How to Prepare Kids for Pet Ownership

There are many benefits of pets in children and families. Studies on pet ownership show that taking care of animals can help kids and adults lower stress and anxiety. Having to care for pets would also teach kids responsibility and stewardship. It makes children more empowered and feels a sense of belonging with the whole family.

Do you think your Tiger Cubs are ready to take on the challenge of taking care of pets? Here’s how you can prepare them.

  1. Decide on the type of pet together

Decide on the type of pet together | Tiger and Tim

There are many things to consider when getting a pet. Before deciding what to get, you can get the whole household in a huddle and decide together. You may even list down the pros and cons for each type as you research to help you and your kids determine what pet to get. You can also let the kids watch videos of how the animal behaves and its temperament to understand better which one to get.

  1. Talk about responsibilities

Talk about responsibilities | Tiger and Tim

We all know that pets at home also mean responsibilities. Talk to your kids about the chores necessary when taking care of an animal. Different animals would require different care, as well.

Before getting the pet, you can let the kids practice being responsible by assigning them age-appropriate chores first. You can also get the kids to watch educational shows on how to take care of a pet at home. 

  1. Teach kids to treat animals with respect

Teach kids to treat animals with respect | Tiger and Tim

This is what Tiger and Tim learning videos are all about! For  kids, being a pet owner allows kids to learn how to treat animals with respect. But even before you get one, teaching children about treating animals with compassion and respect is necessary. You can do so with the different animals you may see in the park, zoo, or pet store. Teaching kids that animals have feelings too enables them to empathise with their pets better, which then helps them become a great pet owner!

  1. Talk to other pet owners

Talk to other pet owners | Tiger and Tim

As part of preparing the kids for pet ownership, one way to help them get a better picture of what it really takes to care for a pet is to talk to families who also own pets. For example, maybe a classmate or cousin also owns the kind of pet your kids would want to have. You can have the kids ask about the different chores and tasks they would need to do once the pet arrives. They could even let the kids watch videos of their pets at home and what they typically do to take care of them. Having someone they know talk about what it is like owning a pet could give the kids a good perspective on being a pet owner.

  1. Emphasise on working together
Emphasise on working together | Tiger and Tim
Young happy family enjoying with their golden retriever at home.

Owning a pet requires cooperation and teamwork with everybody in the house. Before getting a pet, emphasise the need to work together towards a common goal. For example, assign your kids small tasks that would lead up to a bigger project. This would help them learn that they have an essential part in taking care of their pet. Tell them that the full responsibility is not theirs alone, and everyone would have to chip in when taking care of the family pet. Once they realise that the entire burden is not on their shoulders, they will feel more positive and even excited about getting their own pet!

Growing up with a pet can be a memorable time for Tiger Cubs! They not only learn about responsibility, respect, and compassion, they also gain a friend that they would treasure fur-ever! 

P.S. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos for the kids to look back on in the future and to share with us on ‘Your Tigers‘!

That’s all for now, cool cats!

Tiger xoxoxo


Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet for Kids

Zack the zookeeper and Tiger

Choosing the perfect pet for your kids is a crucial decision for the entire family. Here’s how you can make the right decision.

perfect pet for your kids | Tiger and Tim

Have you and your family decided to get a pet? That’s great! Now your kids can have their own Tigers to watch our videos with! But choosing the right pet for your family may be a tricky one. There are different things that a family should consider before deciding on the kind of pet that will be the latest addition to your family. It’s a decision that’s more difficult to make than choosing what to watch on YouTube Kids!

However, there’s no need to fret – I will guide you in choosing the best Tiger for your kids. Save the funny videos for later because we need to get to work!

So here are some things to consider when choosing a pet for your kids and the whole family.

  1. Your child’s age

Your child’s age | Tiger and Tim

If you are getting a pet specifically for your kids, then their age would play a factor. Ideally, kids would need to be a little older, about 5 to 6 years old, so that they would have a better understanding of what it means to have their pet. Preschoolers can also take on some chores surrounding their pets. However, younger kids, especially very curious toddlers, may find it difficult to differentiate a pet from a toy, which may lead to some safety issues in the future.

A good way to gauge your kid’s readiness is to watch videos about taking care of pets and talking about what they need to do when they get their furry friend.

  1. History of allergies

History of allergies | Tiger and Tim

Having an animal companion is tons of fun – just like our funny videos for kids! But it wouldn’t be much enjoyable if your little ones are allergic to their new buddy. Pet fur and dander are common allergens that can trigger allergies, asthma, or eczema. If you think that allergies will be a concern, you can check with your child’s paediatrician or with a veterinarian first for some expert advice.

  1. Level of care of different animals

Level of care of different animals | Tiger and Tim

Different pets would require different types and levels of care. I can be pretty high maintenance (apologies, Tim!), but some animals are not. Before getting a pet, consider how much time your family has when caring for an animal. 

Dogs and cats (and Tigers, too) require daily attention such as feeding, clean-up, and exercise. On the other hand, pets such as birds, fish, turtles, guinea pigs, and hamsters would not be as demanding.  You can do some research with your kids on YouTube or other online resources to know how much care a pet would need.

  1. Family’s budget

Family’s budget | Tiger and Tim

Another thing to consider when getting a pet is your family’s budget. Some pets are more expensive than others and would also require special care. Vitamins, vaccinations, and grooming are also things to be considered when getting a pet. The pet your kids would get should also depend on the family’s finances.

  1. Pet’s age

Pet’s age | Tiger and Tim

The age of the pet you are planning to get is another thing to think about. A younger pet, like a puppy or a kitten, might be too playful or animated for younger kids, which could lead to some unintentional bites or scratches. Older pets, on the other hand, might have a gentler disposition and temperament. However, it would be best to avoid older pets raised in a household without children, as they may not be accustomed to younger humans. Pets would be more fun for kids when their personalities match. Watch videos or read up on these things before settling on your children’s animal buddy.

age of the pet you are planning to get | Tiger and Tim

A pet is not just a pet – your kids will treasure those memories with their loving companions for the rest of their lives. Therefore, choosing the right pet for your family is crucial and needs to be thought about and discussed thoroughly.

That is it for this week, cool cats! We are currently working on something really cool for our next episode so stay tuned for that. If you’ve been missing us (aww, we miss you, too!), you can watch our funny videos for kids uploaded on our YouTube channel. See you again soon, kids and grown-ups!

Tiger xoxoxo


Age-appropriate Chores and How to Make Them More Fun with Tiger and Tim Learning Videos for Kids

Kids are not often big fans | Tiger and Tim Animals

Kids are not often big fans of chores, but grown-ups can make helping out around the house more fun with Tiger and Tim!

learning videos for kids | Tiger and Tim Animals

When I left the jungle to live with humans in the city, I learnt that my buddy Tim Hague HAS to do CHORES at home. Whilst our learning videos for kids are considered PLAY for both of us, I didn’t know how to do chores before and I wasn’t soooo thrilled when Tim started teaching me to help out and be a bit more responsible

It is important for young kids to learn the importance of chores at an early age though, because these tasks can teach them to be responsible, empathetic, hard-working, as well as many other important skills that can be used for the rest of their lives! Chores also give children a sense of belonging and can ease the workload of grown-ups. This all means: household assignments are a win-win for both grown-ups and Tiger Cubs. 

importance of chores | Tiger and Tim Animals

But let’s face it – most of the time, chores are the last thing on a kid’s or a Tiger’s mind. So, we need to add a little creativity and a dash of excitement to make these little tasks more fun and engaging… Tiger and Tim and our online learning videos for kids made by me and my friend Tim Hague are here to help!

Age-appropriate chores

Age-appropriate chores | Tiger and Tim Animals

Tiger Cubs are more capable than most grown-ups think. Children as young as two-years-old can already start helping out through age-appropriate chores. Simple activities such as putting away their toys or returning books on the shelf are things most young kids can already handle.

Tiger Cubs | Tiger and Tim Animals

Pre-schoolers can already start helping by watering the plants or clearing the table after meals. Grown-ups can also assign them to feed pets by filling the pet’s bowl with food and water.

As they grow older, Tiger Cubs can take on more responsibilities, such as loading the dishwasher, sweeping the floors, and even helping the grown-ups prepare the dinner (this is my favourite chore!). 

Ways to Make Chores Fun

Ways to Make Chores Fun | Tiger and Tim Animals

It can get tricky for parents and grown-ups to get their Tiger Cubs to do jobs around the house. But Mums and Dads (and other adults at home) can help turn these tedious chores into a ‘special job’ or ‘a mission’ for the kids to accomplish. 

With our tips, kids might just find doing their household chores are as fun as watching their favourite online educational videos for kids!

  1. Turn chores into a friendly competition

urn chores into a friendly competition | Tiger and Tim Animals

There is no denying that kids are naturally competitive, so why not turn chores into an exciting and friendly competition between siblings? You can split a big task into equal parts and let them race to finish their assignment first. Make it even more fun by turning on your announcer’s voice, complete with funny nicknames to really get them in the mood!

  1. Play pretend

Toddlers and younger kids love playing pretend! Ask them to put away their toys while pretending to be their favourite animal (a tiger I hope) or a character in a book you have read together or someone from a learning video for kids that they might have seen. Play along with them to make things even more fun!

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Do your Tiger Cubs love I Spy books? Then make cleaning up more fun by turning it into a big scavenger hunt! Let the kids find and pick up the clutter around the house and the one who collects the most number of items, wins! They would have to return those items to their proper place afterwards, as part of the game.

  1. Sing a happy working song

Sing a happy working song | Tiger and Tim Animals

If there’s one thing Snow White and Giselle of Enchanted have taught us (aside from animals being the best clean-up buddies), it’s that chores can be a bit more fun with music! There are different versions of clean-up songs from online educational videos for toddlers that you can play whilst doing the  deeds, or you can even make up your own! Better yet, you can use our new singalong song that we featured in the fourth episode of our educational videos for toddlers and kids written by none other than Tim Hague himself!

Not much of a singer? Then play upbeat songs that you and the kids can dance along with while completing an otherwise dull chore. 

  1. Stickers

Stickers | Tiger and Tim Animals

Stickers are excellent to use when rewarding simple accomplishments. Create a chore chart and display it in a prominent area of the house. Use stickers that are fun and colourful, maybe even stickers of characters or animals that the children like. 

For every task or chore done, reward your Tiger Cub with a sticker on their chart. If he or she achieves the desired number of stickers by the end of the week, then a simple treat is in order! 

One trick to make chore charts more effective is to change them up regularly. You can also involve the youngsters in making the chore chart, or even choosing the stickers that they want to use.

Tiger and Tim Learning Videos Can Make Chores More Interesting For Kids!

Tiger and Tim Learning Videos | Tiger and Tim Animals

Want to make chores more fun for the Tiger Cubs at home? Tiger and Tim episodes can help!

Tiger Cubs at home | Tiger and Tim Animals

Turn a tedious task, like sorting out washing or folding clothes, to something more enjoyable by playing Tiger and Tim episodes in the background. You can also talk about what your Tiger Cubs liked about the episode, such as Quiz Corner’s interesting facts or the tongue twisters from Tiger’s Tongue Twisters! Last but definitely not least, emphasise that doing their little bit for others is showing kindness, respect and love, and those are all qualities Tiger and Tim encourage in everything that we do. 

Chores may be boring, but these tasks teach the little ones (and Tigers!) many valuable lessons and skills that they will use forever. AND, with a bit of creativity, a positive attitude, and a little help from Tiger and Tim online learning videos for kids, Tiger Cubs can even enjoy those cheeky chores!

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