TIGERS FOR KIDS: Top Children’s Books Featuring Tigers

Top Children’s Books | Tiger Tim

Tigers are one of the most popular characters in literature – especially in children’s books. Here are tigers for children’s books that your kids will love!

TIGER characters | Tiger Tim

You all know that reading books with Tim is one of my favourite things to do. But you know what’s better than getting lost in books? Reading books with TIGER characters! Tigers, for kids and adults alike, are one of the most popular animal characters in books. What can I say, we are cool cats, after all!

Tigers for Children | Tiger Tim

In this blog post, I’ve rounded up my ten most beloved books featuring tigers for children, ranging from classics to newly-published ones. There’s also something for adults at the end of the list!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Written and Illustrated by Judith Kerr

Tiger Who Came to Tea | Tiger Tim

Recommended Ages: 3-6

Can you imagine having tea with a TIGER? A Tiger Who Came to Tea is precisely about that! The book, published in 1968, is about a little girl named Sophie, who is visited by a huge tiger one afternoon. Read about how this charming tiger (like me!) drinks and eats everything in Sophie’s house (very much like me!) before simply going on his way.

This beloved classic remains popular to this day, all thanks to a kind, well-meaning, tea-loving, tiger.

The Jungle Book, Written by Rudyard Kipling

Recommended Ages: 10+

The Jungle Book, Written by Rudyard Kipling | Tiger Tim

Another classic, The Jungle Book, is intended for the older Tiger Cubs out there who are wanting to escape to the wilderness, one short story at a time. Unlike most of the tiger characters in this list, the Bengal tiger Shere Khan is cunning and ferocious. But inadvertently teaches the story’s main character, Mowgli, several life lessons, including facing one’s fears. This timeless tale is still alive after more than a hundred years since it was first published – partly because of the many film and TV adaptations over the years. Tiger Cubs, both younger and older, will love this story of friendship and bravery.

Augustus and His Smile, Written and Illustrated by Catherine Rayner

Recommended Ages: 4-8

Augustus and His Smile | Tiger Tim

Like most tigers for kids‘ books, Augustus is a playful feline who suddenly realised that his smile was missing. Augustus and His Smile is a meaningful book that teaches Tiger Cubs the true meaning of happiness, as Augustus searched for his own. The  book always makes me appreciate how happy my life is with my human friend, Tim!

Little Tiger, Written by Julie Abery and Illustrated by Suzie Mason

Recommended Ages: 3-6 years old

Little Tiger | Tiger Tim

Tigers are much like kids, don’t you think? We’re playful, sweet, and we love our mamas! Little Tiger is a book that shows a tiger mum’s love for her cubs… even when we get a bit too adventurous at times! With its short rhyming lines and superb illustrations, Tiger Cubs will love reading this lovely book!

Go Get ‘Em, Tiger, Written by Sabrina Moyle and Illustrated by Eunice Moyle

Recommended Ages: 3+

Go Get 'Em, Tiger | Tiger Tim

I go through bad days, like everyone else. But the book Go Get ‘Em Tiger by the Hello!Lucky sisters Sabrina and Eunice, never fails to pick me up whenever I feel a little down. This book shares a powerful message of encouragement and positivity to kids and grown-ups alike. The bright and colourful illustrations also go perfectly with the uplifting message of the book! So Go Get ‘Em, Tiger, for kids and adults alike!

Leo the Late Bloomer, Written by Robert Kraus and Illustrated by Jose Aruego

Recommended Ages: 4-8

Leo the Late Bloomer | Tiger Tim

Everybody blooms at their own pace – that is the message Leo the Late Bloomer wants to tell its readers. This Tigers for children book also teaches the youngsters how to talk, read, write, and eat without making a mess (sorry Tim!), but Leo is a late bloomer, and his father is concerned. But his loving mum knows that Leo will eventually bloom at just the right time. This well-loved classic still resonates today, no matter what age you are!

The Tiger-Skin Rug, Written and Illustrated by Gerald Rose

Recommended Ages: 4-8

The Tiger-Skin Rug | Tiger Tim Books

All this tiger wanted was a comfortable life with the rajah (an Indian King or Prince), so he disguised himself as a rug. But what happens when the rajah is in danger? Will the tiger reveal himself or simply remain a rug? The Tiger-Skin Rug is a story that teaches love, loyalty to family, and that there will always be a place for a tiger in one’s home! Just ask Tim Hague!

A Tiger Called Tomás, Written by Charlotte Zolotow and Illustrated by Marta Álvarez Miguéns 

Recommended Ages: 4-8

A Tiger Called Tomás | Tiger Tim

A Tiger Called Tomás is a new spin on a classic book about tigers for children: A Tiger Called Thomas. Wearing a tiger suit for Halloween, a small shy boy joins the night’s fun and decides that his new neighbors like him after all. This time around though, the story is given a bilingual twist, with Spanish words used across the text.  The message still remains the same though – stay true to one’s stripes, I mean, self!

The Tiger Who Lost His Stripes, Written by Anthony Paul and Illustrated by Michael Foreman

Recommended Ages: 3-8

The Tiger Who Lost His Stripes | Tiger Tim

Talking of stripes… a tiger’s stripes are unique to every tiger – no tiger has the same pattern. But what happens when a tiger loses its stripes? That is exactly what happened to General MacTiger, the most magnificent animal in the jungle! Oh no! The Tiger Who Lost His Stripes is a fun story about a smart and persistent tiger for kids and grown-ups! After all, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. 

Sleep Like a Tiger, Written by Mary Logue and Illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski

Recommended Ages: 4-8

Sleep Like a Tiger | Tiger Tim

I love taking long slumbers, especially on cold rainy nights, and this book is perfect for bedtime storytelling! Sleep Like a Tiger tells the story of a little girl who claims she’s not sleepy and proceeds to recall how different animals sleep, including tigers. With its beautiful descriptions and rich illustrations, Sleep Like a Tiger is perfect for your next story-telling session before going to bed.

Something for the Grown-ups: Life of Pi, Written by Yann Martel

Life of Pi | Tiger Tim Books

The widely successful novel and its movie adaptation, Life of Pi, features one of the most famous tigers in literature, Richard Parker. Life of Pi follows Pi and a tiger he names Richard Parker, as they try to survive the ocean, elements, and each other. This deeply philosophical and moving narrative shares the universal message: “No man is an island”.

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it. Tiger and Tim helps Tiger Cubs all over the world develop their love for reading and learning! Tiger and Tim episodes feature animated stories that Tiger Cubs and adults alike will find enjoyable, and best of all, they contain valuable lessons that kids will love. 

I hope my list inspired you to pick up a TIGER-RIFFIC book today. See you again soon!

Lots of love, from Tiger xoxoxoxoxo 

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Get to Know Tim Hague – My Human BFF

Tim Hague is the man behind Tiger and Tim. Get to know Tim through these six interesting facts about my human BFF.

Many Tiger and Tim fans know Tim Hague as my silly human best friend. But there is more to Tim that not a lot of people know about.

Aside from being a tongue twister master and storyteller extraordinaire, Tim Hague is also a journalist, business owner, and an overall good guy! He also feeds me, so I need to make this article very complimentary!!

Let’s get to know more about the other half of Tiger and Tim with these six facts you should know about its creator, Tim Hague.


Tigers for Kids: Life Lessons Kids Can Learn from Tigers

For centuries, tigers have wowed us with their great characteristics. Now it’s time we learn essential lessons from these great and wonderful felines.

To accept one’s own ‘stripes’ | Tiger Tim

Tigers are majestic – that’s a fact! But beneath our imposing stance and regal stare, we are among the most fascinating creatures of the animal kingdom. With our extraordinary abilities and cool demeanor, humans (like my best friend, Tim Hague) can pick up a thing or two from our kind. Tigers, for kids and adults, can offer valuable insights that no animal can offer.

Here are life lessons tigers can teach you humans, from the littlest child to the biggest grown-up.

  1. We look after the weak

We look after the weak | Tiger Tim

Tigers are one of the jungle’s heavyweights – we are the largest kind of wild cats and can weigh as much as 48 stone! However, while we are strong, tigers also know how to take care of the weaker ones in their group. Male adult tigers often let their female partner and his cubs eat first before he does, making sure that the weaker ones get the nourishment that they need to survive the harsh savannah. The male tigers also make sure that the more vulnerable group members are safe from other predators that can attack at any time.

This unique tiger behavior simply shows that one’s power does not lie in strength alone but also in how we use our strength to help those in need.

  1. To accept one’s own ‘stripes’

To accept one’s own ‘stripes’ | Tiger Tim

A tiger’s stripes are unique, they are like human fingerprints, Tim told me. No tiger has the same pattern, which makes our marks part of our identity.

Learning to embrace one’s differences is another lesson tigers can teach for children. To accept (and celebrate) one’s uniqueness is something many people struggle with. Children may find it difficult to appreciate what makes them different, but they can learn that what makes them unlike others also makes them special. Like me, I am the only tiger in the world that can’t roar – that makes me uniquely ME!

  1. To be patient

To be patient | Tiger Tim

Tigers are patient creatures – we know how to wait for the opportune time before we act. For kids, tigers can show that patience is indeed a virtue. In most cases, children do not learn the value of working patiently and consistently to achieve a goal. But tigers are masters at being remarkably forbearing, and this is something kids can learn from us.

Being patient has a lot of perks, one of which is regularly beating my buddy Tim Hague at a staring match!

  1. To be confident

To be confident | Tiger Tim

One thing that makes tigers soooo effortlessly cool is that we move with confidence. We are confident in our abilities, and we know our strengths.

For children, a tigers‘ confidence is something that they can emulate. Not all Tiger Cubs are born confident, and grown-ups can significantly help develop the little one’s self-mastery and awareness. 

I exhibit my feline confidence in different ways, but mostly whenever I strut down the street with my human BFF Tim Hague!

  1. To be adaptable

To be adaptable | Tiger Tim

We may not look like it, but tigers are excellent swimmers and can run quite fast, too. We are able to change and adapt our hunting techniques on both land and in water – just like how I change up my tactics whenever Tim doesn’t give me the last piece of the doughnut!

Being adaptable to one’s environment is considered a valuable trait. Acquiring different sets of skills and knowing when and where to use them is something kids (and adults) can learn from tigers. 

Tiger and Tim episodes | Tiger Tim

As I said at the start, Tigers are truly majestic creatures – we are smart, strong, caring, and confident, just like your Tiger Cubs! Watching Tiger and Tim episodes can foster their innate gifts and talents, such as their language skills, creativity, and curiosity! Grown-ups, too, can learn a lot from Tiger and Tim, just as Tim Hague is learning a lot from me, as well!

For children and adults alike, tigers can be sources of essential life lessons that they can carry with them for the rest of their days.

Lots of love, from Tiger xoxoxoxoxo 🐯 

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Tigers for Kids: 10 Amazing Facts About Tigers

Tigers for Kids: 10 Amazing Facts About Tigers | Tiger and Tim

Tigers are certainly one of the coolest cats out there! Get to know more about the striped felines with our tiger facts for kids.

Let’s take a break from our blog posts for grown-ups and do something fun for the Tiger Cubs! As you all know, I am a tiger – and a unique one at that! There are soooo many other exciting facts about tigers for children that they should know about. Please pass on the information I’m going to give to you grown-ups!

My best friend, Tim Hague | Tiger Tim

My best friend, Tim Hague, knows a lot about tigers and ME in particular. He read all about it in books and learnt all about my cousins whenever he was at home, when he wasn’t on the TV for the BBC, or when he visited me in the jungle! So Tim (with my help of course), decided to round up the top ten TIGER-RIFFIC facts about tigers – for kids!

  1. Tigers are the largest wild cat species in the world

Tigers are the largest wild cat species | Tiger and Tim Animals

I may look all cute and cuddly, but tigers are actually the largest species of wild cats! A typical male adult tiger typically reaches 3.3 metres in length and weighs as much as 670 pounds / 47.86 stone / 303.9 kgs! That’s the combined weight of at least six average-sized human beings. So, six Tim’s would be equal to one tiger. Amazing!

Tigers are also the third-largest land meat-eating animal (known as a carnivore), with only polar bears and brown bears being larger than us. The biggest of all the tigers are the Royal Bengals, who also happen to be the most popular tiger breed.

  1. A tiger’s stripes are unique

Tigers are a lot like children – we are also unique from one other! Our stripes serve as our identity – no two tigers have the same print. Much like human fingerprints, our stripes are ours alone, and they are our marker from other tigers.

Did you know that our stripes are not only found in our fur? Our tiger marks can also be found on our skin, unlike other cat species! So, the popular saying is true: a tiger earned his (or her) own stripes.

  1. Tigers can swim very well

Tigers can swim very well | Tiger and Tim Animals

There’s a reason why I kept on bugging Tim to go to the beach – that’s because tigers love to swim! Unlike most cats, tigers like water. As young cubs, we love to play in the river for hours to cool off. Tiger mums encourage their cubs to practice their swimming skills every day, too. Our strong legs and webbed paws make it easy for us to swim underwater.

As we grow older, we become one of the best swimmers in the savannah, making tigers skilled hunters on both land and in water! Tigers can even swim up to 17 miles in just one day!

  1. Tigers have been living on Earth for 2 million years

Tigers have been living | Tiger and Tim Animals

Tigers are one of the oldest surviving animals on earth. Scientists have discovered the fossil of a tiger that is around two million years old! The fossilised head was found in Longdan, China, in 2004 and closely resembles me – although my ancestor is a bit smaller than the average tiger.

Fossils are remains of an animal or plant that lived on Earth a long time ago. Geologists and scientists study fossils to know more about life on our planet that happened waaaay before us. That includes tigers, for children to learn and understand for years to come! Pretty cool don’t you think?

  1. A group of tigers is called an ambush or streak

A group of tigers | Tiger and Tim Animals

When tigers get together, the group is called an ambush or streak. However, an ambush of tigers is not typical in the jungle because wild tigers prefer to be alone, like most pet cats! An ‘ambush’ or ‘streak’ of tigers would only usually appear when they are hunting together.

But unlike most of my tiger friends in the wild – I am a friendly tiger for kids and even adults! Just ask my good friend, Tim Hague!

  1. Tigers are humble creatures

Tigers are humble creatures | Tiger and Tim Animals

If lions are known to be proud (a group of lions is called a PRIDE), tigers are quite the opposite. Tigers don’t roar as much as lions do, especially towards our own kind. Also, male tigers allow their female companion and cubs to eat first. A true gentleman – I mean, gentlecat

  1. You can hear a tiger’s roar from 2 miles away

You can hear a tiger's roar | Tiger and Tim Animals

By now, you probably know that I am the only tiger in the world that can’t roar. But my tiger cousins and friends can do it so well! In fact, a tiger’s roar can be heard from 2 miles away! In some cases, even as far as 3 miles!

The four cat species that can roar are tigers, lions, leopards, and jaguars. A particular two-piece hyoid bone in their throats makes it possible for them to make a booming, roaring sound!

  1. Tigers can run fast, too!

Tigers can run fast, too! | Tiger and Tim Animals

Cheetahs, another wild cat, are known for their speed – they are the fastest animals on land and can run at a top speed of 73 miles per hour. But tigers are quick-footed, too! Our strong legs allow us to sprint as fast as 37 miles per hour – not bad for a heavyweight! Sorry, Tim, but I DO run quicker than you!

  1. Tiger cubs are born blind

Tiger cubs are born blind | Tiger and Tim Animals

Tiger cubs are cute – just look at me? But another point about us cubs is that we are born blind, and we can’t see anything until we are around two to three weeks old. This means we are entirely dependent on our Mums for protection and care. Our tiger Mums ensure that we are safe and away from harm until we can open our eyes and see correctly, making them super Mums! Much like Tim‘s Mummy Susy Hague!

  1. There are five subspecies of tiger alive today

There are five subspecies | Tiger and Tim Animals

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger | Tiger and Tim Animals

Indochinese Tiger

Tigers may look similar for kids, but there are many different kinds of tigers living on Earth. The most popular ones are the Bengal tigers I mentioned earlier. Other subspecies include South China tigers, Indochinese tigers, Sumatran tigers, and the Siberian tigers. We are all found in different parts of the world – some in jungles and savannahs, while others are being taken care of in zoos. I have to say, not a lot of tigers live with human friends!

Indochinese Tiger | Tiger and Tim Animals

Caspian Tiger

However, many years ago, there were more than five kinds of tigers roaming the Earth. Some subspecies of tigers have become extinct, like the Caspian, Bali, and Javan tigers. That makes me a sad Tiger Cub.

Tiger and Tim and Tiger Conservation for Kids

Tiger and tim Jungle Adventure

Aside from making our online learning videos for kids, Tiger and Tim also helps to make sure that all tigers are safe. Our friends at For Tigers take care of wild tigers in Thailand and other parts of Asia. Tiger and Tim episodes also help children learn valuable lessons on animal responsibility and fostering a love for your own pets – a tiger or otherwise!

See you next time guys! Lots of love, from Tiger xoxoxoxo

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