How to Choose the Right Book for Kids (and for Tigers, Too!)

March 7 is a special day for book-lovers like me. Do you know why? It’s because it’s World Book Day!

Reading books is one of my favourite things to do in the world! Whenever we’re not busy making our learning videos for kids, me and my buddy Tim Hague often read books together and write our own stories! I get excited when Tim asks me to choose a new book to read, because there are so many to choose from! So many, that my tiger brain often struggles to select the right one. For kids, the process of selecting a book can be exciting and overwhelming. However, there are many ways that grown-ups can help their Tiger Cubs pick the right book, and we’ve listed down a few ideas to help you out.


Before your next visit the library or bookstore, check out these essential guidelines to help you choose the right books for your child:


Infants and Toddlers

Tim introduced me to books when I was a wee little cub, and for babies and toddlers, early exposure to books is essential to their brain development. The little ones are usually attracted to books with brightly coloured pictures, while books that sound good to read, this means books with rhyming word patterns, are also another popular choice. Since infants and toddlers are still developing their motor skills, and are very curious about the world around them, sturdy board books and cloth books work best for this age group.



Besides our learning videos for preschool-aged kids, reading books that show objects and experiences familiar to them is always a hit. A fair amount of repetition of words in books can help them understand new words better. Like me, they also love toy-like books that have pop-ups or are made with different materials. These type of books makes reading more enjoyable for tigers and kids!


Early School Years (5 to 8 years old)

Around this age, children start to learn how to string sounds together and read words more efficiently. For kids this age, books and learning videos with beautiful illustrations that are attractive work best. Kids aged 5 to 8 years old also love picture books that have a strong plot and character development – like Tiger and Tim storybooks!


Upper Elementary Levels (9 years old and above)

Tiger Cubs already have specific interests at this age, and they like reading books that are about their hobbies and things they find fascinating. I love reading cookbooks because I’m passionate about EATING! I even became a MASTERCHEF!

Choosing books from the library or at the bookstore can be a little intimidating for kids and sometimes tigers, too! Here’s a handy trick my smart human BFF Tim Hague taught me to help me pick which book to bring home.


Just remember – P. I. C. K.!


P – Purpose

The purpose is the reason why your child wants or needs to read. Is it for pleasure, or is it because they need to learn something? Will they be reading the book aloud? If so, who will be their audience?


These questions can help your child narrow down their choices.


I – Interest

What your child is interested in can also help them determine which book to read. Do they like to read books and watch learning videos about animals, trucks, or adventures? For kids, the choices are endless! Consider having them pick both fiction and non-fiction books to get them more interested in the things they like.


C – Comprehend

For kids (and tigers) to enjoy reading, they need to comprehend or understand the book. A book too easy or too tricky might make your child lose interest in reading it.


Some children’s books are labelled with the appropriate age or reading level, which can also help when choosing which book to read. You can help your Tiger Cub determine if they were able to comprehend the book that they just read by asking them:


  • Did you understand what you read?
  • Do you remember what you read?
  • Did you know most of the words?


K – Know the words

Children need to be able to decode the words from what they are reading. Knowing the meaning of the words makes reading more manageable and fun for tigers, kids, and even adults!


To get a good idea if the book is too easy or too difficult for your child, you can help your child gauge it by looking at the number of unfamiliar words:


If the book has 0 to 1 unfamiliar word, then it is too easy.

If the book has 2 to 3 unfamiliar words, then it is just right.

If the book has 4 to 5 unfamiliar words, then it is too difficult.


It’s always good to keep in mind that by having unfamiliar words in the book your child is reading, it will help him or her practice their contextual clues skills.


There you have it, cool cats! Reading can be even more exciting for kids and cute tigers like me when considering these tips! Learning through books and videos for kids is a great way to have fun while discovering the world, so I hope you continue to read more!


Celebrate World Book Day on March 7 with Tiger and Tim storybooks out now!


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Life Lessons Sports Can Teach Kids (Works for Tigers, too!)

There’s more to sports than just winning and losing. Here are essential values kids can learn from sports.

Playing sports remains one of the most popular hobbies for many children, including tigers for kids like me! If you remember, one of our learning videos for kids was all about sport (check out The Wonderful World of Sport here), and playing football is one of my many favourite activities (just ask Coach Tim Hague)!

But when kids pick up a sport and spend countless hours playing it, they are not just honing their skills, but are also learning different valuable lessons along the way. 

Here are some of the life lessons kids can pick up from playing sports.

  1. Teamwork

Learning the importance of working as a team is something that Tiger Cubs grasp when playing a sport, especially team sports. Teamwork is not just about playing as one unit. It also includes learning communication skills, building trust, respecting each other, and working together to achieve a common goal. All these skills are essential not just in sports but in real life, as well.

  1. Leadership

Many Tiger Cubs are natural-born leaders (like me! I got it from my buddy Tim Hague), and playing sports can give them opportunities to lead. They can also learn how to make decisions and be responsible for their actions. Besides leading, kids also get to experience how to be a good follower, something a good leader also needs to be.


As much as Tiger Cubs are all winners in my eyes, there will always be a winning team and a losing team in sports. Letting kids experience the highs and the lows of playing sports can teach them to be gracious winners and losers. 

Playing sports allows children to be humble when they win and also accept defeat. It felt terrific when we won against the Wolfpack Wanderers in episode five of our learning videos for kids, but it’s also not nice to show-off, mainly because I know the other team worked hard too and they probably don’t feel so great about losing.

  1. Hard work

To excel in sports, one must practice, practice, practice! In improving their skills, children learn the value of hard work and sacrifice. All those long hours of working on drills on the court or the pitch will not only improve children’s agility, but their resilience as well. 

I know this very well because we worked hard every day to win the game for our fans – adults and kids alike, as part of team Tiger United. And our hard work paid off in the end – as we hope you saw from The Wonderful World Of Sport video! 

  1. Friendship

Being involved in sports gives children the chance to socialise and meet a lot of other kids, and spending time playing already lays the groundwork for a good friendship. Meeting kids from other teams during matches and tournaments also expands a Tiger Cub’s understanding of different people. Children can also develop life-long friendships with adults, such as their trainers and coaches, like the one I have with my coach, Tim Hague!

  1. Respect

One of the messages that we love imparting on our learning videos for kids is the value of respect, and kids can also learn the importance of this virtue through being involved in youth sports. They develop respect for the game and its rules, for their coaches and teammates, for the opponents, and most especially for themselves.

These are just some of the vital life lessons children can develop from getting physical with sport, and there is still so much more that they can learn from the whole experience. I love playing sports because it keeps me healthy and strong, in mind and body!

Watch The Wonderful World of Sport episode and our other learning videos for kids on our YouTube channel!

Talk to you again soon, cool cats!

Tiger xoxoxo

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Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids and the Whole Family (Including Tigers)

Make Valentine’s Day 2021 extra memorable for you and your Tiger Cubs with these fun activities!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, cool cats! V-Day is not just for the grown-ups, though. Kids can also get in on the fun of celebrating the Day of Hearts! Having something special to do on Valentine’s Day is a nice little break from remote learning and watching educational videos for kids, too.

So gather up your “special Valentines” (mine is my best friend, Tim Hague, of course!) and make this year’s Valentine’s Day a memorable one!


  1. Special breakfast

Most Mums and Dads prefer to go on a lovely dinner date, so why not make breakfast (or brunch) a special one for the kids on Valentine’s Day? 


The breakfast meal itself doesn’t have to be fancy to make it memorable. You can make some heart-shaped pancakes and pair them with delicious pink strawberry milk or a cup of hot cocoa to warm both the belly and heart! Don’t forget to top it off with some heart marshmallows, and you and your Tiger Cubs have yourselves a fun and unique Valentine’s Day breakfast!


  1. Love Letter

What’s Valentine’s Day without writing and receiving sweet love letters? Write your Tiger Cubs a friendly little Valentine love letter, and you can read it together. For older kids, you can also have them write their love letters to other members of the family. Writing a love letter on Valentine’s Day is a lovely gesture that can also be a great learning opportunity for your kids


  1. V-Day Bake Session

Valentine’s Day is a day when sweets and treats reign supreme, and staging a fun-filled baking session is an excellent idea to spend the day! Heart-shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and red-and-pink doughnuts are just some of our favourite desserts for Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, there are plenty of recipes on Pinterest that you can do with your Tiger Cubs. 


If working the oven is not your forte (like my buddy Tim Hague!), there are several ready-to-eat options from your local bakeries / supermarkets / cafes that you can still enjoy. If it’s safe in your area, you and your little ones can take a short trip to choose some Valentine’s Day desserts.


  1. Hearts and Crafts

There’s nothing like doing some fun crafts with your Tiger Cubs – something The Art Critique would undoubtedly agree with!


There are many Valentine’s Day crafts available online to choose from. You can make some cute heart-shaped cards or some paper flowers. Younger kids can practice their fine motor skills with this heart stamp craft using empty tissue rolls. 


Snap some photos of your V-Day artworks and send them to us for a chance to be featured on our future episodes (with The Art Critique)! Another fun way to enjoy Valentine’s Day and Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids🙂


  1. Valentine Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love watching a good movie on Valentine’s Day? Stream some great family-friendly Valentine-themed films that the whole family can enjoy (take a look at our picks of streaming apps here). Classic favourites like the “Lady and the Tramp” and “A Charlie Brown Valentine” are brilliant picks for the young ones and the young-at-heart. Watching movies and videos is also an entertaining way to gain new insights and learnings for kids


  1. Decorate the house

Another fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Tiger Cubs is to decorate the house with everything hearts, reds, and pinks! Make some heart garlands and hang them in the living room. You can also get some cheap heart-shaped balloons and have your older kids help you inflate them. Use pink and red napkins and other Valentine’s Day-themed plates and cups. If your area permits it, you can have your kids tag along to the nearby flower shop to pick some lovely flowers for the home, too. 


  1. Read Valentine-themed Books

There are plenty of V-Day-themed books that are excellent for kids (and tigers, too!) of all ages, and you can take advantage of them for some fun Valentine’s Day readathon at the comforts of your own home. Books like “Llama Llama I Love You” and “The Day It Rained Hearts” are popular choices for this special occasion. After reading some Valentine-themed books, check out our Tiger and Tim books, as well!


Besides spending some quality time with your little ones, they are also developing their reading and literacy skills simultaneously, something Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids also do!


  1. Do a Drive-By

The lockdown restrictions may have made it difficult for your kids to see other people outside your bubble, but there is still a safe way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends.


You and your Tiger Cubs can do a drive-by to their friends’ house. The kids can bring a small gift or a lovely little Valentine’s Day card to give to their friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles who are within your vicinity. I’m sure that seeing their friends and loved ones at this time is something your kids won’t forget. Just make sure that everyone is practicing safety health protocols at all times.


Whatever you decide to do with your Tiger Cubs on Valentine’s Day, the vital thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, not only on this day but on different days, too!


Have a sweet little Valentine’s Day, cool cats! I love you all.

Love and hugs from Tiger xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Best Streaming Apps for Kids (And Tigers, too!)

Getting bored at home? So watch some good learning videos that are safe for kids from the following child-friendly streaming apps then! Let’s beat those lockdown blues!

Hey, cool cats! We are now in the middle of Lockdown Version 3.0 in the UK, and I hope everyone is holding up ok! At this point, I have searched almost every nook and cranny of my best buddy Tim Hague’s house (sorry Timbo!) in search of my next adventure just to fight off the humdrum of daily life. 

A lot of grown-ups are also working from home whilst the Tiger Cubs are in the thick of remote learning, making things a little too close for comfort on the homefront. Luckily, technology has proven to be very useful during these times! Tiger Cubs can watch learning videos for kids in different family-friendly streaming apps that are not only safe but also have many educational videos to choose from – a huge help for Mums and Dads! I like to plop on the couch myself and enjoy some of my favourite shows on these streaming apps, suitable for tigers and for kids!


Here are some of the best streaming apps that are kid-safe and parent-approved (and where you’ll also find Tiger and Tim episodes!)

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is perhaps one of the most accessible streaming apps for kids. There’s a whole lot of learning videos and cartoons for young to older kids. Suggested videos are also age-appropriate, and each child would have their own profile. 


Grown-ups also get control of many of the app’s features, such as pre-approved videos and a timer.



HappyKids.TV is another excellent kid-friendly streaming app that grown-ups can trust. Tiger Cubs can choose from a wide variety of learning videos, shows, and nursery rhymes for toddlers and kids – including Tiger and Tim! HappyKids also carry all-time favourite shows such as Teletubbies and Care Bears, as well as new shows aimed at older children, such as anime and game-based titles. The videos are also grouped according to age, so the grown-ups can be sure that what their Tiger Cubs are watching is age-appropriate. 

But what’s the best part of HappyKids? That your Tiger Cubs can watch Tiger and Tim episodes on the app for free of course!!



Looking for more kid-safe options? There are more learning videos and fun shows for kids on Kidoodle TV! Aside from over 40 Tiger and Tim episodes, there are lots of fun and educational videos for tigers and for kids to watch. Kidoodle also has a free app which does not contain explicit and annoying ads. Every piece of content is reviewed by a human to make sure that it’s parent-approved!


Toon Goggles

Toon Goggles offer free learning videos and shows for kids – from preschoolers to pre-teens. There are hundreds of titles to choose from, and the app recommends shows based on age and interests. Upgrading to a premium account also allows unlimited, ad-free streaming. Toon Goggles features fun filters so that Tiger Cubs (with the permission of grown-ups) can share their photos and videos on the app! Another cool feature of Toon Goggles is that Tiger and Tim episodes are also available here to be enjoyed by tigers and for kids alike!



Looking for something more than just watching videos? Then KiddZtube is the answer! Boasting more than 1,500 learning videos (including Tiger and Tim, of course!) for kids aged four and above, KiddZtube features fun interactive quizzes that children can answer after watching videos too. The app also offers educational games for tigers like me and for kids to enjoy while learning!


Channel-based Apps

Popular kids channels, such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and PBS, have their respective apps that feature shows that are also found on their corresponding TV channels.  Aside from learning videos and shows for kids, these apps also include songs, educational games, and other cool features.


For the Whole Family

My buddy Tim Hague loves to relax with a good movie once in a while. Good thing there’s Netflix and Amazon Prime for family-friendly movies we both can enjoy!

If you are looking for streaming apps for the whole family, then Netflix and Amazon Prime are obviously great (and well-established) options. Both apps carry a vast selection of family-friendly content, both TV shows and movies. Not only do Netflix and Amazon Prime have popular titles, but they also produce their own content that are often strong contenders for family movie nights!

With these streaming apps that are kid-safe and family-friendly, being stuck at home is not that bad, after all! Tiger and Tim and the other learning videos for kids featured in these apps are opportunities for your Tiger Cubs to learn and discover more about the world around them. Watching family movies is also a great way to bond and spend some quality time in each other’s company – don’t forget to grab the popcorn!


‘Til my next blog post, cool cats! See you later!


Love from Tiger xoxoxo


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10 Zoos that Stream Live Animal Webcams (Written by Zookeeper Zack)

Stuck at home? Let the tigers and other animals for kids come alive with these online zoos!

Howdy, y’all! It’s me, Zack the Zookeeper, your favourite wildlife buddy from the Lone Star State – Texas in old US of A! I’ll take over this week’s blog (with permission from Tim Hague, and Tiger of course!) to share something really fun with you!

Now I know that a lot of you boys and girls are sad that most of the zoos all over the world are still closed due to the pandemic. But don’t you be lonesome for long, guys and gals! Luckily, plenty of zoos and animal sanctuaries live stream their animals online, making them accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Take a break from watching our learning videos for kids and let’s get our zoo game face on to see some animals live online!


  1. Smithsonian National Zoo

Our first stop is in the capital of the U.S of A, Washington, D.C., where the Smithsonian National Zoo is located – one of the oldest zoos in the country!


Home to hundreds of animals of different kinds, the Smithsonian National Zoo also live streams their animal cam to let patrons catch a glimpse of the variety of species living under their roof. The zoo boasts of webcams for their cheetah cubs, the naked mole-rats, lions, elephants, and perhaps the most famous one among the bunch: the Giant Panda Cam. A few months ago, one of their giant pandas gave birth to a cute little panda cub named Xiao Qi Ji, and everyone has been hooked ever since!


Animal Webcam Educational activities are also available on their website which can help make watching these beautiful animals more meaningful for children.


  1. San Diego Zoo

Let’s travel to the other side of the fence this time and check out the San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California.

The zoo has a wide selection of live animal cams to choose from – from aquatic animals like penguins and polar bears to creatures from the wild such as elephants, giraffes, apes, baboons, and tigers. For kids, these cams are an excellent way to learn more about the jungle and its inhabitants! Feast your eyes on the zoo’s new hippo cam and platypus cam, as well!


  1. Houston Zoo

Yeehaw! There’s no place like home! Houston Zoo is one of the most popular destinations in my home state and I am mighty proud of the different animal species that call the zoo their home!

Although Houston Zoo has reopened its doors to visitors, their yard and habitat cams are still a hit online. Watch gorillas, chimps, rhinos and elephants as they lounge about in their respective habitats. There’s also a live cam for the bright and delightful flamingoes. And perhaps the most interesting one of all is the leafcutter ant cam! No need to squint to see these hardworking ants in action.


  1. Cotswold Wildlife Park

It’s time to travel across the pond and check out Cotswold Wildlife Park, located in Oxfordshire, England. But there’s no need to book a Trans-Atlantic flight all the way to the Cotswolds to see the different wild animals in the park; all you have to do is to visit their website and watch penguins and meerkats do their thing in their respective habitats! That’s a lot of exciting new learning and discovery for kids and adults alike in this virtual zoo.


  1. Edinburgh Zoo

Another favourite of the Brits is Edinburgh Zoo. Lounge around your living room whilst watching the pandas via the zoo’s panda cam! I do love me a panda! Or perhaps you’d like to spend some quality time socialising with the penguins online? Koalas are famous among online visitors, too. And don’t forget to check out the tigers in their tiger cam for kids! Wooh! Tigers!

I wonder if Mr. Tim Hague went to the Edinburgh Zoo when he was a wee little boy?!


  1. Folly Farm

If you’d like something different from the usual animals, then head on over to Folly Farm’s website and check out the barn animals in their care! The live webcam allows viewers to watch different varieties of donkeys, sheep and goats going about their hay… I mean, day!

If you have become a fan of these friendly farm fixtures, why don’t you and your Tiger Cubs adopt one? You can adopt a donkey from Folly Farms for £30! Sloths, red pandas and adorable little piggies are also up for adoption. You don’t get to bring these animals home, but you get to help feed and care for them through your donation. AWESOME! 


  1. Melbourne Zoo

It’s time to go all the way Down Under and check out the animals at Melbourne Zoo!

Besides live cams of otters, lions, penguins, giraffes and the elusive snow leopards, kids can also watch virtual tours of the different habitats and sanctuaries within the zoo. I better ask my buddy Tim Hague if he wants to join me on an Aussie trip! He sure loves to travel!


  1. Tembe Elephant Park

Take a trip on the wild side with the gentle giants of the jungle – elephants!

Watch the elephants in the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa as they frolic in their natural habitat via the park’s live webcam. Did you know that some of the biggest elephants in the world live here? You might not find some tigers here but for kids, watching these amazing creatures drink, bathe and interact with each other is truly a treat! I once wrestled an elephant, fun times I can tell you!


  1. Georgia Aquarium

We’ve seen jungle animals and farm buddies and now it’s time to get some underwater action!

Georgia Aquarium offers a great selection of live webcam streams featuring different majestic sea animals. Relax after a long day with a beluga whale or watch an exciting piranha feeding session. You can even stream the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef right in the comfort of your living room!


  1. International Wolf Center

Last but not least, do you wanna watch something fascinating? Then the live wolf cams in the International Wolf Centre is definitely something you and your Tiger Cubs should check out!

Wolves are known for being mysterious creatures and now we can finally shed light on what makes them so amazing via these 24/7 streams of the different wolf packs in their care. I love it!

Are the “Wolfpack Wanderers” (from our “The Wonderful World Of Sport” episode) living here? I better ask Tiger, after all, he did beat them in the final of The Cub Cup Championship with his winning penalty kick!

There you have it, folks! After watching Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids, give these live zoo webcams a shot for some fun learning and discovery. 

Talk to you again soon, I’m off to swing from the trees like Tarzan! Love from Zack The Zookeeper xoxoxo

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Tiger and Tim New Year Updates

Let’s usher in the new year with new exciting developments and updates from Tiger and Tim!

Hey, cool cats! I hope that the start of your new year is going great!

As for us here at Tiger and Tim, the beginning of the year has proved to be an exciting one. Me and my buddy Tim Hague are delighted to share that we have recently partnered with The National Literacy Trust (the UK’s biggest literacy charity) for their brilliant campaign called ‘Words that Count’. Turns out, I am not just a tiger for kids; I am also a tiger for grown-ups now!

Words that Count, a part of the Words for Life program by The National Literacy Trust, aims to help young people manage their money and make wise financial decisions. Apart from supporting Tiger Cubs’ literacy development, we also helped out grown-ups in developing financial literacy! Our talented editors and animators, who typically bring our learning videos for kids to life, created animated videos for the campaign that aid in delivering the program’s message.


Aside from Tim and me, other celebrities (yes, we are celebrities in our right!:)) are also part of the campaign. Love Island stars Tom, Biggs, and Danny also lent their hand to the program, as well as other financial experts and advisors. Other partners include Read Machester, Experian, and Money and Pension Services (or MaPS).


Check out our Words that Count animated videos here


Another exciting update from us is that we were recently featured in an online article in the Daily Mail! That’s one of the most popular websites in the world! Pretty cool, huh?!  


The article shared different educational resources (which are free or low-cost) that families with Tiger Cubs can take advantage of in the light of another phase of a national lockdown and school closures all over the UK and elsewhere. 


Among the resources listed in the article are the Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids which we upload to our YouTube channel and other platforms like HappyKids.TV, Kidoodle, Toongoggles, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV! The article emphasises our mission to help Tiger Cubs develop their literacy whilst developing their character, also. 


Aside from Tiger and Tim, other free educational platforms, such as Edplace, ActionAid and Hero Tales are also part of the list. Corporations that offer free educational resources are listed too, such as Amazon, Barclays, and HSBC. 


Read the entire article here!

Love you guys, peace out! Tiger xoxoxoxoxoxox


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Tigers for Kids: Favourite Tiger and Tim Moments in 2020

2020 will always be special to us! We were born this year after all! So, let’s take a look at some of our favourite Tiger and Tim moments of the year:

2020 has been quite a ride, right, cool cats?! From the lockdowns, online classes, endless Zoom meetings, and so much more, this tiger for kids had bid the year adios! But as my buddy Tim Hague and I welcome 2021, let’s first go back to some of our favourite moments from the different learning videos for kids we’ve produced!

Our Premiere Episode

If there’s one thing this year (and Tiger and Tim’s pilot episode) has taught us, it’s to wash our hands often! The very first Tiger and Tim episode premiered on July 1, 2020, after months of hard work and preparation. Thanks to all you roarsome people, our pilot episode has reached 9,000+ views and counting!

This was an exceptional episode for Tim and me because it’s when we first met our Tiger Cubs – from all over the world – who continue to support us to this day!

Trip to Outer Space

We went to many different places this year – from the jungle to even the North Pole! But nothing beats traveling to outer space! For the second episode of our learning video for kids, Tim and I went on an out-of-this-world adventure where we (and my mouse friend, Marvin) found out that the moon is not made of cheese (sorry about that, Marvin).

Tim The Hippo

As a smart tiger, just like all of the best tigers for kids, I get the Quiz Master’s questions correct every time. As a reward, I am allowed to turn Tim into anything I want him to be! My favourite among Tim’s transformations would have to be “Tim the hippo”! It’s not much of a stretch really…just take a look at his belly! Ha!

Tiger and Tim’s Original Stories

One of the many things we like to do, especially during a lockdown, is to write and read our own stories! The original stories we feature in our learning videos for kids usually feature my animal friends from the jungle. Tiger cubs can develop their literacy and reading skills, as well as learn essential values just by reading along with us. It’s a child literacy adventure!

The Art Critique’s Funny Brows

What would our learning videos for kids do without The Art Critique and the shrill of his voice? I still think The Art Critique is just Tim wearing funny stuck-on brows and a moustache, though! Case in point: When the Art Critique’s eyebrow fell off! Well, if that’s not a clue to the Art Maestro’s real identity, then I don’t know what is! And the fact that we’ve never seen The Art Critique and Tim Hague in one room is really fishy…. Nevertheless, The Art Critique and I have loved seeing all of the paintings, drawings, arts and crafts this year. Fantastic!

The Tiger and Tim’s Sing-Along Song

2020 is also the year that Tim and I wrote and performed our first Tiger and Tim song! Our ultra-catchy sing-along song made its debut in the fourth episode and it has become our special way to end our episodes for all tigers and for kids everywhere. We think and hope it teaches our Tiger Cubs all of the values that are important nowadays! We plan to have more original songs in our future learning videos for kids, and maybe even some celebrity guests!

The Time-Traveling TARDIS

While lockdowns prevented most of us from traveling outside of the house, that didn’t stop us from traveling back in time! Thanks to the Doctor Who TARDIS (or Time And Relative Dimension in Space), we were able to see the wonders of Ancient Egypt in our fifth episode. We even met a mummy! Not Tim’s Mummy Susy, an actual Egyptian Mummy!!

The Cub Cup Final

Dubbed as the sporting event of the year (well, at least for us!), The Cub Cup Final was truly memorable! Thanks to everyone who believed in me, I scored big time and won the match against the Wolfpack Wanderers with my penalty kick! IT’S TIGER TIME!

A Royal Visit

Who could forget about the time we met Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, at Buckingham Palace during our Great British Culture episode? Do you remember how I majestically bowed in front of the Queen and how Tim’s bone’s creaked because he’s getting very old? GOOD TIMES.

P.S: I wonder when will I meet the other members of the Royal family? Stay tuned for that! I would definitely like to visit Prince Harry in America…

Saving Christmas

Just when we thought we’d had enough adventures for the year, an extraordinary friend of ours needed some help! And that friend is none other than Father Christmas, himself! Good thing we were able to reach the North Pole just in time to save the holidays for Santa Claus, or “FC” (Father Christmas) as I like to call him! I’d love to visit Father Christmas again next year, that’s for sure!

So there you have it, Tiger Cubs! These are some our favourite Tiger and Tim moments from the year 2020. There are so many more we could have included, but didn’t have space! Try to find some of your own by watching all of our YouTube videos!

Here’s to more memories and exciting adventures in 2021! The first of those adventures will be: Tim and I meeting the dinosaurs! Yay!

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Christmas Traditions All Over World by Tiger and Tim

Christmas is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year. Let’s see how different countries celebrate the Yuletide season!

There is no doubt that Christmas is one of the most exciting celebrations all over the world. Even tigers for kids like me get excited! The most wonderful time of the year is also Tim Hague‘s (my human buddy) favourite holiday!

People (and pets!) from all over the world celebrate Christmas in their own unique way. Take a look at the different Christmas traditions around the globe.



When we think of Christmas, a goat is probably not what we have in mind. But for the Swedes, a goat is one of their most endearing Yuletide symbols. Called the Gävle Goat, the Yule Goat is erected every year at the beginning of Advent in Gävle, Sweden. In 1966, a 13-metre-tall Gävle Goat made of straw was put up in the city’s square, and it has been a popular Swedish Christmas tradition ever since. I wonder when people will put a giant straw statue of me?!



Whilst many of us are bundled indoors every Christmas, Aussies Down Under gather together on the beach with a barbie to grill since Christmastime falls during their summer season! A surfboard-ridin’ Father Christmas is also known to make an appearance during the festivities. How cool is that?!



White hair? Check. Friendly smile? Check. Famous and well-loved Christmas symbol? Yes! But we’re not talking about Santa Claus!

In Japan, Colonel Sanders, the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a popular Yuletide symbol because the Japanese love to have KFC as part of their Christmas celebration! The tradition started in 1974 when the fast-food chain began marketing its fried chicken as a Christmas meal, similar to turkey that Americans have for Thanksgiving. Now that’s a finger-lickin’ Christmas, right Tim Hague?



Who doesn’t want to receive gifts at Christmas? Us tigers for kids do, for sure! In Iceland, they have a tradition wherein children are visited by the 13 Yule Lads each day before Christmas. According to tradition, the Yule Lads will place some candies inside the child’s boots placed by the window if they have been good. But if they have been naughty, expect to see some rotten potatoes inside your shoes the next day! Yikes!



Although we all love some sweet treats as part of our Christmas celebration, something a bit healthier for tigers and for kids is also a good option.

In China, apples are the treats of choice for Christmas celebrations. Giving apples wrapped beautifully and adorned with well-wishes for Christmas is becoming a popular tradition in their country, as the words apple and Christmas Eve sound similar in Chinese.



One of the prettiest things about Christmas is the bright lights people hang outside their houses or on their Christmas trees! But in Colombia, they light up their holiday season with colourful lights and make use of candles and paper lanterns to signal the beginning of the Yuletide festivities..

Called Little Candles Day or Día de las Velitas, Colombians use candles and beautiful paper lanterns to light up their windowsills, porches, and sidewalks on the night of December 7, the eve of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. This century-old tradition is considered a traditional holiday for everyone, including tigers for kids, in Colombia.



Speaking of sparkling lights, in the Philippines, bright lanterns take centerstage every Christmas in a celebration called The Giant Lantern Festival! Now that’s a sight to behold for tigers and for kids, alike!

Every year, in the city of San Fernando, people from the different villages create a beautiful masterpiece – a parol (or Christmas lantern) six metres in size! That’s way bigger than Tim Hague! Dancing lights, colourful designs, and patterns – all these can be found in their giant lanterns! I wonder if we could hang one here at home?!

That’s it, cool cats! There are more great Christmas traditions all over the world, and we simply cannot cover them in one blog post. We’d love to hear about how Christmas is celebrated in your country. Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Alternative Gift Ideas For All The Family (Written by Tiger For: Kids and Grown-Ups)!

Christmas is almost here! Have you started your shopping yet? Well, here are some alternative gift ideas for all the family!

A lot of things may have changed this year, but one thing’s for sure: Christmas is still the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, my cool cats, Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what’s coming…GIFTS! 

Whilst the calendar days to Christmas are getting crossed off…I still don’t know what to give my human best friend, Tim Hague! We’ve had lots of fun over the past few months making our learning videos for kids, but I’m not sure what gift to get him…I am a Tiger for kids after all, and my pocket money from Tim isn’t enough! Actually, Tim isn’t into material things that much, so I need to give him something I know he will love and without the added clutter at home!

If you’re like me and are also scouting for non-material gifts to give this holiday season, then you’re in luck because we have ten alternative gift ideas to give to your family and friends this Christmas. 

  1. Subscription Service

There are many great benefits in giving someone a year’s worth of a subscription service! First of all, there are hundreds of different online subscription services to choose from. There’s one for almost everybody! For the Mum who loves to read great articles while drinking her morning coffee, there’s Medium. For the science and history geek Dad, there’s CuriosityStream. Something for the Tiger Cubs could be… Kidoodle. So many options, so little time! One thing to remember about cool subscription services is that they are typically cheaper and more useful than a boring old mug or another pair of Christmas socks.


  1. An Online Course

Give the gift of wisdom with an online class subscription for your loved ones! Much like our learning videos for kids, online courses nowadays are not just confined to academic topics (though those are great, too). Anyone can take classes on things they would love to explore but have never got around to doing so. From photography, to baking for beginners, there’s an online course for just about everything and everyone. MasterClass, Udemy, Anglia Education, and Outschool (something for Tigers and for kids!) are just some of the best sources of online courses.


  1. Donate On Their Behalf

Perhaps the best gift to give is the gift that keeps on giving! Donating to a charity on behalf of your loved ones emphasises the true meaning of Christmas – to give to those in need. There are several charities across the UK and the world to do this with, such as the World Literacy Foundation, the National Literacy Trust and global organisations like UNICEF and the World Vision.


  1. Homemade Goods

Homemade goods are not only more affordable, they also offer the personal touch! If you’re a talented baker or a home chef (ahem, like me!), then you can whip up your specialty and give it as your Christmas treat to everyone. The best part about this is you can get your Tiger Cubs involved, too. You can also have them make personalised gift cards, tags, and wrapping papers. The gift they make (and give) becomes much more meaningful and memorable because they gave a part of themselves too.

  1. Digital Portrait

Gifting someone a digital portrait is a fun way to show the other person how much they mean to you! Not only that, but getting commissioned artworks like digital portraits also helps talented, independent artists. To make the gift more special, you may print out the picture for them. Just don’t forget to give them the soft copy so they can use it as their social media display photo, too!


  1. Photo Album

Nothing is more sentimental and memorable than a photo album. You may choose your loved ones’ best photos uploaded on their social media account, or you can also use pictures of a special moment (like when I first met my BFF Tim Hague in the jungle), event, or the best memories that you shared with them. A photo album is also a versatile gift. You may have the photos individually printed and placed in a scrapbook, or it could also be a printed photo-book. The choice is yours, but the idea is awesome!


  1. Book (with a twist!)

There’s no secret that we love books as much as watching learning videos for kids! But books might not be considered a unique gift. So why not make things more exciting by giving your loved ones a blind date…with a book! Just wrap the book and write a short teaser about it and why you chose that particular title as your friend or family member’s ‘perfect match’! A Blind Date with a Book will be a sure-fire hit with both the bookworms and mystery-loving friends!


Bonus: You can also opt to buy a second-hand book as a more eco-friendly option, or try supporting small independent book shops that are badly affected by the pandemic.


  1. A Plant

House plants and succulents are the perfect gifts to give to the green-thumbed loved ones (both pro and novice) in your life! Choose from a wide array of plants that are easy to take care of with minimal effort. Plants and succulents do not just add to the ~aesthetics~ of the space, but they could also help relieve stress and make the air cleaner, too! Something tigers for kids like me would appreciate!


  1. A Reworked Item


We all know that a lot of clutter *does not spark joy*. So instead of giving something that might end up in a sad corner in your storage, why not rework or mend something for your loved ones? There must be something they own that can still be repaired, like a broken dresser or an old dress that needs a make-over? With a reworked item, you save the Earth and your pocket, too! Not only that, much like your handmade goods, you also give the gift your personal touch.


  1. Handwritten Letter

We live in a world of instant messaging, e-mails and Zoom calls. But I believe that there’s still something special and sentimental about handwritten letters. Writing a letter takes time and effort (like how we make Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids). It also reminds people of the good ol’ days. And I bet my paws that your family and friends have not received a handwritten letter for a long time! So that is something they would definitely cherish.


So, that’s it! I hope you were able to gather some ideas on what to give to the special people dear to you. But remember that the best gift anyone can give is kindness and love – two things we all believe in at Tiger and Tim headquarters!


Talk to you soon, cool cats!


Lots of love from Tiger xoxoxo (and Tim and Mummy Susy)

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How Storytelling In Learning Videos for Kids Can Build Vocabulary

Building your children’s vocabulary is important in developing their language skills. Here’s how storytelling through learning videos for kids can help.

We all love a good story – yes, even tigers for kids like me!

Thanks to my best buddy, Tim Hague, I’ve grown to love reading and telling stories. It’s one of my favourite activities (well, aside from eating, of course!). I have even learnt different words because of the many stories we read and share with each other all the time, some of which have made their way onto our Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids!

Your Tiger Cubs can also build their vocabulary through stories. Whether it’s reading from a book, listening to a tale told by a grown-up, or watching through learning videos for kids, storytelling plays an essential role in developing language skills.

Here are the different ways storytelling can help build your Tiger Cub’s word bank and improve their literacy level:


  1. Words Are Used In Action

Stories make words come alive! When used in storytelling, children can make sense of the terms even more. They learn about how the word is pronounced AND spelt. Children can also learn about grammar and syntax rules by looking at how words are used in a sentence, all without any explicit instruction. Young learners (and tigers, too!) can make sense of words because they can see them being actually used, making learning more meaningful.


  1. Words Are Used In Context

My human BFF, Tim Hague, knows a lot of words. But it’s impossible to know the meaning of EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. I tried – but the dictionary was just too heavy!

So how can Tiger Cubs learn the definition of words that they encounter? Two words: CONTEXT CLUES.

The words or phrases (or even pictures!) in which an unfamiliar word is found form part of the word’s context. Using the word’s context to unlock its meaning will not only sharpen children’s critical thinking skills, but doing so can also build their vocabulary! Smart hey? I know!!


  1. New Words Can Spark Curiosity

A single spark can start something HUGE. Similarly, a single word can spark your Tiger Cub’s curiosity. Exposing them to different words through storytelling can make children (and tigers for kids!) more interested and curious about the world around them. Is your Tiger Cub interested in sports? Share stories about different athletes and sporting moments (like this one!). Or if they love the arts like “The Art Critique” (who I still think is Tim dressed up), then stories about famous artists could help them become more interested and passionate whilst building their word “repertoire” (a fancy word I learnt from The Art Critique!). All it takes is a fascinating story with a rich vocabulary to get them hooked! 


How Grown-ups Can Help

Grown-ups can make storytelling more fun and interesting for Tiger Cubs! Keep in mind that storytelling doesn’t always have to come from books (although that’s a great resource, too). Simply talking about how your day went, or a funny story from your childhood days (I love it when Tim tells me about his days as a Tiger Cub!) can expose children to different words that enrich their vocabulary. Asking them about their day also encourages your Tiger Cubs to use the words they know to tell their own stories. I LOVE doing that.


Exchanging stories during meal times and before bed also serve as a great bonding opportunity with your little ones. Not sure what to talk about? Try reading a book or watching some short storytelling learning videos for kids to get the conversation rolling. Avoid asking questions with definite answers, but instead, use questions that allow your kids to express their creative thoughts and ideas!


Learning Videos For Kids Can Help Build Vocabulary

Stories are everywhere! From books to learning videos for kids, like Tiger and Tim!

Watching Tiger and Tim episodes can help children build their vocabulary, too. “Storytime with Tiger and Tim”, through our creative and well-written stories written by Tiger for kids (and grown-ups, too!), is one of the best ways to learn new words. If you don’t believe me, check out our videos on the website!

I may be too shy to speak in front of the camera, but my human bestie Tim Hague, talks a lot! Tiger Cubs could learn more new words from him! Now that’s ANOTHER good reason to watch Tiger and Tim, I think. Don’t you agree?

Well, that’s it for now! Talk to you again soon, cool cats!

Lots of love and hugs,

Tiger xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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