10 Fun Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

Summer is here and what better way to spend it than frolicking outdoors? Here are some fun activities for kids this summer!

Warm days are upon us, cool cats! After a year of lockdowns and homeschooling, it’s nice to rediscover the outdoors once again. Take a break from watching kids videos on the TV and take advantage of the summer days with these fun outdoor activities for kids (works for tigers, too!). 


Don’t forget to take loads of funny photos and videos for kids to look back on after doing these activities!


  1. Bird watching

Birds are such lovely creatures! Sadly, most children only get to study these flying wonders of nature on educational videos on YouTube Kids. However, you don’t need to go to a bird sanctuary to watch some birds. Most likely, your local park is full of different kinds of birds that your Tiger Cubs can meet (with a pair of binoculars, of course!). You can even turn your backyard into a mini-bird sanctuary – just set up a bird feeder and watch the birds take over!


  1. Go on a picnic

No summer is complete without a good old-fashioned picnic! Plop down with your favourite snacks in a park or playground and let kids have fun and enjoy the outdoors. Remember to take photos and videos to document these fun picnic dates for kids and grown-ups!


  1. Go hiking

There’s no better way to enjoy the wonders of nature while breaking a little bit (or, in Tim’s case, a lot) of sweat at the same time than going on a hike! Choose a nearby route or take a drive to a nature park reserve. Your Tiger Cubs will have a blast looking at nature up close and not just on educational videos for kids.


  1. Build a terrarium

Another way to experience nature this summer is through building a terrarium, something you and your kids can do together. To create your mini-garden in a bottle, first you’d need a jar, then you’d need to fill it with pebbles, soil, moss, small plants, and succulents. Let your kids design their terrariums, or you can check out YouTube tutorials on making and growing a terrarium with your kids.


  1. Create sidewalk art

Want some fuss-free summer activity? Grab some colourful sidewalk chalk and let your kids go crazy creating their sidewalk masterpiece. Remember to snap some photos and send their sidewalk art to The Art Critique! We might just feature your kids on our YouTube channel!


  1. Fly a kite

Warm summer days are meant for flying a kite! You can either buy or make your kite. Then head out to the park with your kite and let the Tiger Cubs discover the simple wonder of flying a kite. 


  1. Have a Nerf battle

Take advantage of the warm days and stage a fun Nerf battle in your backyard with your kids. Load your water guns and blast away! Video it or it didn’t happen, okay?!


  1. Play some old-school games

Go on a trip down memory lane with your kids and play some old-school games such as hopscotch, jump rope, tag, kick the can, and so much more!


  1. Stargaze

Warm nights call for camping out in the backyard. Why not gaze at the stars to make things more fun and exciting. Prep the kids by watching some educational videos online or reading books about the different constellations to appreciate this fantastic activity better.


  1. Have a beach day

Summer days are meant to be spent at the beach! Now is the best time to put on your swimsuits and frolic in the waves with your Tiger Cubs. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!


Summer is such a fun time to be a kid, and grown-ups can make this season even more fun and memorable. While at home, don’t forget to catch up on Tiger and Tim episodes on our YouTube channel and let the good times roll!


Talk to you again soon!


Tiger xoxoxo



Activities for Kids While You Work At Home

Juggling work while at home with the kids is not easy. Here are some great tips that will help keep your kids busy!

Hey, cool cats! Are you still washing your hands? I hope you are because we still want to keep everyone safe and healthy! (Watch our ‘Wash Your Hands’ episode on YouTube) I hope your kids, too, are also regularly washing their hands!

The COVID -19 pandemic has made a lot of changes in our lives, including how many mums and dads work. Most parents have started working from home, too and until now, many are still in a work-at-home setup.

We know that many of you are looking for worthwhile activities for your kids while attending your video conferences, so here are 5 Tiger-approved fun videos and activities for kids (and kids-at-heart, too).


  1. Watch fun educational videos for kids

What better way to let your Tiger Cubs spend their free time than by watching educational videos for kids like Tiger and Tim episodes! Aside from learning a lot of cool and exciting things about the world, they also get to have a lot of fun! For kids, watching educational videos is not just some passive activity, but it can also become an extension of their lessons in school.


  1. Get creative

Here’s something that The Art Critique definitely recommends – do something creative! Let your kids paint, draw, or do some arts and crafts while you work (Read about how art can benefit children here). The best part is, we can feature your kids and their masterpieces on our YouTube videos. Check out some of our fun arts and crafts activities from The Art Critique here!


  1. Go on book adventures

While going on adventures in far-away places may not be possible yet, let your kids go on their own book adventures! Let them fall in love with reading as they discover extraordinary places, people, animals, and many others, all in the comforts of your home. They can also extend their learning from what they’ve read when watching funny videos for kids about their favourite book characters. Kids would love to see the images on the pages of their books come alive on screen. Speaking of book adventures, go check out our special Tiger and Tim books for your Tiger Cubs!


  1. Puzzles and blocks

Open-ended toys like blocks and fun brain teasers like puzzles are a classic when it comes to entertaining kids. Let their imagination run free as they build, create, and make whatever they may fancy using blocks and puzzles. These toys are not only fun to play with, but they also hone their creativity, problem-solving, and motor skills of your Tiger Cubs!


  1. Sensory play

For babies and toddlers, sensory play is not only fun but crucial to their development, too. Sensory play lets young Tiger Cubs explore and learn different textures while developing their fine motor skills such as pinching and grasping. Slime, clay, rice, and pasta are just some of the items you can incorporate in sensory play. 


If you’re not sure how to create a safe sensory play environment for your kids, there are several tutorials on YouTube that can help you make sensory play a hit for your Tiger Cubs.


We want to know what your Tiger Cubs’ go-to activities are while you work! Let us know in the comments below! But for now, why not grab a yummy snack and let your kids enjoy our latest episode up on our YouTube channel? I don’t know about you, but that’s my most favourite activity to do!


Catch up with you again soon!


Tiger xoxoxo



Animals That May Go Extinct Soon (by Zookeeper Zack)

Howdy, guys and gals! It’s me again, Zookeeper Zack! You know me as the animal-loving dude from the Tiger and Tim funny videos for kids. It’s been a while since you last saw me on our YouTube Kids channel, so let me make it up to you on this blog and our next video – coming out real soon!

As a zookeeper, I love all kinds of animals – from house pets, zoo animals to wild animals in the jungle! But the sad reality is that there are endangered animals and are on the brink of extinction. Being endangered means that there aren’t many of these animals still living, and they might completely disappear on Earth very soon! There aren’t many videos that kids can watch about these endangered animals, so I’m here to tell everyone about the precious creatures that need our help!

Sumatran Rhino

Sumatran rhinos once lived in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and India. Around 800 of them are still living in 1986, but in 2008, the number dropped to 275. Sadly, it is now believed that only fewer than 100 Sumatran Rhinos are still around. Animal poaching, or the illegal killing of animals, was the first reason for the Sumatran rhinos’ dwindling number. However, loss of habitat due to illegal logging for oil, paper, and pulp causes their population to drop further. Unfortunately, other species of rhinos are also endangered.


Māui Dolphin

Dolphins are really one of the gentlest creatures on the planet. But sadly, kids may only see them in videos in the future if their population continues to drop, especially the Māui dolphins. Found on the coast of North Island, New Zealand, it is estimated that only around 60 Māui dolphins are left. Large-scale fishing has been the main culprit for their population’s decrease.


Red Wolf

The red wolves are natives of the good ol’ south of the USA – just like me! Sadly, unlike our funny videos for kids, nothing is amusing about the red wolves’ current condition. These mysterious creatures are close to becoming extinct. There are only about 12 of them left in the wild. Red wolves fall victims to illegal hunting, while another reason for the decreasing number of red wolves is the continuous cross-breeding with coyotes.


Chinese Pangolin

The Chinese pangolins are one of the unique creatures in the world. These ‘pinecones with legs’ are the world’s only mammal with scales! However, because Chinese pangolins are often killed for their scales (which is believed to have healing properties), kids may only get to know about them on Youtube educational videos if we don’t help keep them alive.


Amur Leopard

I know our very own Tiger is one in a million (as you have seen in our videos for kids!), but Amur leopards are not only rare but are also endangered, and going extinct real soon. In fact, there are less than 100 of them left roaming the Amur-Heilong region in between far eastern Russia and northeastern China, while 180 are in captivity. These adorable wild cats are often traded illegally, causing their numbers to continue to drop.



Saolas had only been discovered in 1992, but they were already considered endangered. Saolas live in the mountains of Vietnam and Laos, and it is believed that there are less than 750 of them left in the wild. Unfortunately, saolas’ habitat is why their population is fast decreasing, as agriculture and infrastructure have destroyed many forests where they live in.

There are still many more endangered animals, too many in fact, that I could not fit them all into this list! However, you can learn more about the other different endangered animals and how we can help their survival rate increase from the various resources online such as videos so kids can fully understand. Organisations such as World Wildlife Foundation, among others, can give you more information about their conservation efforts for the many endangered animals in the world.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to catch me on the next Tiger and Tim episode coming out on our YouTube channel! Talk to you again, kids!

Zookeeper Zack



Simple Ways Kids Can Help Protect Rainforests

Hello, Tiger Cubs! Have you seen the latest Tiger and Tim learning video for kids? (If you haven’t, you can watch it here) It’s all about the rainforest! We had so much fun in that crazy rainforest adventure. On top of that, we also learnt a lot of essential facts and information about the rainforest! 

Our newest episode is just like our other videos. Kids learn while having fun – that’s TIGER-RIFFIC, don’t you think?!  Shows like Tiger and Tim give kids a chance to learn about the world, and you cool cats know that I love learning new things!

Going back to our latest episode – as we know, the rainforests all over the world need our help. Saving the rainforests are not just the job of grown-ups, everyone (kids and tigers included!) can take part in protecting planet Earth, including the rainforests!

So here are simple ways kids (and adults) can help protect and save the environment, particularly our rainforests.

  1. Buy sustainably sourced foods

Sustainably sourced foods are food products that have been produced through responsible practices, from planting down to the selling of these goods. This simply means that the environment was not harmed or negatively affected in making the food. For this reason, buying sustainable food products like bananas and coffee is one step in helping save our rainforests.


  1. Use less paper

Tim once told me that paper is made from trees. Because of this, whenever we use less paper in whatever way possible is already a huge deal for the rainforests around the globe. Using less paper and recycling the ones that we use can save a ton of trees in the rainforest, which means the ecosystem of our forests will continue to be preserved.

Here’s a short explainer video so kids can have a better understanding of how paper is made.

  1. Donate to organisations that protect rainforests

In our learning video for kids, Tim and I always say that we have to help others as much as possible. Donating to different environmental causes and organisations, such as the Rainforest Trust, Survival International, and Amazon Conservation Association, among others, regardless of the amount, can help a lot in supporting the work of these organisations. You can encourage your Tiger Cubs to allot a portion of their allowance and save up a certain amount they are willing to donate to protect and save the rainforests. I am saving up a part of my ice cream money so I can also help the rainforests!


  1. Adopt an animal

Protecting the animals that are living in rainforests is also an essential aspect of saving the environment. Tim adopted me from the jungle, and your kids can also adopt their very own wild animal – virtually adopt, that is! Different wildlife protection groups allow virtual adoption of various endangered animals; wherein everyone is encouraged to donate to the cause of protecting these animals. Adults and kids alike can watch videos of their adopted animals to get to know more about them.


I got lucky because Tim and I found each other. Now your kids can have their very own (virtual) Tiger, too!


  1. Learn more about rainforests

Last, and not least, is to keep learning more about how amazing rainforests are and how they can affect our daily lives. Our Rainforest Rangers learning video for kids is a great start. But there are many more other resources and shows that kids can watch to further their knowledge and understanding of how rainforests work and how we can work to save and protect them.


There you have it, cool cats! The world’s rainforests need our help, and every little step towards saving and protecting them will have a significant impact in the years to come.


Check out our blogs here and watch our videos for kids on our YouTube channel.


Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Great Britain

Well, hello there, my royal Tiger Cubs! It’s me again, Tiger! Before we release a new Tiger and Tim video that kids (and grown-ups) will definitely enjoy, I’m back with another round of fun facts for all of you!

As you can recall, Tim and I had a fun trip around London and even met the Queen herself in one of our learning videos for kids – our Great British Culture episode! We looked at the different fun places and things that we can find in the capital of England, and now I would like to share with you more cool and exciting things about the land I call my second home.

  1. Big Ben

No one will ever deny the beauty of Big Ben. Found at the north end of the Westminster Palace, it is one of the most recognisable icons of Great Britain.

Not many people know that the name ‘Big Ben’ actually refers to the bell that is inside the clock tower. Its actual name is the Great Bell, and the clock tower is named after Queen Elizabeth II (whom we also met in one of our videos for kids!). Another fun fact about Big Ben is that it is the largest four-faced clock tower in the world!


  1. Queen Elizabeth II

The world’s longest-reigning living monarch is none other than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I was so nervous when we met her, but I think I managed to give a perfect bow – I don’t know about Tim, though! (Watch how we met the Queen in our Storytime with Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids!)

It is no secret that Queen Elizabeth II is an awesome queen, but what made her TIGER-RIFFIC is her love for animals! She loves horses and dogs, corgis, to be more specific. Her corgis have made their way to different paintings, official photographs, and even statues! Meanwhile, she is known to spend a lot of time with her horses at the Balmoral Castle, and she also loves watching horse racing events.


  1. London Underground

If London is the heart of England, then the London Underground are the veins that keep the city alive! Also called The Tube, it first opened its tracks to Londoners in 1863. Since then, it has served millions of passengers every year.

Apart from its official name and its more popular nickname, the London Underground has also been called ‘Twopenny Tube’ back in the day, referring to the train’s flat fare. Grown-ups and kids can also watch shows while inside the stations because musical performances or busking is allowed in the London Underground.


  1. Fish and Chips

Ahh… fish and chips! No true Brit can ever say no to our national dish!

It’s hard to tell how this delicious combination first came about, but it has been a staple in the British diet for hundreds of years! It has been served to soldiers and saved many families from hunger during the Second World War. Aside from being delectable, fish and chips are nutritious, too! Do you know what can make fish and chips even more scrumptious? Have them while watching Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids!


  1. Union Jack

As Tim mentioned in our Great British episode, the Union Jack is the official flag of Great Britain. Its official name is not actually Union Jack, but rather the Union Flag. And did you know kids that it shows the three flags of the three countries that make up Great Britain – England, Scotland, and Ireland? Each cross also represents their respective patron saint. The red cross belongs to England (Cross of St. George), the white saltire represents Scotland (Cross of St. Andrew), and the red saltire represents Ireland (Cross of St. Patrick).


  1. Double Decker Bus

No part of a London tour is ever complete without riding those famous red double-decker buses!

But this iconic mode of transportation was not always red. Before 1907, the bus’ colour would differ, depending on the bus’s route. However, The London General Omnibus Company decided to paint their buses red to stand out from the competition. Eventually, they became the largest bus operator in London, and the rest was history!


  1. Beefeaters

As Tim said in our Great British Culture episode, the guards that are manning Buckingham Palace are called the Beefeaters (find out in our learning videos for kids why they are called Beefeaters!). These guards who are decked in their colourful uniforms are the ceremonial guards of the Tower of London. Initially, the Beefeaters’ job was to guard the prisoners in the tower. Nowadays, they act as tour guides for people touring the city.

Additional fun fact: Their actual name is ‘The Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign’s Body Guard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary. Phew! I think I’ll stick to Beefeaters – it’s sounds more fun, too!

There are so many more amazing facts about Great Britain that I could go on and on! If you want to get a taste of London and the Great British culture – check out our Tiger and Tim episode, and I’ll see you all again soon!

Tiger xoxoxo



Why Should Your Tiger Cubs Read Tiger and Tim Books

Tiger and Tim adventures are now available in books! Here’s why you should bring home a copy (or copies) of the Tiger and Tim children’s books.

You all know that I love books and reading is one of my favourite hobbies (along with eating, playing, and napping!). So Tim and I have a special treat for all the Tiger Cubs out there – Tiger and Tim children’s books!

Yup, you’ve read it right! Tiger and Tim is not only found on YouTube, now kids can read our adventures in books over and over again! Our books are the same original and funny stories in our videos for kids but made even better because Tiger Cubs can either read the stories on their own or with the grown-ups – a great off-screen activity at any given time!

But just in case you’re not yet convinced, I’ve listed down a few reasons why your Tiger Cubs should read the Tiger and Tim children’s books, and hopefully, you’d give one (or all three) a try!


  1. Engaging story

Just like our show’s episodes, kids will find the Tiger and Tim children’s books engaging! Aside from Tim and I, our stories feature my many animal and human friends from all over the globe (yes, including Her Majesty, the Queen herself!). We’ve written these stories with your Tiger Cubs in mind, so they will have just as much fun reading them as they did watching them on the screen.


  1. Appropriate for Kids

Just like our videos for kids, the Tiger and Tim children’s books are age-appropriate for young Tiger Cubs. I had loads of fun writing these stories (with a little bit of help from Tim, of course), and I know that Tiger Cubs and even grown-ups will undoubtedly love reading them over and over again! Just like the videos that your Tiger Cubs watch on YouTube Kids, you can be sure that the Tiger and Tim children’s books are appropriate for young kids and even the ‘young once’!


  1. There’s a moral lesson in every story


What’s a good children’s book without a moral lesson at the end? And, of course, our books always include a moral lesson in every story. Moral lessons teach children (and tigers!) how to behave in the world. Young Tiger Cubs are very impressionable, and they love to learn about the world around them, including how to become a good person – and that is something they can learn when they read Tiger and Tim children’s books!


  1. Good for literacy and language development

Reading books will always be great for the literacy and language development of Tiger Cubs, so why not make reading fun and more exciting with Tiger and Tim children’s books? Our stories are funny (like our videos for kids) and full of varied words that will help with your Tiger Cubs’ vocabulary. Reading with your Tiger Cubs will also develop their language skills, while older Tiger Cubs can practice reading our books on their own, too!


  1. Vibrant and fun illustrations

The Tiger and Tim children’s books quickly come to life, thanks to the fun and vibrant illustrations! We know that kids love colours, so we made sure that our books are eye-catching and exciting, making the plot, characters, and setting even more interesting, especially for very young readers. Kids love our videos, and now they can peruse (a new fancy word I learnt from Tim) the illustrations up close with the Tiger and Tim books!


  1. The star of the books is ME!

Do you know what the best part of the Tiger and Tim children’s books is? It stars ME! Who else would it be about? Not Tim (but he plays essential roles in the stories) and definitely not The Art Critique but TIGER – and that’s me, the TIGER PRINCE!

Want to check out our books? I know you do! Tiger and Tim children’s books are available in e-book and paperback versions at affordable price ranges. Check out Tiger and Tim’s African Adventure (where we met fun jungle animals!), Tiger and Tim Become Masterchefs (where I learnt to cook breakfast for the first time!), and Tiger and Tim A Royal Tiger Tale (featuring a MAJESTIC figure) on Amazon. Be on the lookout for more upcoming Tiger and Tim books that will be released soon!


Tiger xoxoxo



Tiger and Tim Interview with Lois of Fish Face Publishing for Kids

Hey, cool cats! This week’s blog post is a little bit different. Recently, Tim had a lovely chat with Lois of Fish Face Publishing. Lois is an accomplished author of books for kids and a big fan of our learning videos and our storybooks, too! She even featured our story ‘A Tiger’s Tale’ on her website. So awesome!


In case you still do not know, we recently released our own Tiger and Tim children’s books on Amazon. Yup, you read that right! The original stories we feature on our videos for kids are now also in e-book and paperback versions which you can read with the whole family. Now your Tiger Cubs can watch our funny videos AND read our storybooks for kids – a great way to learn through reading!


Have fun reading the interview and check out the Tiger and Tim books for kids after. Don’t forget to catch our latest show out now on our YouTube channel! Talk to you again soon, kids and grown-ups!


Tim’s Interview with Lois of Fish Face Publishing

Tim:  Hi Lois, it’s great to be here! Thanks for having us, and thanks for everything that you do around literacy.

Lois: Can you tell us a little bit about your interesting background? When did you become a BBC presenter and show host? 

Tim:  In 2010 I was selected by the BBC from around 3,000 applicants and became part of the BBC Journalism Trainee Scheme. It was a great privilege for me, and one of the highlights of my life giving me opportunities that I had only dreamt of – to be a sports journalist on television. I got my first job soon after that in sports broadcasting as an assistant producer, very much an early stage entry job which evolved and led to an application to the BBC. I was employed by them full-time from 2011 and was there for eight and a half years. I used my training to become a Presenter, Reporter, and Journalist, focusing on national and international news. As a BBC broadcaster, I worked on TV bulletins on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News and BBC World, as well as on BBC Radio and BBC online. I have also worked for NBC in America and the English Premier League as a freelance reporter.

Lois: I believe that ‘Tiger and Tim’ were born from the Covid-19 lockdown, to heal and help people, especially children, from the effects of loneliness and isolation. What sparked your idea of being best buddies with a tiger, and did the books or the shows come first?

Tim: That’s a great question! I’ve always been a fan of Wimbledon and loved watching Tim Henman who was known as ‘Tiger Tim’. As much as I liked watching him and wanting him to win, I never thought of him as a tiger! But it made me think that it was a cool name, and obviously I’m Tim, which got me to dream about a book series – the adventures of Tiger and Tim, which I never did anything about. But then when I was in lockdown I thought this is exactly what kids needed. I looked at literacy stats and I was truly shocked. 20-25% of primary school kids leave not being able to read and write! I thought I could transpose my ideas into a show! I saw a gap in the market for kids’ learning, which evolved into a part human and part animated show. My background in broadcasting and journalism was well suited to this, and when I was younger I did a lot of acting which stood me in very good stead. We are now looking to get the show licenced all over the world to address the global literacy gap.

Lois: You have some wonderful titles in your book series. Where do your ideas come from?

Tim: I have lots of ideas! Too many! It’s about choosing the right ones. Seeing the kids react and love the show is very rewarding. The names of the books, well that’s my thinking, plus I have two educators who work with me and help with some of the ideas. We call the kids who read our books and watch the show, Tiger Cubs, because ultimately we are a vehicle to make them into great young people.


Lois: I know that you feel very strongly about the literacy problem that exists around the world today. Did you always have this passion, to tackle the literacy gap and educate in this way?

Tim: I don’t think I have always had this passion because I didn’t know about it until 2020. When I came up with the dream of the adventures of Tiger and Tim over ten years before I actually implemented it with the show, I didn’t know about the literacy gap. Covid 19 changed everything for everyone, and it brought forward digital learning by at least 10 years and has massively impacted the literacy standard and the literacy gap. I haven’t always been a fighter for literacy equality until 2020, but I have always at heart been an educator. I have a 1st class honours in History. I know the value of education. There can be no more important message than reading being the gateway to all learning. I’m the son of a speech and drama teacher who very much inspired me to become a broadcaster and journalist, and actor when I was younger. I truly believe that Tiger has a chance of trying to close the literacy gap because he represents the children. He is a child prodigy himself who has learnt everything himself. When he left the jungle to come into the “real world” Tiger couldn’t read or write, he learnt it all, and any child can do the same. That is what he stands for, he stands for all of them, and I’m just here to help him on his way, to deliver on that.


Lois: It’s obvious that you are a complete natural when it comes to entertaining! What is your first love? Being an author, or an actor presenting the shows?

Tim: I’m definitely not a complete natural, I’m very shy underneath, but like all actors, you perform for your audience. My mum taught me really well when it came to acting, and that’s how I started when I was 7 or 8, I began acting. I sat the LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exams. Many of the most famous actors trained with LAMDA including Dame Judi Dench. I carried on for about 11 years taking the exams until I achieved the gold medal in acting. But definitely I was trained. And I’ve always loved the written word.

Lois: What is it that you find most challenging in your work?

Tim: That is definitely time! I’m always late Lois! To help all the millions of kids who I want to help is a big commitment. It’s not easy and takes time.

Lois: What is it that gives you the greatest sense of achievement in your work? 

Tim: The vision that I have, to help millions of people. Consider how bad literacy statistics are in the UK, and then imagine how bad it is in other countries where children don’t have the resources of the UK. There are kids around the world who don’t have a single book in school or out of school! That’s wrong. It’s not going to be an overnight change. It needs to be a global movement, and Tiger and Tim is the vehicle for that social movement, and Tiger ultimately is the vehicle for that. I’m just his sidekick. He is truly the star. He really is a star in the making. We need someone like him to change the narrative, because if we don’t, things are going to get much worse.


Lois: Thank you Tim, for giving us a fascinating and inspirational insight into the world of ‘Tiger and Tim’! Before you go, just tell us what’s next on your agenda. Is it another book or a show?

Tim: It’s both Lois! We’re always releasing new shows as regularly as we can, but it comes down to financials, unfortunately. We’re looking for an investment raise for the show to be commissioned on TV, and ultimately for it to be taken all over the globe as a result of that commission. That’s our next plan. For every show we now make, we make a book. Education is best when it doesn’t feel like education. Reading and video are not to be separated. You have to go to where the kids want to go, to take them to where you want to go. Ultimately that is what Tiger and Tim is all about. So books and shows are going to be here for the foreseeable future including formal learning. In my dreams, it is to be known in every country around the world and by hundreds and millions of children and helping, more importantly, hundreds and millions of people and Tiger Cubs around the world. Thank you Lois, thank you everybody, appreciate your support, and I hope you will join us on the journey and support us.

Please subscribe to our YouTube. Please follow the links! Appreciate your time Lois. Appreciate everybody who is reading this. We’re on the homeward stretch of Covid now. Out of every dark situation always comes light, and I believe that Tiger offers more light than most, and I hope others will agree with me. Thanks everyone!

Tiger and Tim Children’s Books: African Jungle Adventure, Tiger and Tim Become Masterchefs, A Royal Tiger Tale

Check out other books by Lois here!


Easter Sunday 2021: Fun Easter Activities for Kids

Spring is upon us once again, cool cats! And you know what that means – it’s EASTER!

But sadly, Easter this year may be a bit different because of the safety protocols we have to follow. But that doesn’t mean Easter has to be cancelled, especially for kids. While watching learning videos (like Tiger and Tim!) is excellent on any day, there are other ways we can celebrate Easter. With a little bit of creativity and a dash of fun, this year’s Easter will be a memorable one!


Here are some ways we can celebrate Easter even at home:


  1. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Who says you can’t have your yearly Easter egg hunt indoors? Well, I say you can! Mums, dads, and other grown-ups at home will have to get a little creative in hiding the eggs in various nooks and crannies of the house. Whip out your camera and record the kids‘ reactions when they present their baskets – watching the funny videos for everyone at the end of the hunt is a great way to end the day.


  1. Plant flowers

Spring is the time of bloom, and Easter symbolises rebirth. What better way to put both ideas together than planting flowers? Typically, flowers are planted during the autumn season so that they’ll bloom right in time for spring. But you and your Tiger Cubs can grow them any time of the year! You can buy flowers that are already in bloom and transplant them into your backyard. If you already have flowers in your garden, spend the afternoon watering them with your kids.


Gardening is a great learning opportunity for kids, too. Before gardening, watch some videos about the life cycle of plants so that they be able to appreciate gardening even more.


  1. Do some Easter arts and crafts

The Art Critique is busy filming his Picture This segment in Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids, but he made sure to suggest!


Spend the day creating some fun Easter arts and crafts like bunny ears and Easter bonnets. There are tons of great ideas to choose from online, so there’s one for every kid out there. Don’t forget to take a photo of the artwork (LANDSCAPE, PLEASE!) and send it over to us to get a chance to be featured by The Art Critique himself!


For other days of the year, check out The Art Critique’s art activities inspired by famous artists here!


  1. Read Easter and Spring books

While we are excited for the arrival of spring, sometimes, Easter Sunday happens to be a rainy day. But do not fret! Books are here to save Easter! Read spring and Easter-related books to keep the day going. Check out this Book Finder tool for titles to stock up on before Easter comes.


You know that I love reading books. But do you what I also love to do? Writing stories! The stories we’ve been sharing with you on our learning videos on our channel are also books for kids! Click here, here, and here! Choose which Tiger and Tim children’s book you’ll get for your Tiger Cubs as their Easter present. The best part is that our storybooks are suitable for all seasons and holidays of the year!


  1. Cook Easter brunch

Food makes any celebration even more fun, and Easter is no exception! Prepare a lovely Easter brunch just in your backyard. Keep the meals simple so that your Tiger Cubs can help out in the kitchen. Browse recipes on YouTube that are easy enough for kids. Yum yum!


  1. Play Easter games 

Take a break from watching videos on the screen and spend some time playing funny Easter games for kids and grown-ups!


Care for a round of Easter Bingo? Perhaps some Easter Egg Toss would be your family’s new Easter tradition? There are also Easter-related board games available that will make the celebration even more joyous. Check out other gadget-free Easter games right here.


Our Easter celebration may be different this year but as long as we are with our families and loved ones, Easter, even done indoors, can still be fun and exciting.

Happy Easter, cool cats!

Tiger xoxoxo



Art Activities Inspired by Famous Artists (by The Art Critique)

Well, hello there, boys and girls! It is me once again, the one and only Art Critique here to inspire you about the beauty of art!

Let me take a break from filming Picture This (check it out on YouTube, kids!), and share with you once again my expertise and knowledge in the sophisticated world of arts.

Last time, I discussed with you how young Tiger Cubs could benefit from doing arts and crafts. And because I love arts so much, I would like to share some activities inspired by famous artists worldwide (also known as my friends). Doing these activities could serve as a nice break from remote learning and watching educational videos for your kids!


So gather the art materials, and let’s get creating!


Pablo Picasso

Without a doubt, Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists in the world (ahem, aside from me, of course!). Picasso is known for his Cubist-style of painting – where artworks are created with stark geometric shapes. That’s fancy talk for squares and rectangles!


Take a look at the following art activities inspired by the legendary Pablo Picasso:


Picasso-Inspired Cubism for Kids

Black Glue and Watercolor Picasso Portraits

Picasso Faces – Easy Art for Kids


Vincent Van Gogh

Starry, starry night, paint your palette blue and gray…


Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just singing away my love for the works of Vincent Van Gogh. The Dutch Impressionist painter is known for his dreamy paintings, Starry Night and Sunflower, to name a few.


Van Gogh lived an extraordinary life. Before trying out these activities, you might want to show a short documentary on YouTube to your kids about the artist’s sad but incredible biography (I tear up just by thinking about it).


Here are some fun art activities for kids inspired by the master, Vincent Van Gogh.


Starry Night Fork-Scraped Painting

Recreating Sunflowers


Van Gogh Art Project


Claude Monet

Claude Monet is another master in painting dreamy landscapes. The French artist is also known for his impressionist-style artworks, including the world-renowned series called Water Lilies, featuring what else but water lilies!


Get the kids to learn more about the Impressionist movement by watching some videos online before making the artworks here:


Water Lillies Paper Craft

Kids Impressionist Art Activity: Painting Without a Brush


Tissue Paper Monet Art Projects


Henri Matisse

Kids love to play around with colour (and so do I!). So without a doubt, they will love doing some Matisse-inspired artworks!


Henri Matisse is a French painter known for his expressive use of hues and shadows. There are several videos online that kids can watch to learn more about this influential artist.


Here are some art activities inspired by Henri Matisse:


Paper Cut-Out Project

Snail Cut-Out Art


Fun with Matisse


Paul Klee

Abstract art is one of my favourite art movements, and I have painter Paul Klee to thank for pioneering this famous art style. Klee is known as the Father of Abstract Art and has wowed (and puzzled) people with his works.


Making abstract art is a fun way for kids to express their creativity. Watch some videos about Abstract Art and Paul Klee to further appreciate this style of painting.


Here are some art activities inspired by Paul Klee:


Paul Klee Block Painting

Paul Klee-Style Collage


Colourful City Collage

More art activities are inspired by famous artists out there waiting for you and your Tiger Cubs to discover! Don’t forget to share your children’s masterpiece with us, and I might just feature it on Picture This! Very exciting! 

To get a chance to be featured, simply take a LANDSCAPE photo (yes, it has to be said in all-caps for emphasis, mums and dads!) of your child’s work of art and send it through this link. Who knows, your future Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, or Klee might be featured on one of Tiger and Tim’s learning videos for kids! Now that is just SUPER!

I’ll have to get going now…  art needs some curating and critiquing somewhere in the world. I’ll be waiting for your submissions, boys and girls! Toodles!


The Art Critique



Tigers for Kids: Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt for Kids


From the amazing facts  to the spooky ones… learn more about ancient Egypt with these fascinating facts for kids!


There’s something about ancient Egypt that intrigues me. The pyramids, the marvellous jewels, the artefacts, and even the mummies (yikes!)… It’s so interesting to me and my human buddy Tim Hague, that we explored this exotic wonder in one of our learning videos for kids. (Check it out here).


Tim and I were so fascinated that we wanted to share with you 10 fascinating facts about the world of ancient Egypt! But, we’re warning you, some of them may be weird and spooky! 


  1. Ancient Egyptians loved their pets – especially cats!

Everybody loves their pets, and ancient Egyptians were no exception! Their pets ranged from baboons, elephants, crocodiles, and even tigers. However, only the rich and powerful of their society had many pets (I wonder if I was a majestic pet tiger of some Egyptian Pharoah in my previous life?!).


While they mostly regarded animals as their property, ancient Egyptians put cats on a pedestal. Cats were extra special to them because they believed that these furry felines brought them good luck. 


  1. Both men and women wore make-up

I can’t imagine Tim Hague wearing make-up, but men in ancient Egypt wore make-up just as much as women did!


However, the kind of make-up they used to wear is quite different from today. Ancient Egyptians loved to paint their faces with intricate designs and vibrant colours. For them, make-up was more than just a way to decorate their face; it was also used for protection from the sun and even used as medicine.


  1. Ancient Egyptians believed in the after-life


For ancient Egyptians, life does not end with their death. Instead they believed that they continued living in their after-life. They also believed that they needed all their possessions in the after-life, everything from their jewelry, furniture, and even their slaves! I wonder if they could watch learning videos for kids in their after-life?


  1. Many of the things we use today were invented by ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians were clever and resourceful (like tigers!) and prolific inventors. Most of the items for kids and adults that we have today were invented by the Egyptians, including musical instruments, medicine, pens, papers, locks, keys, and even toothpaste!


  1. Ancient Egyptians built HUGE pyramids

Do you remember Sneezer from our Time Travel learning video for kids episode? In the story, he went on an adventure inside a pyramid and met a mummy (spooky!). But for ancient Egyptians, the pyramids were significant to them because the gigantic structures served as their tombs. Pyramids are so huge that the biggest pyramids are equivalent to the size of 16 Empire State buildings! No wonder Sneezer got lost inside the pyramid!


  1. Many of the items owned by ancient Egyptians can still be seen today

Since ancient Egyptians brought their possessions with them inside the pyramids, most of their stuff was so well-preserved that it can still be seen today. Many of the items are now housed in different museums all over the world. Maybe I should start carving a statue of my human buddy Tim Hague to put in a museum someday!


  1. Paintings are significant for ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians loved to tell their stories through paintings. There are several paintings found inside pyramids and temples that show how they lived during their time. Through their paintings we learned a lot about them and their world. For kids, these paintings serve as lessons from the past, much like the videos we watch today.


  1. It takes 70 days to complete the mummification process

The process of mummifying the dead is a looooong process. For ancient Egyptians, the whole process is considered very sacred, and they did it with the utmost care. The entire process took about 70 days to complete. For tigers and kids, that amount of time feels like an entire year!


  1. Ancient Egyptians loved playing board games

I love me some good board games! It’s one of my favourite activities to do with Tim Hague when boredom strikes. Did you know that ancient Egyptians loved to pass the time by playing board games, too? Their favourite is the game called Senet. Like our learning videos, playing board games is an excellent way for kids to sharpen their minds!


  1. Ancient Egyptians used mouldy bread as medicine

What do you do with mouldy bread? Do you throw it away? Well, ancient Egyptians used it as medicine! Mouldy bread is believed to heal wounds and stop the spread of infection immediately. Talk about smart ways to use stale food!

(Insert video here:


That rounds up our fascinating facts about ancient Egypt! If you are hungry for more information on mummies, pyramids, and mouldy bread (kidding!), watch our Time Travel learning video here! For kids who love books (who doesn’t?!), they can also look forward to our Tiger and Tim children’s storybook about Sneezer and one interesting mummy coming out very soon!


‘Til our next adventure, cool cats!


Tiger xoxoxo