Where to Watch Tiger and Tim Episodes

Tiger and Tim are everywhere

Tiger and Tim are everywhere! Here are streaming platforms where you can catch your smart and lovable Tiger and his silly human, Tim.

video for kids | Tiger and Tim

Hello, cool cats! It’s been a year since my human best friend, Tim, and I released our very first video for kids, and what a fun year it has been! So far, we have 14 episodes up on our YouTube channel for your kids to enjoy. But did you know that our videos are also available on other platforms for kids to watch? That’s right! And all these platforms are TIGER-RIFFIC, I tell ya!

So if you are looking for other places to catch the latest episode of Tiger and Tim, look no further. Here I have compiled them into this one neat list. Enjoy!

  1. YouTube Kids

Youtube for Kids | Tiger and Tim

Are your kids not fans of YouTube ads? Good thing there’s a version specifically for kids! Tiger and Tim episodes are also available on YouTube Kids, so your Tiger Cubs can keep on watching our funny videos for kids without ad interruption. 

Youtube Kids

Aside from being a safer ad-free version of YouTube, parents can also customise the app’s video suggestions for each child while quickly blocking the videos they disapprove of. Parents and grown-ups can also set time limits for their kids to monitor their gadget use.

  1. HappyKids.Tv

Happykids TV | Tiger and Tim

Another Tiger-approved streaming platform for kids is HappyKids.TV. Educational videos, TV shows, family-friendly movies – name it, and HappyKids.TV got something for everyone in the family! Parents and grown-ups can also select age-appropriate shows for each of their children. While HappyKids.TV is not completely ad-free; rest assured that the commercials are kid-friendly and are pretty short, too! With HappyKids.TV, families from across the globe can enjoy watching Tiger and Tim episodes and other well-known titles for free!

  1. Toon Goggles

Toon Goggles | Tiger and Tim

Toon Goggles is another excellent streaming app where anyone can watch Tiger and Tim episodes and a lot more funny videos for kids! But aside from educational and entertaining videos, kids can also play exciting games through the Toon Goggles app. In addition, family movie night will never be boring with the fine movie selection of family-friendly movies in TG Movies. Toon Goggles also has a Spanish version – that’s just muy bien! For a small fee, parents can upgrade their account to the ad-free version, as well.

  1. Kidooddle

Kidooddle | Tiger and Tim

Kidoodle is an award-winning online streaming app that boasts thousands of entertaining and educational content curated by parents. Kids can watch videos of their favourite popular characters alongside Tiger and Tim episodes for free! The app also features a timer to help parents and grown-ups set limits for healthy screen time for their Tiger Cubs. Their free version contains certified child-friendly ads that are safe for kids. But parents can also upgrade to an ad-free version for their kids anytime.

  1. KidsBeeTV

KidsBeeTV | Tiger and Tim

Do you want to make sure that your Tiger Cubs are learning while watching funny videos for kids? Well, then KidsBeeTV is the app for you!

All Tiger and Tim episodes and thousands of other kid-friendly shows are available on the KidsBeeTV app. From nursery rhymes, cartoons, arts and crafts, and so much more, KidsBeeTV keeps children learning and entertained with pop-up questions that help develop various cognitive skills. For an affordable monthly subscription, kids can watch all the videos in the KidsBeeTV app ad-free! The content is also teacher-curated and approved, making them safe and 100% educational for kids of all ages. 

  1. Highbrow

Highbrow | Tiger and Tim

Highbrow is all about top-notch quality content, and that includes Tiger and Tim! Highbrow app is an online streaming platform that is safe for kids and completely ad-free. With their affordable monthly subscription, parents can ensure that their kids are watching fun and educational videos! The app also features content creators who are creative, fun, and dedicated to providing kids with videos that they will love and enjoy!

  1. Adventure2Learning

Adventure2Learning | Tiger and Tim

Adventure2Learning is a unique virtual learning experience for children of all ages. On this platform, kids can watch our funny videos for entertainment and education! In addition, students enrolled in Adventure2Learning get to access various educational and engaging content through the platform’s library. They can also learn from academic experts in different fields! It’s like school, but cooler!

Well, there you have it, folks! Tiger and Tim videos are available for you and your family at any day, time, and on any of these fantastic streaming platforms. Simply choose the one that best fits your family goals, and you’re good to go!

Talk to you again soon!

Tiger xoxoxo


Legendary Circus Performers of All Time

circus is in town | Tiger and Tim

The circus is in town! Here are some of the most legendary circus performers who amazed the world with their daring stunts.

circus-themed episode | Tiger and Tim

Hey, cool cats! Have you seen our special circus-themed episode? It’s one of my favourite Tiger and Tim learning videos for kids! (Oh, well… all of them are my faves!). Of course, you have to see my flying trapeze performance!

I know I was brilliant in my high-flying stunt on my first try, nonetheless! (Watch the video with your kids now!) But there are soooo many more legendary circus performers that have wowed thousands of people during their run. These circus acts perform in shows for kids and adults, and they never fail to garner applause from their audience. Because of their talent, these circus performers have etched their names in circus history.

Let’s meet them!

  1. Dan Rice (“The King of American Clowns”)

Dan Rice (“The King of American Clowns”) | Tiger and Tim

In our Circus Show episode, Tim dressed as a clown. But he is no match to Dan Rice, also known as The King of American Clowns”!

Dan Rice | Tiger and Tim

Dan Rice first became popular in the 1840s with this clown act that combined physical comedy, jokes, and witty antics. He even performed musical numbers along with feats of strength and other more traditional circus stunts! Dan Rice soon became so popular that he later put up his own travelling circus. He even once bid for the US presidential seat!

  1. Jules Leotard (“The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze”)

Jules Leotard | Tiger and Tim

My flying trapeze act with Tilly the Tortoise was brilliant, but Jules Leotard can do it a million times better! Leotard, a French acrobat performer, first learned how to perform the high-flying stunt over a swimming pool. He taught himself the techniques needed to complete the act – there were no learning videos for kids or adults during that time to teach him! When he finally mastered his talent, his debut performance in 1859 at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris was met with thunderous applause. He was so famous that he became the namesake for the “leotard”, the snug one-piece suit that he wore during performances. Now that’s a fantastic legacy to leave!

  1. Zazel (“The Human Cannonball”)

Zazel | Tiger and Tim

Zazel, or Rosa Richter in real life, was a circus superstar known for hurling herself out of a giant cannon and into a safety net! Her daredevil act which she first performed in 1877 in various circus shows for kids and adults alike, made her famous all over the United States, primarily after she toured with circus impresario P.T. Barnum.

  1. Charles Blondin (“The Great Blondin”)

Charles Blondin | Tiger and Tim

Walking on a tightrope is no easy feat – but for Charles Blondin, it’s just a walk in the park!

Walking on a tightrope | Tiger and Tim

Blondin, a trained acrobat and athlete, became famous for his death-defying tightrope act. His most popular stunt involved walking on a rope suspended 1,300 feet above the Niagara Falls, between the Canadian and American sides. But he did not just do it once; he did this stunt over and over again. Each performance included a different twist, including carrying his manager on his shoulders, pushing a wheelbarrow, and even carrying a stove and making an omelette in the middle of the rope! How I wish there were videos of Blondin doing one of his tightrope walk routines so kids can see this daring and quirky act!

  1. Octavie LaTour aka “Mauricia De Tiers”

Octavie LaTour aka “Mauricia De Tiers” | Tiger and Tim

Have you ever seen a flying car? Well, I haven’t. But Octavie LaTour can make one fly!

Octavie is a lady stunt driver who became famous in the 1900s for her Dip of Death act, wherein she would drive a small car fast over a tall ramp. She then would turn the car upside down and do a reverse somersault in the air, 20 feet above, to be exact! Now whoever said that ladies are not good drivers do not know Octavie!

There are more fantastic circus performers throughout the years, especially during the glory days of the circus, and their names are immortalised in the history of entertainment.

That’s it, cool cats! Catch our Circus Show episode and all our other learning videos for kids on our YouTube channel and our different streaming partners. Talk to you again soon!

Tiger xoxoxo