Amazing Space Facts for Kids

Our second episode is already out and we are over the moon with excitement!

Did you enjoy the episode, Tiger Cubs? We did!

Tiger Cubs | Tiger and Tim’sSpace

In our new episode, Tim and I went to space and explored the planets. It was such a blast and I can’t wait to go back soon. Would you like to come with me? (And do you think we should bring Tim along with us?)

If you want to know more about our universe and just how cool it is, I’ve gathered ten interesting facts about space and space travel! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Counting Stars

Counting Stars | Tiger and Tim’s Space

Scientists believe that there are soooooo many stars in space. So many, in fact, that we would not be able to count them all. It is believed that there are more stars than there are grains of sand on all of the beaches in the entire world! Phew, now that’s a lot!

Do you know what the most famous star out there is? No, not me, and especially not Tim! I’m a superstar, not a star. However, the most popular star in space is none other than Mr. Sun himself!

Laika the Dog

I just learned that I am not the first animal in space. What a bummer! But it’s okay because the very first animal to ever go around outer space is just as cool as me!

On November 3rd, 1957, Laika, a mixed-breed dog from The Soviet Union (what is now Russia), became the very first living being to orbit the Earth. She rode a small satellite aircraft and stayed in space for about four days. Now that is one out-of-this-world road trip!

Silent Space

Did you know that space is completely silent? Because there is no air (called atmosphere) that surrounds space, you cannot hear anything there! Well, except for the time when Tim couldn’t stop talking whilst we were out there. The human just loves the sound of his own voice!

Pluto the Dwarf

Pluto the Dwarf | Tiger and Tim’s Space Travel

No, not Pluto the dog, but Pluto the dwarf planet!

Discovered in 1930 by astronomer Clyde William Tombaugh, Pluto (the planet) was named the ninth planet after the sun. However, Pluto was named a dwarf planet in 2006 because it was too small to be called an actual planet.

Don’t worry, Pluto (the planet), we still think you are amazing, no matter your size!

Life on Mars

Life on Mars | Tiger and Tim’s Space Travel

Astronomers believed that liquid water only exists on Earth and not on any other planet. But recently, NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration discovered that there’s water on Mars, too! That’s why many scientists now believe that we could live on Mars someday. 

Another fun fact about Mars: The sunset there has a bluish colour. Now I wouldn’t mind watching a blue sunset!

Huge Sun

Did you know that our sun is 300,000 times heavier than the Earth and that you can fit more than one million Earths inside the sun! Wow, it’s so much bigger!

But even though the sun is way bigger than our home planet, it is still not the biggest star in space. In fact, the sun is considered to be a medium-sized star. I wonder how big the biggest star there is… why don’t you Tiger Cubs do some research and find out!

Hottest Planet

I love the summertime, but the heat can get a little bit too much on some days. Even if we sweat a lot during summer, that’s no match for life on the planet Venus. It is so hot on Venus that lead (a kind of metal) would melt on its surface! The exact average temperature on Venus is 864 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes! I wouldn’t want to go there, especially during those hot summer days!

Space Junk

Space Junk | Tiger and Tim’s Space Travel

In our second episode, Tim told you about the first-ever Moon Landing that happened in 1969. Even before Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon, there had been other astronauts who went to space, and there have been many since 1969 too. All of these astronauts left junk – or human-made objects – on space. Scientists and astronauts call this “space junk” and there are about 500,000 pieces of space junk orbiting space today.

I’m glad I didn’t add to the space junk, I’m just not so sure about Tim! Naughty Tim.

No Walking Allowed

Fancy taking a walk in outer space? Well, you can’t do it on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These planets are made up entirely of gas so there’s no surface to walk on! Ahhhhhh.

Designer Spacesuit 

If you want to go to space, then you’ll need a spacesuit – just like mine when I flew to space with Tim. But do you know how much a NASA space suit is? A whopping 200 million dollars! That’s a LOT of money, Tiger Cubs. 

The reason a spacesuit is so expensive is that NASA had to make sure that the suits would be the best ones for the astronauts (and for me, too!).

There you have it, friends! There are so many more interesting facts about space because it’s just that cool! But we don’t have any more time so we had to stop at 10! I hope you learned something new today.

Tiger and Tim’s space adventure

If you want to know more about space (and me!), go ahead and watch our latest video to see Tiger and Tim’s space adventure!

See you again soon!

Lots of Love, Tiger xoxoxoxoxo 

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Why Your Kids Need To Watch Tiger and Tim

Tiger and Tim episodes | Tiger Tim

Tiger and Tim will definitely become first on your list of educational videos for kids, but why should people watch our first episode?

The Search Is Over!

Mums and Dads, are you looking for fun, exciting and educational videos for your kids at home?

Well, your search is over. I am here! Yes, it’s me, TIGER!!

Former BBC presenter and reporter, Tim Hague, together with me, Tiger, (his best friend and the world’s cheekiest celebrity), are ready to take the internet by storm! The “Tiger and Tim” show – which is part animation and part “human” – is now available on YouTube and across social media. I look handsome in it:)

Now, you might ask: “Why watch Tiger and Tim when there are so many happy videos for kids online?” Well, apart from me being in it and being very clever and very cute, here are a number of other reasons why our show should be number one on your kiddo’s watchlist, and why it will be on the watchlist of children and adults all around the world very soon:

It’s A Fun Adventure
It’s A Fun Adventure | Tiger and Tim’s Jungle Adventure

With our children being stuck at home for months and months because of COVID-19, they are always looking for exciting and entertaining shows to watch on the TV, internet and on your phones/tablets (I like using Tim’s phone for this)! With Tiger and Tim being available for free on YouTube Kids as well as lots of other original content on across social media (you can see our social accounts on our website), you can ensure that your “Tiger Cub” is watching something adventurous, family-friendly, and extremely educational. Both Tim and I really want to improve their literacy levels and help them fall in love with the English language! You should know that I also speak Tiger as well as English.

And, did we tell you how entertaining we are too? We have adults continuously telling us how much they love our show and that they too want to watch! I mean, why wouldn’t they? Who doesn’t love Tigers? Who doesn’t want their child to consume high-quality, highly funny, and highly-educational content? On top of that, I enjoy swinging from trees and making fun of his best friend Tim! Yes! Each episode of Tiger and Tim is full of relatable jokes, happy times, and child-friendly challenges. There will never be negative messages, only happy or important ones, and we guarantee we will bring a smile to your and your family’s face in every single one of our feature-length episodes (around 20-30 minutes).

It’s Very Educational

It’s Very Educational | Tiger and Tim’s Jungle Adventure

The main difference between Tiger and Tim and other children shows on YouTube and elsewhere, is its purpose. Tiger and Tim aim to improve children’s literacy. Kid’s literacy, reading, and comprehension are so important and through our videos, your kids will develop all of this, as well as increase their moral values, kindness and sense of humour. AND, they get to watch me showing silly old Tim who is boss!!

Our regular educational videos for kids will teach children about valuable life lessons such as health and wellness, love, friendship, and so much more. Both Tim and I believe that teaching kids about respect, kindness, and other virtues will make a huge positive impact in their lives, your lives, and the future of our world. It’s very important you know.

As Tim often says: “a key motivation for both Tiger and Tim is that education is best when it doesn’t really feel like education. That is our goal, and everything that we do is designed to develop, nurture and help our community of Tiger Cubs.” Tim really wants to change the lives of children around the world for the better, and now, more than ever in our lifetimes, we all need the joy that Tiger and Tim bring.

Mums and Dads Will Love It Too!

Mums and Dads Will Love It Too | Tiger and Tim

Kids will undoubtedly love me, and maybe Tim too! But our motivation is to bring joy to all people of all nationalities, and that’s why we know (because many have already told us) that Mums, Dads, and kids of all ages will binge-watch our show. In using social media to promote our project for good, we are harnessing the very media source that is negatively affecting reading levels around the world. Except, we’re using it in a positive way – to promote education, kids’ literacy and good values – and we are doing it in a way that the kids will have no idea it is educational! It just appears fun, but everything about the show is about personal and educational development (and about me looking fabulous).

In times as tough as these, wholesome family humour can be the key to a happy mind! As you scroll and watch our new episodes each and every month, you will realise that Tiger and Tim are not your typical kids learning double-act – what we provide is a family bonding moment, a teaching opportunity, and a 20-30-minute adventure that you will watch again and again and again. This is escapism at its finest and we want you adults, to enjoy it just as much as your little ones. Please give it a try! I promise you won’t regret it!

Lots of Love, Tiger xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Fun Family Activities To Do At Home

Let's Have Some Fun At Home | Tiger And Tim

Bored in the house? Tiger will teach you a few ways to make your life at home a little more fun and educational!

Let’s Have Some Fun At Home!

As a wild animal, staying at home sucks. 

I miss running around with other Tiger Cubs, I miss eating on my favourite ice cream in the city, I miss strolling around London and teasing my best friend Tim 🙁

Although I kinda feel a bit sad, Tim always assures me that our home is the safest place on Earth right now. His Mum and Dad agree too. 

Now, as a roarsome international celebrity living with my best friend, what do we do to cope with the boredom and loneliness at home?

My fellow Tiger Cubs will love these too, so read attentively parents (yes, I’m looking at you, Mummy and Daddy). Hmmm!

Create Arts and Crafts

Create Arts and Crafts | Tiger and Tim’s

Does your little Tiger Cub love colours, shapes, and forms like me? Creating an arts and crafts project is something that they will surely looooooove. Whether it is a doodle, a sketch, papier-mache, or a painting, producing an art project during quarantine will develop your Tiger Cub’s creativity and skillfulness.

To highlight your kiddos’ talents, you can submit their masterpiece to appear on the Tiger and Tim Show, a new animated series for kids on YouTube that was launched on July 1, 2020. Having your kid’s drawing or collage featured on the show can kickstart their career as the world’s leading kid artist!

Learn New Things

Learn New Things | Tiger and Tim’s Jungle Adventure

Staying at home is the purr-fect time to learn new skills and talents. Did you know that I am sharpening my English reading skills with Anglia Education? That’s an adult education provider for people who don’t speak English as their natural language (like me!). With constant practice reading English I learn about the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and many other things! Paw-some right?

Kids and older kids (yes, we are talking about all of you adults reading this!) can also learn new jokes, riddles, and tongue twisters by watching our educational videos for kids on YouTube. Tiger and Tim, for example, has a segment called “The Joke Shop” where Tim tells me a riddle, and I then have to guess the answer (I always win!).

Read Stories and Tales

Read Stories and Tales | Tiger and Tim

Tim and I really love stories! Before we go to bed, Tim reads tales from a storybook until I fall asleep. This helps me learn how to read English and to appreciate good values and good morals. If you watch the first episode of our learning video for kids, Tiger and Tim, my best buddy Tim told the story of a cheeky rat! Yikes. It definitely taught me that I should wash my hands regularly!

If your Tiger Cubs want to watch audio-visual stories, they can read along with Tim on every episode of Tiger and Tim. By watching educational videos for children regularly, your kids can improve their reading, literacy, and learning skills. And what’s more, they get to meet me too. I promise that if you give us a chance, you or they will not regret it!!

Lots of Love, Tiger xoxoxoxoxo

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