Developing Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Healthy eating is essential in your Tiger Cubs’ holistic development. Here’s how parents and other grown-ups can help kids develop good eating habits.

Everyone knows how much I love eating! I even learnt how to cook for myself in one of our videos (Watch it on YouTube here)! Just like me, your kids also need to eat healthy foods to grow strong, bright, and full of energy. For this reason, developing positive eating habits for Tiger Cubs is essential for their development. Much like the Tiger and Tim videos for kids, eating healthy can also be fun for everyone in the family. Here’s how you can help your kids develop healthy eating habits.

  1. Have regular family meals

Eating together as a family is a great bonding activity (much like watching Tiger and Tim funny videos for kids!). It is also a good way for your Tiger Cubs to develop healthy eating habits with your guidance, as they can see you eat. They can also begin to associate mealtimes as a positive experience when you eat together.

Do you know what I love most about eating with Tim? He always lets me have the last bite off his plate!

  1. Variety is key

Another way to help kids develop healthy eating habits is through serving a variety of healthy foods and snacks. It will be easier for you to put vegetables and fruits in the mix with a varied menu. It will also be an excellent way for your kids to develop their palettes and know what kinds of food they love to eat.

Try to limit sweets and processed foods and always have yummy healthy options for the whole family. Keeping a varied menu for the family can be tricky, especially with picky kids, but there are several recipe videos online that can help you plan easily.

  1. Be a role model

Kids look up to the grown-ups at home in many ways, including the adults’ eating habits. If you want your Tiger Cubs to develop healthy eating habits, then mum, dad, and the other grown-ups at home should act as a role model for them.

Young children are very impressionable. Seeing you eat healthy foods is the first step in helping them love eating healthily as well. Seeing you have fun while eating healthy food is great for kids to develop healthy eating habits. Videos about eating vegetables and fruits (like Tiger and Tim *ahem*) can also positively influence your Tiger Cubs.

  1. Let kids in

Another way to develop healthy eating habits among your Tiger Cubs is to let them have a say in what they eat. Involve them in the process of planning, shopping, or cooking to make them feel part of the family. Involving your children can also be a great way to spend some quality time together, and they can learn a lot from you just by doing so. Planning with your kids can also be a great way to teach them about nutrition. Let them watch videos on YouTube Kids about planning and eating healthy meals, too!

  1. Keep it colourful

Kids eat with their eyes (just like me!). Anything colourful looks attractive and appetizing for them. One way to make them eat and love healthy foods is to keep their plates exciting. Put a variety of colours from different vegetables and fruits to keep them engaged (and full, too!).

If you’re feeling creative, try making them fun bento lunches full of different colours and shapes that are healthy and yummy! There are many videos online that will teach you how to make fun bento boxes for kids.

  1. Watch out for overeating and undereating

Young kids don’t always have the best control of their appetites. Some children tend to overeat (yup, can relate!), especially if you serve them their favourite meal. While it can be fun to indulge our Tiger Cubs, overeating can have adverse effects on their eating habits. If your child tends to overeat, offer them smaller portions and let them finish those first before giving them another one. Using a smaller plate can also do the trick.

On the other hand, some kids tend to undereat. If that is the case, serve small amounts of food during snack times to encourage them to eat during mealtimes. Avoid giving heavy snacks near mealtimes, as well. You can also watch educational videos for kids or nursery rhymes that promote healthy eating habits during mealtimes to reinforce the habit.

Mealtimes are a fun and positive way to bond with your Tiger Cubs. Serving them healthy foods and helping them develop healthy eating habits is something they would carry with them as they grow older.

There you have it, cool cats! I hope you’ll enjoy your next family meal with your young ones. After supper, gather the entire family and watch the latest episode of Tiger and Tim on YouTube Kids and our other streaming partners.

Tiger xoxoxo



Summer Gardening Activities For Kids

Summer Gardening Activities For Kids

Make the most out of summer while having a blast with these gardening activities for kids!

Summer is a beautiful time for everyone to go outside and enjoy nature! What better way to take a break from watching movies and kids’ videos than to bust out those gardening tools and start a-digging! There’s no denying that kids love to play around in the dirt (me too!), so these activities will give kids the chance to learn and have a lot of fun while at it – kind of like Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids!

Gardening is an excellent way for kids to learn about nature and could even lead to them developing their green thumb (or, in my case, my green paw!). Gardening also shows kids how hard work and patience can lead to something beautiful and fruitful (delicious!!).

So here are ten fun and kid-friendly gardening activities to try with your Tiger Cubs this summer!

  1. Water plants

One way to introduce gardening to children is by allowing them to water the plants. We all looooove to play and splash around with water, and watering the plants every day is a fun little excuse to get our feet wet.

  1. Make seed bombs

Born out of the desire to make more green spaces in highly urbanised neighbourhoods, people started making seed bombs that are fun while serving a great purpose. Let your kids make seed bombs from flower seeds, compost, powdered clay, and some water. Then, go through nearby places that can use a little greenery in them and throw them away! Take videos so kids can go back to these spots throughout the year and watch as their little seed bombs grow.

Check out this article for a more detailed tutorial on how to make seed bombs.

  1. Make a herb garden

If you live in a flat and have no access to your backyard, then creating a herb garden indoors is the way to go!

Using recycled cans, yoghurt cups, and even egg trays, kids can make their herb garden even inside the house. Through planting herbs, kids can learn many things in real life, not just through watching videos. They get to be more involved and develop a sense of responsibility as they take care of their herb gardens.

  1. Create upcycled pots and planters

Make planting more interesting for your kids by having them upcycle pots and planters from different materials. Whether from used plastic jars to an old pair of boots, kids can unleash their creativity while decorating these upcycled planters to make them their own. Upcycling also helps kids learn about taking care of the environment and shows them that even kids can help save the planet.

  1. Grow a magic beanstalk

Okay, so Tim told me that my beans are not really magical – but this activity still works wonders on kids!

Get some beans, a clear jar, and some wet (but not soaked!) cotton balls. Now put the wet cotton balls at the bottom of the jar and wedge a bean between them. Put your bean jar by a sunny window and let your kids observe their growing beanstalk every day. In this fun little science experiment, kids learn about what plants need to thrive. Let them watch videos about the life cycle of a plant for them to better appreciate their bean jar experiment.

  1. Garden clean-up

Your backyard may not be precisely summer-ready right now, but that’s okay! Get your kids involved in sprucing up your garden before planting and growing new greenery. Younger Tiger Cubs can help pick up fallen sticks and twigs while older kids can help rake the dry leaves and prune old plants and shrubs.

  1. Have their own space in the garden

Let the children cultivate their own little space in the garden! You can have them choose to either plant greens and flowers or fruits and vegetables (or both!). Give them the task of watering their plants every day and let them observe the growth of their little garden. If they can, kids can take videos and photos to document their precious greenery.

  1. Make their watering can

Make watering plants even more fun by letting kids make their own watering cans. There is no need to buy new ones as you can always upcycle cans, jars, or bottles and use them as watering cans. Let kids show their creative side by decorating their watering cans, too!

  1. Build a bean teepee

Make your garden look more magical and fun with a bean teepee! Children can also help build this fantastic plant structure before they begin their adventures. Kids will be learning many things and will definitely have a good time as they help make the teepee. Here’s a video showing how to build your very own bean teepee.

  1. Create butterfly puddles

Butterflies make any garden look and feel more colourful! One way to attract more butterflies to your greenery is by making butterfly puddles. The best part about butterfly puddles? They are easy to make! All you need is a shallow container, sand, and some soil (you can also use compost or salt). Leave the puddle in your garden and wait – before look you’ll enjoy watching different butterflies drink from the puddle. Kids can also take videos and photos of their butterfly puddles to make this summer even more memorable!

There are several lessons kids can learn from gardening. Videos and books can also help but will only do so much. Getting their hands (or paws!) dirty will help children develop life skills such as patience, perseverance, and responsibility, while also learning the importance of nature.

That’s it, cool cats! Enjoy building your garden, whether big or small! Talk to you soon!

Tiger xoxoxo   


10 Fun Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

Summer is here and what better way to spend it than frolicking outdoors? Here are some fun activities for kids this summer!

Warm days are upon us, cool cats! After a year of lockdowns and homeschooling, it’s nice to rediscover the outdoors once again. Take a break from watching kids videos on the TV and take advantage of the summer days with these fun outdoor activities for kids (works for tigers, too!). 

Don’t forget to take loads of funny photos and videos for kids to look back on after doing these activities!

  1. Bird watching

Birds are such lovely creatures! Sadly, most children only get to study these flying wonders of nature on educational videos on YouTube Kids. However, you don’t need to go to a bird sanctuary to watch some birds. Most likely, your local park is full of different kinds of birds that your Tiger Cubs can meet (with a pair of binoculars, of course!). You can even turn your backyard into a mini-bird sanctuary – just set up a bird feeder and watch the birds take over!

  1. Go on a picnic

No summer is complete without a good old-fashioned picnic! Plop down with your favourite snacks in a park or playground and let kids have fun and enjoy the outdoors. Remember to take photos and videos to document these fun picnic dates for kids and grown-ups!

  1. Go hiking

There’s no better way to enjoy the wonders of nature while breaking a little bit (or, in Tim’s case, a lot) of sweat at the same time than going on a hike! Choose a nearby route or take a drive to a nature park reserve. Your Tiger Cubs will have a blast looking at nature up close and not just on educational videos for kids.

  1. Build a terrarium

Another way to experience nature this summer is through building a terrarium, something you and your kids can do together. To create your mini-garden in a bottle, first you’d need a jar, then you’d need to fill it with pebbles, soil, moss, small plants, and succulents. Let your kids design their terrariums, or you can check out YouTube tutorials on making and growing a terrarium with your kids.

  1. Create sidewalk art

Want some fuss-free summer activity? Grab some colourful sidewalk chalk and let your kids go crazy creating their sidewalk masterpiece. Remember to snap some photos and send their sidewalk art to The Art Critique! We might just feature your kids on our YouTube channel!

  1. Fly a kite

Warm summer days are meant for flying a kite! You can either buy or make your kite. Then head out to the park with your kite and let the Tiger Cubs discover the simple wonder of flying a kite. 

  1. Have a Nerf battle

Take advantage of the warm days and stage a fun Nerf battle in your backyard with your kids. Load your water guns and blast away! Video it or it didn’t happen, okay?!

  1. Play some old-school games

Go on a trip down memory lane with your kids and play some old-school games such as hopscotch, jump rope, tag, kick the can, and so much more!

  1. Stargaze

Warm nights call for camping out in the backyard. Why not gaze at the stars to make things more fun and exciting. Prep the kids by watching some educational videos online or reading books about the different constellations to appreciate this fantastic activity better.

  1. Have a beach day

Summer days are meant to be spent at the beach! Now is the best time to put on your swimsuits and frolic in the waves with your Tiger Cubs. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

Summer is such a fun time to be a kid, and grown-ups can make this season even more fun and memorable. While at home, don’t forget to catch up on Tiger and Tim episodes on our YouTube channel and let the good times roll!

Talk to you again soon!

Tiger xoxoxo