might be featured on one of Tiger and Tim’s learning videos for kids! Now that is just SUPER!

Wash your hands | | Tiger and Tim Wash your hands

I’ll have to get going now…  art needs some curating and critiquing somewhere in the world. I’ll be waiting for your submissions, boys and girls! Toodles!

The Art Critique


Tigers for Kids: Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt for Kids


fascinating facts for kids | Tiger and Tim

From the amazing facts  to the spooky ones… learn more about ancient Egypt with these fascinating facts for kids!

There’s something about ancient Egypt that intrigues me. The pyramids, the marvellous jewels, the artefacts, and even the mummies (yikes!)… It’s so interesting to me and my human buddy Tim Hague, that we explored this exotic wonder in one of our learning videos for kids. (Check it out here).

Tim and I were so fascinated that we wanted to share with you 10 fascinating facts about the world of ancient Egypt! But, we’re warning you, some of them may be weird and spooky! 

  1. Ancient Egyptians loved their pets – especially cats!

Ancient Egyptians loved their pets | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Everybody loves their pets, and ancient Egyptians were no exception! Their pets ranged from baboons, elephants, crocodiles, and even tigers. However, only the rich and powerful of their society had many pets (I wonder if I was a majestic pet tiger of some Egyptian Pharoah in my previous life?!).

While they mostly regarded animals as their property, ancient Egyptians put cats on a pedestal. Cats were extra special to them because they believed that these furry felines brought them good luck. 

  1. Both men and women wore make-up

Both men and women wore make-up | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

I can’t imagine Tim Hague wearing make-up, but men in ancient Egypt wore make-up just as much as women did!

However, the kind of make-up they used to wear is quite different from today. Ancient Egyptians loved to paint their faces with intricate designs and vibrant colours. For them, make-up was more than just a way to decorate their face; it was also used for protection from the sun and even used as medicine.

  1. Ancient Egyptians believed in the after-life

Ancient Egyptians believed in the after-life | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

For ancient Egyptians, life does not end with their death. Instead they believed that they continued living in their after-life. They also believed that they needed all their possessions in the after-life, everything from their jewelry, furniture, and even their slaves! I wonder if they could watch learning videos for kids in their after-life?

  1. Many of the things we use today were invented by ancient Egyptians

Many of the things we use today were invented by ancient Egyptians | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Ancient Egyptians were clever and resourceful (like tigers!) and prolific inventors. Most of the items for kids and adults that we have today were invented by the Egyptians, including musical instruments, medicine, pens, papers, locks, keys, and even toothpaste!

  1. Ancient Egyptians built HUGE pyramids

Ancient Egyptians built HUGE pyramids | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Do you remember Sneezer from our Time Travel learning video for kids episode? In the story, he went on an adventure inside a pyramid and met a mummy (spooky!). But for ancient Egyptians, the pyramids were significant to them because the gigantic structures served as their tombs. Pyramids are so huge that the biggest pyramids are equivalent to the size of 16 Empire State buildings! No wonder Sneezer got lost inside the pyramid!

  1. Many of the items owned by ancient Egyptians can still be seen today

Egyptians can still be seen today | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Since ancient Egyptians brought their possessions with them inside the pyramids, most of their stuff was so well-preserved that it can still be seen today. Many of the items are now housed in different museums all over the world. Maybe I should start carving a statue of my human buddy Tim Hague to put in a museum someday!

  1. Paintings are significant for ancient Egyptians

Paintings are significant for ancient Egyptians | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Ancient Egyptians loved to tell their stories through paintings. There are several paintings found inside pyramids and temples that show how they lived during their time. Through their paintings we learned a lot about them and their world. For kids, these paintings serve as lessons from the past, much like the videos we watch today.

  1. It takes 70 days to complete the mummification process

70 days to complete the mummification process | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

The process of mummifying the dead is a looooong process. For ancient Egyptians, the whole process is considered very sacred, and they did it with the utmost care. The entire process took about 70 days to complete. For tigers and kids, that amount of time feels like an entire year!

  1. Ancient Egyptians loved playing board games

Ancient Egyptians loved playing board games | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

I love me some good board games! It’s one of my favourite activities to do with Tim Hague when boredom strikes. Did you know that ancient Egyptians loved to pass the time by playing board games, too? Their favourite is the game called Senet. Like our learning videos, playing board games is an excellent way for kids to sharpen their minds!

  1. Ancient Egyptians used mouldy bread as medicine

Ancient Egyptians used mouldy bread as medicine | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

What do you do with mouldy bread? Do you throw it away? Well, ancient Egyptians used it as medicine! Mouldy bread is believed to heal wounds and stop the spread of infection immediately. Talk about smart ways to use stale food!

(Insert video here:

That rounds up our fascinating facts about ancient Egypt! If you are hungry for more information on mummies, pyramids, and mouldy bread (kidding!), watch our Time Travel learning video here! For kids who love books (who doesn’t?!), they can also look forward to our Tiger and Tim children’s storybook about Sneezer and one interesting mummy coming out very soon!

‘Til our next adventure, cool cats!

Tiger xoxoxo



How to Choose the Right Book for Kids (and for Tigers, Too!)

March 7 is a special day for book-lovers like me. Do you know why? It’s because it’s World Book Day!

Reading books | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Reading books is one of my favourite things to do in the world! Whenever we’re not busy making our learning videos for kids, me and my buddy Tim Hague often read books together and write our own stories! I get excited when Tim asks me to choose a new book to read, because there are so many to choose from! So many, that my tiger brain often struggles to select the right one. For kids, the process of selecting a book can be exciting and overwhelming. However, there are many ways that grown-ups can help their Tiger Cubs pick the right book, and we’ve listed down a few ideas to help you out.

Before your next visit the library or bookstore, check out these essential guidelines to help you choose the right books for your child:

Infants and Toddlers

Infants and Toddlers | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Tim introduced me to books when I was a wee little cub, and for babies and toddlers, early exposure to books is essential to their brain development. The little ones are usually attracted to books with brightly coloured pictures, while books that sound good to read, this means books with rhyming word patterns, are also another popular choice. Since infants and toddlers are still developing their motor skills, and are very curious about the world around them, sturdy board books and cloth books work best for this age group.


Preschoolers | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Besides our learning videos for preschool-aged kids, reading books that show objects and experiences familiar to them is always a hit. A fair amount of repetition of words in books can help them understand new words better. Like me, they also love toy-like books that have pop-ups or are made with different materials. These type of books makes reading more enjoyable for tigers and kids!

Early School Years (5 to 8 years old)

Early School Years | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Around this age, children start to learn how to string sounds together and read words more efficiently. For kids this age, books and learning videos with beautiful illustrations that are attractive work best. Kids aged 5 to 8 years old also love picture books that have a strong plot and character development – like Tiger and Tim storybooks!

Upper Elementary Levels (9 years old and above)

Upper Elementary Levels | Tiger and Tim Amazing Facts

Tiger Cubs already have specific interests at this age, and they like reading books that are about their hobbies and things they find fascinating. I love reading cookbooks because I’m passionate about EATING! I even became a MASTERCHEF!

Choosing books from the library | Book for kids

Choosing books from the library or at the bookstore can be a little intimidating for kids and sometimes tigers, too! Here’s a handy trick my smart human BFF Tim Hague taught me to help me pick which book to bring home.

Just remember – P. I. C. K.!

P – Purpose

P - Purpose | Book for kids

The purpose is the reason why your child wants or needs to read. Is it for pleasure, or is it because they need to learn something? Will they be reading the book aloud? If so, who will be their audience?

These questions can help your child narrow down their choices.

I – Interest

I - Interest | Book for kids

What your child is interested in can also help them determine which book to read. Do they like to read books and watch learning videos about animals, trucks, or adventures? For kids, the choices are endless! Consider having them pick both fiction and non-fiction books to get them more interested in the things they like.

C – Comprehend

C - Comprehend | Book for kids

For kids (and tigers) to enjoy reading, they need to comprehend or understand the book. A book too easy or too tricky might make your child lose interest in reading it.

Some children’s books are labelled with the appropriate age or reading level, which can also help when choosing which book to read. You can help your Tiger Cub determine if they were able to comprehend the book that they just read by asking them:

  • Did you understand what you read?
  • Do you remember what you read?
  • Did you know most of the words?

K – Know the words

Children need to be able to decode the words from what they are reading. Knowing the meaning of the words makes reading more manageable and fun for tigers, kids, and even adults!

To get a good idea if the book is too easy or too difficult for your child, you can help your child gauge it by looking at the number of unfamiliar words:

If the book has 0 to 1 unfamiliar word, then it is too easy.

If the book has 2 to 3 unfamiliar words, then it is just right.

If the book has 4 to 5 unfamiliar words, then it is too difficult.

It’s always good to keep in mind that by having unfamiliar words in the book your child is reading, it will help him or her practice their contextual clues skills.

There you have it, cool cats! Reading can be even more exciting for kids and cute tigers like me when considering these tips! Learning through books and videos for kids is a great way to have fun while discovering the world, so I hope you continue to read more!

Celebrate World Book Day on March 7 with Tiger and Tim storybooks out now!

Read more parenting tips for grown-ups here.